Tuesday, November 1, 2016



LED displays random fractals and support / resistance levels constructed from them. Using an indicator you see a clearer picture of the market and can easily implement strategies to breakdown or rebound from the level.

Flexible configuration and intelligent selection of levels simplifies the analysis of price movements and facilitate the construction of graphic shapes.

Item display

properties of fractals

  • BARS_BEFORE - the number of bars to the extremum, that is to the left of the central candle fractal.

  • BARS_AFTER - the number of bars after the extremum, that is, the right of the central candle fractal.

Level select

  • NEAR_POINTS - the minimum distance from the opening price to the nearest level.

  • MEDIUM_POINTS - the minimum distance from the proximal to the average level.

  • MEDIUM_GAP - the minimum distance between a fractal medium level and following it.

  • FAR_POINTS - the minimum distance between the middle and distal level.


  • SHOW_BARS - number of last bars, over which are calculated and displayed levels.

  • UPPER_ARROW, LOWER_ARROW - can set a character code from the set of "wingdings" to display the upper and lower fractals.

  • NEAR_ARROW, MEDIUM_ARROW, FAR_ARROW - similarly define the characters to display levels of color elements are configured in the "Colors" tab of the standard.


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