Monday, October 31, 2016

Recession bullish sentiment on

Recession bullish sentiment on the dollar

Weekly index of sentiment from, released on Monday, showed that in the week ended February 12, market participants continued to cut long dollar positions.

According to a report last week, just 38.6% of the market participants have opened long positions on USD / JPY, drastically reducing their number from 50.1% a week earlier.

Meanwhile, 33.3% of investors have opened long positions on the EUR / USD last week, similar to the previous week, 41.6% of investors to hold long positions on GBP / USD, compared with 36.5% the previous week, while 47, 4% of investors have opened long positions on USD / CHF, after 47.3% in the previous week.

Among commodity currencies, 54.9% of players have opened long positions on USD / CAD, compared with 49.3% the previous week, 50.5% of investors chose to open a long position on AUD / USD, slashing them with 40.9% in the previous week, while 40.5% have opened long positions in NZD / USD, compared with 39.2% the previous week.

The report also showed that last week, 31.0% of investors have opened long positions in S P 500 after 29.0% in the previous week.

On the commodities market, last week, 56.1% of the market participants to hold long positions in gold, compared with 48.1% the previous week.

Values ​​between 50% and 70% show a "bull" mood indicators from 30% to 50% - "bear", values ​​above 70% indicate perekuplennosti, and below 30% indicate pereprodannosti.

Series index is calculated by using data from the futures exchanges and over the counter from providers of all open long and short positions.

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Executive Multi

Executive Multi

Executive Multi - fully automatic Advisor working on EURUSD and GBPUSD

  • Without adjustment of test results.

  • Testing was performed on data from multiple sources, to test the functionality in any brokers.

Trading method / logic

Well no

Extras. information



Grid X
Arbitration X
the trend

price Action



SL close, tunable
breakeven VAuto
Trailing Stop V Automatic, customizable

pending orders

Vmin 5 pips from market price
input logic

VBollinger Bands + EMA + ATR
Money management V


Description parameter

Account currency
BrokerAnyone, ECN
size shoulder1: 100 minimum
graphicsEUR / USD H1


Settings and input parameters


recommended value

Money Manegement: RiskInPercentThe calculation of risk-based deposit
< 0.8
TradeLong / TradeShort

Specify the direction of trade
Both in value TRUE
ExitTimeOnFridaySet the time for closing deals on Friday (terminal time!)
Time to market close - 10 minutes. For example, "22:50"
Trade on Saturday

Trade on Sunday

It includes trade in weekend brokers generating Saturdays and Sundays bars
Both in value TRUE
max Slippage

Filter slip when sending trading orders
< 3
Magic number

In normal trading is no need to change this setting. But if your account traded by several experts to make sure they use different magic znaechenie

Author: Matusiak Adrian - winner of the competition for automated trading RVD Markets, as well as the winner of the competition RVD Newcomers.

Executive Multi

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Forex News How to make them

Forex News - How to make them?

trading technique on the news is fairly simple,
even primitive methods of trade. The main plus news Forex in
whether it is possible to take a "quick" profits at low risk. The main disadvantage is that
Forex brokers do not give you easy to trade on the news and will be strongly
attempt to insert "a stick in the wheel." But first things first.

Most news does not affect the movement of the currency
courses. For example, the news that Dmitry Anatolyevich received a gift
new "iPhone" indifferent markets.

Market interest the news that directly or indirectly
impact on the macroeconomic situation in the country (world).

Important Forex trading news are sudden and
planned. "Sudden" news - it is,
as a rule, difficult to predict and few expected events. For example, in
February and March 2013 the euro significantly and continuously reduced in relation to the
dollar. Traders were at a loss - why is this happening? no
serious news background was not ... Just the end of May it became known significant
problems with the Cypriot banks. Knowledgeable people (insiders) to sell the euro before
as the news of the troubled banks will be known to the general public.

!!! Important recommendation !!!

Do not try to sell "sudden" news, ignore them!

Planned news Forex - is another matter entirely.

There is the economic news release schedule. By
certain numbers at certain times out macro data.

For example:

- data on inflation

- Unemployment

- on interest rates

- GDP and industrial growth

The above are the most important news.

Predict what will be news - positive or
negative, we can not.

We also can not predict the market reaction to the news.
For example, it often happens that the "good" data reduction market reacts, and
bad - growth.

!!!An important tip !!!

Never open transactions to important news

A trader who sells to did not have anything news
predict, he has to "go with the flow", that is, to follow the price.

By the way, if you do not know yet - how much you can earn on
Forex - see the link!

Let's look at the step by step algorithm of earnings news.

1) Determine the time
critical Forex news release.

You can use the calendar of economic

You can use any other calendar - their great
a bunch of.

Usually indicated CET exit time news.

2) Select the desired
currency pair to trade.

Everything is simple, if the news, for example, linked to the economy
UK, we will sell the British pound against the US dollar (GBP / USD).
If the news related to the economy of Canada, you have to sell to the Canadian dollar
US dollar (USD / CAD), etc.

3) 15 minutes before
of the news we need to put a buy stop order 15 pips above the current
prices. And sell stop order 15 pips below the current price.

4) Stop loss of both
Orders 10-15 points.


See schedule (five-minute chart of the Euro-dollar, 9
May 2013).

Forex News How to make them

Trading the News - placing orders

Current price (for 15 minutes before the news) about
1.3100. We as a trader trades
news had put the warrant "buy stop" at the level of 1.3115 with stop loss
at 1.3105. And the order «sell stop" at the level of 1.3085 and a stop order at 1.3095.

The essence of these simple actions in the next ...

We need a situation, when the news comes out much better or
much worse than expected.

For example, in the news calendar, appears the news: "These
industrial production of such a country. " The consensus forecast 1%.

Comes the news - it turns out, is not industrial production
It rose and fell by 0.5%.

Due to the fact that the evidence strongly disagreed with
predicted, may be followed by a sharp price movement. That's it, and we
necessary! Price for a couple of minutes (or hours) it can take hundreds of items. For example,
1.3100 to 1.3000 (100 drop points).

Look at the chart.

Forex News How to make them

EXAMPLE news successful trading FX

Price decreased gradually after the news in an hour (1
Candle graph five-minute = 1).

These powerful movements do not occur often. More often
traders who trade the news will lose, and lose on each trade 10-15
points. But one strong price movement is more than cover the small losses and 5-6
will allow us to make (read the article about earnings on Forex).

Unfortunately, not all is rosy and easy. brokers are very
traders do not like the news. Causes of "dislike" will not be considered as
as it is a topic for another article.

Let's take a brief look at the methods of struggle with forex brokers
traders trading on the news:

1) Disconnecting
trading platform

2) Expansion

3) Slippage

The first method is the "ancient" primitive - you (or all
traders, company) "stupid" cut off communication with the server, hence no
opportunities to make transactions. Subsequently will be told stories about
"Technical problems, problems with the provider," etc. etc. brokers never
They do not recognize that the connection was cut off because of the important news.

At the time of the news, often widen the spread. It means,
that short-term deal will be costly for traders
Forex news.

For example, under normal conditions spread fluctuates aisles 2
pips. At the time of the news, the spread may be extended up to 5 points (almost
2.5 times).

Slippage - the discovery of the transaction at a price worse than that,
She pointed out by the trader.

In our example, we put an order to sell ( «sell stop»)
at the price of 1.3085. Due to a sharp price movement, it can be executed at the price of, say, 1.3080. In this case, we have
automatically increasing the size of the stop loss (in Example 5 points) and on the
the 5P. reduced the size of potential profit.

However, Forex trading news - very interesting
and exciting activity (increased adrenaline). I recommend to use this
style as a complement to other methods of trade.

I wish you success and successful trading. Julius I..

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

EXAMPLE differences between test

EXAMPLE differences between the test and on the history of the example of real trading transaction robot yesterday

In the morning I decided to analyze the results of yesterday's trading day, especially since there were two deals on GAZR. Below is a fragment of the story:

For comparison, the test result on the story:

Transaction short open contract 2 at 12:37, and closed at 14921 at 18:16 on foot (15001) is identical. A slight difference in the opening time: 12:36 in the tester, and it does influence 12:37:03 glass filter, which for some time blocked the nomination warrant.

Since the filter cup is only in real time, when testing is disabled, ie, always respond "Yes" - if it will always include "no" due to lack of data.

Of greatest interest is the second transaction. In this case, although the opening of the same position (sorry for every second track in the tester is not quite correct because of the peculiarities of emulation price chart) different price (and the discovery produced a limit order) size of the position and direction! There certainly was influenced by glass filter. When tested immediately after closing short position in the stack at 15001 was generated in long signal from this level (in this case the filter has involved determining levels circular level with the number of zeros 3) which in real trading has been suspended glass filter. A few seconds later the price went below the level of the opposite signal was generated, which was approved by the glass filter. In the tester at this time have a long position and a reversal at these settings has been opened is prohibited, so signalv short was ignored. Different size products defined different positions relative to the opening price ParabolicSAR indicator which is used to determine the stop level with the given settings.

Real Madrid - the transaction in the short and costs 14994 4 contract:

Tester - the transaction in the long and costs 15001 3 contract:

The screenshot tester shows that the ParabolicSAR indicator is below the chart, respectively the difference between him and the opening price of the module in case of opening of price 14994 less than in 15001, which explains the larger size of the position in the first case.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016



The product is based on an old Chinese method.

The indicator works on the principle of swing (seesaw). 

The input parameters are required. Just run the graph indicator and set the direction. The product can be tested for stories.  

The free version can be downloaded here.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Why product is not distributed for free? 

I just wonder what they think are real traders ...


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Tuesday, October 25, 2016



TradePadMini Panel simplifies the manual trading. This is a more economical version TradePad panel. It takes up less space on the screen, while maintaining the full functionality of the original. By pressing the button and editing the values ​​of the fields in the graphical user interface, you can perform the following steps:

  • Open market orders to buy / sell levels with stop loss and take profit

  • Set order BUY LIMIT / SELL LIMIT / BUY STOP / SELL STOP levels with stop loss and take profit

  • Close all orders

  • Delete all pending orders

  • Close all orders that are currently in earnings

  • Open positions with the exception of current orders pending

  • Automatically move the stop-loss at the opening price at a certain level of profit

  • To set trailing stop

  • Track profit / loss

  • Track the total position size

  • Track margin level


A detailed description of the buttons and text fields shown in the screenshots.

In fact, it is the adviser, so do not forget to include automated trading (Ctrl + E).

Testing History

For backtesting download the demo version and run it in the strategy tester with visualizations enabled. Then, test the buttons by clicking on them.

Input parameters

  • Xreference: the x coordinate of the upper left corner TradePadMini in the chart window, in pixels. As a point of reference (0,0) is chosen the top-left corner of the graph window.

  • Yreference: y coordinate of the upper left corner TradePadMini in the chart window, in pixels. To change TradePad position in the chart window, change the values ​​and Xreference Yreference.

  • slippageInPoints: maximum slippage of orders.

  • MagicNumber: the magic number of orders.


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Monday, October 24, 2016

Quantum Scalper

Quantum Scalper

Quantum Scalper - Advisor to the original algorithm trade breakdown price levels. It allows the use of a small stop loss, so risks and drawdown of the deposit is minimal.

Advisor does not use Martingale and other potentially dangerous algorithms.

Powered by volatile vapors with a spread not higher pip 10, the working timeframe H1.

It is advisable to choose a broker with low spreads, good execution and 5-digit quotes.

Councilor parameters:

  • useMM - if true, the working lot calculated as% of deposit

  • fix_lot - fixed lot, if MM is disabled.

  • Risk - % Risk per trade, depending on the size of the deposit

  • max_lot - limiting the maximum bid for councilor

  • closeFriday - if true, all orders are removed before the weekend

  • magic - ID expert deals

Quantum Scalper

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Larri Vilyams Training important

Larri Vilyams: Training - important in trading and running

Larri Vilyams Training important

Trader and marathon runner Larri Vilyams (Larry Williams)
It draws parallels between successful trading and successful marathon run
distance. Williams recently for the sixteenth time successfully run a marathon,
points to the "pain and suffering" as two of the most obvious points of similarity between the
trading and long-distance running. "Anyone can run a marathon after
training. The same applies to the commodity trading - if you have a good
work out, then you can hope for success ", - he says. "Each
distance is the point when you feel disgusting, but you have to run
forward and put one foot in front of another. It's the same in trading. must
do your trades one after the other, - says Williams. - When I get to
a point in the distance, then I'm a little slow down the run. Similarly with trading:
when I lose in the market, I step aside and take a breath. "

Williams engaged in stock trading at the beginning of the 60s.
However, ten years later, a friend of his told him to pay attention to
commodity markets, since, according to him, Williams could there "more weld." AND
he really "Navariya" decent. In 1987, within the framework of the World
12-month tournament traders Robins World Cup Trading Championship, he was able to
turn $ 10 000 to 1.1 million dollars - an achievement that could not
surpass even a single trader. Williams calls himself a "contextual
trader ", using a mixture of art and basic concepts. He is currently
It trades for himself, working primarily on Treasury futures
bonds, futures S P 500 and futures exchange, working in the range of
one to three days.

When asked about the status of the foreign exchange markets
futures, Williams replied: "I do not think that currencies are dying. markets always
pass certain stages. What has upset the funds is the fact that their programs
tracking trends did not work (because the currencies have lately become more
stable). "

Williams is a pioneer in the use of pulsed
Indicator% R. "I was impressed by the work that one person
did with stochastics, - he says. - I liked the idea, but stochastics
It seemed too confusing and hard to understand. " Indicator% R, as a
stated in "Technical analysis of futures markets" John J.. Murphy, "is based
on a similar (with stochastics) of the last closing price on the measurement concept
in relation to the price range along a certain number of days.
Today's closing price is subtracted from the high prices in the specified range
number of days, and this difference is divided by the whole range of prices for a given
period. " "The price at the close near the highs, within the range means that
there is a strong buying, - explains Williams. - top of the market - when they
reaching highs at the closing, and the bottom of the markets - when they close on the bottom
point. Market reach to the top, because the buyers no longer remains. % R
It allows you to see it. " At the same time, he said, is the instrument should
used in the context of the total market.

"Technical indicators - not the alpha and omega, as it seems
Some techniques, "- said Williams. Another indicator that loves
use in your trading Williams, are these "commitments
Traders »(Commitments of Traders), published every other Friday the CFTC. AT
This report provides statistics on public contracts large hedgers,
large speculators and small traders. "When large hedgers pass from
net long positions to clean short, it usually serves as a good signal
to purchase ", - said Williams.

In the current market conditions, Williams remarked, "bonds
come close to the low. Large hedgers are suitable to ensure that the net take
long position, as this is quite a bullish indicator. In addition, they have accumulated
a lot of currency. But they will take a long time to go up. "
On the stock market: "I - a short-term trader in the S P. But the market
the most intelligent of my friends for a long time are in a short position on the
this market. "

Thinketh Williams about trading? "What I like
in this business is the ability to think ahead of time. Most
people live in the present. But traders have to think, and will it rain through
six months? Will next year war? Will there be a famine in two years? it
interesting place to live - we are all in the future, "- he says. according to him
He said that trading carries with it a significant emotional burden. "On these
markets colossal swing occur, which lead to huge
emotional swings. It can cause traders manic-depressive
psychosis. Your lifestyle is similar to the stock exchange laws. after 34
years, my life is full of great heights and downs. Almost all commodity traders,
I know, I am able to very quickly something to be delighted and very quickly
from anything cool. " How did he cope with that? "I run" - was the answer.

It should also be understood that "although we are engaged in serious
things, it's still a game ... life is not limited to this. "

Council Williams beginners? "Start slowly.
Spend a lot of time and money to study, because education is cheap for
compared with the experience in this business. Those who know more than others, are making
greatest success in these markets. "

Also, "learn to manage money more. Just have to
a goal is not enough. You may miss a crucial step that needs to be
... do not cut back on spending and limit income "- repeated the old Williams
saying, bytuyuschuyu market. "I can say looking at all these years, it is
difficult lifestyle. He is very burdens, but I would never not trade ", -
he concluded.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Impostol MT5

Impostol MT5

New Impostol indicator is based on the relative strength index (RSI) and trend indicator ADX. With it, you can identify trends for your trade. To understand its signals easily because it shows the recommended inputs arrows up or down. It has minimum settings and easy to use.

Main characteristics

  • Shows arrows point of entry into the market.

  • The indicator is not redrawn.

  • Recommended timeframe H1 and higher (by younger timeframes may cause false alarms).

  • Recommended currency pairs EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD.

Item display

  1. BarsToProcess - Number of processed bars.

  2. Sensitivity - Sensitivity indicator.

  3. Distance - Distance arrows departing from the minimum and maximum respectively.

  4. SizeArrow - The value of the size of the arrows (not more than 3).

trading recommendations

After the first signal to buy (sell) additional signals may appear to buy (sell) on these bars, which is an additional confirmation signal or continuation of a current trend. A signal for closing position may be the appearance of the signal opposite the original, or the achievement of certain profit.

Impostol MT5

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

FXOpen 3 fold increased margin

FXOpen 3-fold increased margin requirements for instruments with USD and JPY

Dear Clients!

FXOpen 3-fold increased margin requirements for instruments with the US dollar and the Japanese yen over the escalation of tension in relations between the US and North Korea.

In the future, we can further increase the margin requirement is 2 times. As previously reported, a total margin requirements may be increased by 5 times. Please follow us to not miss important notices and warnings in the future.

We take these measures to reduce the risks caused by high volatility, sharp price changes and the price breaks the flow that arise in the circumstances. We remind you once again of the need to maintain an adequate level of available funds in the account to avoid the forced closure of your open positions in the event of increasing margin requirements.

Regards, FXOpen Customer Service


Live Chat (24/5)

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Multiple timeframe indicator based on moving averages.

You can adjust the parameters of the two moving averages that you see on the chart. They give a forecast before the trends will become noticeable.

You can set a time frame in minutes (1, 5, 15, 30, 60, 240, 1 440, 10 080, 43 200).

By default, the timeframe of the old value is set to 0. This means that the indicator uses the current timeframe.

When set timeframe different from 0, it must be greater than or equal to the current timeframe.


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Monday, October 17, 2016

Mysterious currency pairs in Forex

Mysterious currency pairs in the Forex market

Most traders trade the most liquid and of the most popular forex pairs. But while some opt for more exotic currency pairs, such as:

USDDKK - the US dollar and the Danish krone, the quotation shows how many DKK give a dollar.

The currency pair is quite calm and in January 2012 there has been a strong trend to the south (down). But despite the good prediction of the pair, the Cubs did not even eat her trade, and experienced traders especially on her looks. And why? Well, firstly a large spread, some brokers spread up to 40 pm, which is a lot, and it is not suitable for intraday trading. Forex pair USDDKK - a perfect match for dolgosrochnikov, as well as for investors with large sums to invest, in half a year. will take away a good increase, and you do not necessarily someone to trust their money.

At the rate Danish Krone (USDDKK) is mainly influenced by developments in the euro area and the prices of agricultural products on world markets, as an active movement can be observed when changing the value of the dollar.

USDNOK - US dollar and the Norwegian krone, no less interesting couple that is in direct correlation to the USDDKK, and their courses are practically the same. The couple spread sometimes reaches 100 pm, so be sure to pay attention to it, and the better your trading with a broker with fixed spreads.

Norwegian Krone rightfully belongs to one of the most stable currencies in the world, not for nothing that the government of that country has refused to join the euro zone. The main revenues come from trading crude oil and seafood, so these two factors cause a significant change of course NOK.

USDHKD - US dollar and Hong Kong dollar, despite its small size, Hong Kong is one of the world's largest financial centers alongside New York, Tokyo and London. The pair has a standard version of the quotation in four characters, is at the moment the course at around 7.7600 and continues to gradually decline.

The tendency to strengthen the Hong Kong dollar has been celebrated since the end of 2011, despite the low volatility, the pair has lost about 200 points.

Well, at the end, it's worth remembering not so mysterious as wild couples, it also applies to the spread and volatility. This forex pairs Gold and Silver (Gold and Silver), they have a large spread and a large volatility, the pair is not for beginners, although it is very well suited to disperse the depot. Yes, it is also a very expensive pair. so that the deposit will not be small for the lots. Details learn from your broker.

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Friday, October 14, 2016



Below are the latest short-term UBS (mostly during the day) trading strategies for the pair EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, NZD / USD and USD / CAD.

EUR / USD: We continue to prefer short, but will be looking to trade during the day.

GBP / USD: ... GDP data yesterday were in line with consensus. We prefer to trade only on the extremes, with close stops.

AUD / USD: ... we will be looking to buy on dips ... as the pair moves up to 0.7400.

NZD / USD: ... Long with a stop below the uptrend line, which runs just ahead of 0.6600, targeting a move towards 0.6900.

USD / CAD: ... there is a strong support between 1.3440 and 1.3500.Poetomu we would like to see the sale of 1.3700 with a stop above 1.3860.

PS: Copy the signals, hand out and earn $ on

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This EA is designed exclusively for the acceleration of small deposits in a short period of time on any pair. Those. Advisor to run on different currency pairs and wait until the profit on other pairs will block the loss on one.

parameters advisor

General settings (Common setting):

  • grid_size - mesh size

  • profit_lock - from 0.1 to 0.9 - the form of profit-taking

  • Account risk - some drawdown you prefer.

risk settings (MM setting):

  • min_Lots - Minimum lot size

  • account_risk - the maximum risk of the account



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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Oil and Putin two factors for

Oil and Putin - two factors for the ruble

Beginning of the week was interesting: the People's Bank of China surprised the market by cutting
the rate of reserve requirements. This led to a slight rally the commodity currencies
and helped AUD / USD grow up to 0.7168. Meanwhile, fruitless
G20 meeting a little upset markets. In Europe, attention was drawn to the data on
inflation, which showed a sharp decline, and confirmed the likelihood of
additional stimulus from the ECB at the next meeting. EUR / USD
this news reached month low 1.0859.

the market has grown around the world, and the leaders were European indexes
and shares of the oil sector. Besides, Brent continued movement
up, saying on Monday 36.71. Gold also increased in price, noting
a maximum of $ 1235.77. / oz.

Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Good evening, you, dear reader! )

We continue to break into the market, yet without any details and explanations
logic (and it is, at what the real logic, which does not boast
are all sorts of TA with its patterns and lines, waves, Fibonacci, and VSA
other game), all gradually; P

Previous review:

As mentioned in the previous review, more globally on D1 the trend is up.
The objectives have been identified. The very next day, the market realized pretty
serious upward movement, already very close to approaching the target. Highly
not bad, but it's not the end. Still no signal for a reversal is not globally.



Blue key level is still below us and serious soprativleniya that could scare us and still has not appeared.

Let's look in more detail.



In the pink ZONE 1 there was a small partial fixation
positions of major players, and we went to test support below. like
was given in the figure from the previous review it ZONE 2 and 3. The very ZONE 1
not a serious soprativleniya, but this fixed position locally
tells us about the beginning of phase balance, in other words, we are waiting for a small

Now 2 scenarios:

1. Already from the support ZONE 2 We go up a little bit of ZONE 4 and only then looking for the entrance to the ZONE 5 to purchase. To enter will need malomalsiky volume at the approach to the area, and the corresponding reaction.

In this case, we will draw the flat between ZONE 1 and 2. If this scenario is realized will start, try to make a post.

2. ZONE 4 held and we are going to test support ZONE 3. Then there we are already looking for the entrance to the 5-mintukah to buy. And again begins the flat between ZONE 1 and 3.


Globally, the trend is still UP. More locally there is a small fixed position as the largest player, so go to the PHASE BALANCE (the flat).

SALES excluded in any case, it is dangerous.

PURCHASES We seek or ZONE 5 under the conditions described above, or ZONE 3.

Accordingly Now we take a wait and monitor the situation.


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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dynamic RSI Pointer MT5

Dynamic RSI Pointer MT5

Dynamic RSI Pointer

designed Pointer Productions

Pledge of effective work in the market - this is the best combination of competent
tools and knowledge. Experienced traders not only to determine the trend, but also
see what business opportunities it opens up.

Dynamic RSI Pointer

Dynamic RSI Pointer indicator works on the current trend and its
basis, and based on previous trends, predicts the future.

The product is mainly based on the indicator RSI. However, RSI
limited static levels perekuplennosti / oversold
set by the user, which makes it ineffective on such
dynamic market like Forex. Depending on the current trend
(Ascending, descending, side) we have to use different levels
overbought / oversold.

This is the main difference Dynamic RSI Pointer, as it:

  • adjusts and sets the dynamic levels perekuplennosti / pereprodannosti to increase yield.
  • It locates and assesses the latest trends to accurately predict the future and install the appropriate levels.

Work principles:

  • Dynamic RSI Pointer is easy to use, as is similar to the RSI.
    However, in contrast to the static level of the RSI indicator, Dynamic LED
    RSI Pointer offers dynamic levels. With this indicator, you can
    use any strategy for the RSI, for example:

    • Entering the market as the main line leaves the overbought / oversold
    • Search divergence in the overbought / oversold levels
    • RSI combination with other signals trend reversal.

However, in contrast to the RSI, overbought / oversold dynamically adapt to the current trend.

  • Analysis perekuplennosti dynamic levels / pereprodannosti
    It provides important information. If the levels are changing rapidly, therefore,
    high volatility of the currency pair.

You can use this time to trade with the trend, or wait it out and enter the market when a reversal signal.


necessary to determine the setting for the first run:

  • RSI Period - the number of periods for the calculation of the main line.
  • LEVELS Period - the number of periods to calculate the overbought / oversold.
  • LEVELS Size - define how restrictive should be overbought / oversold.
    • The lower the value, the more restrictive is the level.
      If the value is less than 5 indicator will signal only a very
      strong overbought / oversold.
    • The higher the value, the levels are less restrictive.
    • Values ​​must be set between 0 and 50.

Version of MetaTrader 4:

Dynamic RSI Pointer MT5

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Monday, October 10, 2016

US stock markets closed mixed

US stock markets closed mixed, Dow Jones added 0.40%

The US stock market closed the trading session on Monday in different directions due to the strengthening of the oil and gas sectors, raw materials and health care. Market shows against the background of negative dynamics on the part of sectors of consumer goods, technology and consumer services.

At the close on the New York Stock Exchange Dow Jones rose by 0.40%, reaching a month high, the index S P 500 rose 0.09%, indeksNASDAQ Composite fell 0.19%.

The leaders of growth among the Dow Jones components at the end of today's trading were the shares of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX), which went up by 2.74 p (3.12%), closing at 90.67.. Caterpillar Inc (NYSE: CAT) quotes rose by 1.93 h (2.65%), ending trading at 74.77.. Paper Exxon MobilCorporation (NYSE: XOM) rose to 2.17 h (2.64%), closing at 84.46..

Leaders of falling were shares of Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE), the price of which has fallen to 2.01 h (3.28%), ending the session at around 59.25.. Stocks Visa Inc (NYSE: V) up to 1.96 h (2.65%) and closed at 71,94, and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). Decreased in value by 1.00 h (1.92. %) and closed trading at around 51.03.

The leaders of growth were the shares of Murphy Oil Corporation (NYSE: MUR) among the SP 500 index components on the basis of today's trading, which rose by 12.62% to reach 26,69, CONSOL Energy Inc (NYSE: CNX), who scored 10.21 %, to close at 11.66, and the stock Southwestern Energy Company (NYSE: SWN), which rose by 9.71%, ending the session at around 8.59.

The fall was shares Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX), which decreased to as low as 6.00%, closing at 95.49. Shares of the company Constellation Brands Inc (NYSE: STZ) lost 3.57% and finished the session at 138.71. Quotes Newell Rubbermaid Inc (NYSE: NWL) have decreased in price by 3.39% to reach 39.59.

The leaders of growth among the NASDAQ Composite index components on the basis of today's trading were the shares of Glori Energy Technology Inc (NASDAQ: GLRI), which rose by 212.77% to the level of 0,3675, Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc (NASDAQ: EGLE), who scored 132 , 56%, to close at 3,000, as well as shares of Linn Co LLC (NASDAQ: LNCO), which increased by 109,35%, ending the session at around 1.5800.

The fall was shares Celldex Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: CLDX), which decreased in value by 53.72%, closing at 3.79. The company's shares comScoreInc (NASDAQ: SCOR) lost 33.58% and closed the session at 27.04. Quotes Roka Biosci (NASDAQ: ROKA) fell in price by 21.30% to reach 0.8500.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the number of advancers securities (2249) exceeded the number closed in the red (1112), and quotes 34 shares remained virtually unchanged. On the NASDAQ securities 1808 companies rose, 796 fell, a 56 remained at the previous close.

Stock quotes Celldex Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: CLDX) fell to 3-year low, down 53.72%, 4.40 p, and finished trading at around 3.79.. Stock quotes comScore Inc (NASDAQ: SCOR) fell to a 52-week low, falling to 33.58%, 13.67 p, and finished trading at around 27.04..

The volatility index CBOE Volatility Index, which is generated on the basis of options trading indicators S P 500, increased by 2.55% to reach 17.29.

Gold futures for April delivery lost 0.20%, or 2.60, reaching $ 1.268,10 an ounce. As for other commodities, the price of oil WTI with delivery rose 5.65% in April, or 2.03, to $ 37.95 a barrel. Futures for Brent crude for delivery rose 5.22% in May, or 2.02, to $ 40.74 a barrel.

Meanwhile, in the Forex market EUR / USD pair rose by 0.10% to 1.1017, and the quotation USD / JPY fell 0.35%, reaching 113.37.

USD index dropped by 0.16% to 97.09.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Economists tell whether it's time

Economists tell whether it's time to exchange purchased at the falling dollar

Economists have commented on the prospects of the ruble today reached the highest level since the beginning of the year: the course is now hovering around 70 rubles to the dollar and 76 per euro, while the price of a barrel of oil topped $ 40.

Increasing the value of "black gold" is happening against the backdrop of the meeting of oil-exporting countries expected on March 20 at which it may be decided to freeze or even reduction of quotas on its prey. By raising the price of a barrel rises in price and the ruble, however, analysts warn, the limit for this almost exhausted.

Although the national currency and may strengthen to 69 rubles per dollar, but further advance is unlikely, warns Aleksey Miheev (VTB24), quoted by the "Prime". At the same time the euro may start to give 72.5 rubles: this will happen if the price of oil will rise to 43 dollars, which is quite possible in the coming days.

Nevertheless, it is the strengthening of the ruble will not be long. First, the experts explain, it is not beneficial for the Russian economy weakened, and secondly, should again provoke an increased demand for foreign currency and ruble rebound to their previous low.

However, as Anna says Bodrov of "Alpari", the oil may get cheaper and up to March 20, as the current price has already played its expectations related to changes in quotas.

As a result, the dollar and the euro again in the next few days can take off at least half of the previous figures.

Thus, analysts are advised now to attend to purchase currency as the present moment may be the last successful over the next few months, before the summer holiday season and trips abroad.

PS: signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Momentum solo

Momentum solo


  • is not redrawn

  • The signal after closure

  • The signals do not overlap

  • Several periods will be hidden sideways

  • The indicator will inform about the power in the appropriate direction

  • Based on the minimum amount of candles and body with respect to ATR

  • settings appear to => first signal after changing the direction (not stories, only a real account in the tester or strategies)

  • Applying it every day, I pay attention only to the a first signal after a change of direction (For H1)

  • It works great with "FII dynamic support resistance lines", posted on my website (a free product)

  • Get a better view with my Session-Breakout-Box (product in Market MQL5, free)

  • sending messages to email with any title and content

  • Alerts and notifications by e-mail

  • 4 different settings of the trend

My settings for daily use

  • Alert_on: true

  • show_first_Alert_arrow_only: true

  • Trend_Strength: 2 (2 M15, M30, H1 1 to H4, D1 0 to D1, W1, MN 3 for D1 (3 - shifted filter))

  • It works well with key pairs and indices

  • Input: a few pips above the High / a few pips below the Low signal candles

  • TP / SL: The default settings of the product "FII dynamic support resistance lines", hosted on my site but start_calc_from = Pivot = 0

  • I'm using the High / Low last line or candles as SL and the following lineTP and Trailing Stop

  • alternative TPAs soon as the size of the signal reaches the size of the real body Trailing Stop

  • alternative SL: High / Low signal candles (I do not trade after the candle reaches too large)

Momentum solo


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Wednesday, October 5, 2016



EAmicroMoney adviser works on the EURUSD or GBPUSD.

The following parameters: maximum step rates, the period and the offset moving average. Advisor works only on the timeframe M1.

It uses a unique technology for the identification of small trends, and makes a large volume of transactions.

The default settings: StepPrice = 0.00031, base_lots = 0.01, Moving average period = 12, Moving average shit = 9.

Nothing more to say, just look at the screenshots.


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Sell ​​GBPAUD Credit Suisse

Sell ​​GBP / AUD - Credit Suisse

Traders should consider selling the GBP / AUD this week, according to Credit Suisse in his weekly message to customers.

"Rationale: We expect that a strict budget the UK wakes up pressure on the GBP, especially if it will go with a reduction to the British GDP growth forecast.

If peaceful tone to the BoE meeting will be on Thursday, we expect that the MPC will continue to indirectly provide the green light to a further weakening of GBP.

AUD, is likely to be more sustainable in the G10 this week in comparison with similar types of the product range CAD, which is in danger of being more sensitive to the Fed slightly militant tone.

Risks: ... if the Bank of England surprised with his statements ...

PS: signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Break Even Profit Price Level

Break Even Profit Price Level

If you have several open orders for the same symbol, this utility can show the level of prices at which the sum of all of these warrants will be equal to +/- 0. Accordingly, the utility can show the price level at which the amount of these orders will be profitable.


  • ShowOnlyBreakEvenSum - true: Show bezubytka one line for all open orders. false: Show bezubytka line only for short, long and all orders.

NoteIf you have only one order, its price level bezubytka, of course, will be the starting price of the warrant. In this case, the utility will not draw an additional line. If the amount (buy_lots) - (sell_lots) = 0, it is impossible to calculate the level of the amount bezubytka!

This utility is included in my product Easy Order Creator.

Break Even Profit Price Level

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  • TCS Trade Panel

    TCS Trade Panel Panel for quick and convenient operation using the basic functions of the opening and closing of orders by type, as well as the functions...

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Simple Trade

Simple Trade

technical indicator Simple Trade, developed by a group of traders for your convenience.

The indicator is calculated on a fairly complex algorithms, which gives him the opportunity to giving signals with a probability of 75% -80%, with the trend.

Taken into account:

  1. Volatility.

  2. Cumulative price trend on small tf.

  3. Average statistical deviation.

  4. The average price for a certain period.

The optimal timeframe for the job - 4:00.

Just light leaves the entrance label in the chart that are not redrawn and displays the purchase or sale recommendation on the screen will also show the price at which indicator gave the latest recommendations before the other recommendations.

The rest of the screenshots.

Item display

Used the default settings by default, they are not available for the change, as under other values ​​of defeats the purpose of the indicator.


To filter signals using a trend line, trade with the trend.

Simple Trade

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Batman Batman Advisor is based on a very simple system that uses ZigZag indicator and breakdown strategy. Transactions are opened only wh...