Monday, November 7, 2016

AUDUSD after performance of heads

AUD / USD: after the performance of heads of the RBA and the Fed


the speech of the Reserve Bank of Australia Glenn Stevens in Parliament
It reaffirmed the central bank's penchant for monetary easing

But, according to Stevens, the central bank will take time to assess
the current situation in the Australian economy against the background of instability in world markets.

The two-day
the speech of the Fed's Janet Yellen is not a joke alarmed investors.

It has increased dramatically in price, surpassing the mark of $ 1260.00 per ounce.

the mood in the market increased after D.Yellen said on Thursday that the Fed
I consider the idea of ​​negative short-term interest rates. In a speech
D.Yellen caught investors signals the increasing uncertainty about the prospects of Fed
the world economy.

market participants reinforced the view that the Fed can and does suspend
program of tightening monetary policy in the US. In this case,
other central banks, which carry out a soft monetary policy,
there will be more arguments in the direction of further easing.

Stevens said, the global economic outlook is worse than 3-6 months
ago, and the situation in China is of great concern.

also he noted that the issue is not whether to raise rates, but in the
or wait for lower rates in the near future.

It should be reminded,
that the next meeting of the RBA is scheduled for March 1. However, to predict
the subsequent behavior of the pair AUD / USD may not be easy. Before as
fall, AUD / USD pair may respond to a serious increase in the RBA decision on
lower interest rates, as has already happened more than once in recent years.

AUDUSD after performance of heads


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