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News Speed ​​Advisor written for EURUSD M1 trading on news output, changing the settings can be probyvat other currency pairs and time periods of testing, uses five-digit katirovki.

When the market starts rapid price movement, counselor begins to enter the market in the course of these movements on the signal integral indicator, the best results were at the output of important news when the price moves in one direction. Recommended trade time with the arrival of the European session and the end of the US, with low volatility in the market day is advisable to use only on the major news outlet.

using the feature ReverseSignal you can turn the alarm strategy.

Integrated stop function return to the place after a slip, slip on the last example screenshot., When a situation like this function tries to return to the stop in place during installation ukaznoy warrant.

The number of transactions in the strategy tester, a demo account real account is almost identical, the result depends on: the size of the spread, slippage, Level Stop Level and broker execution speed.

Available settings:

  • MoneyManagement - Using a dynamic Lot

  • MaximumRisk - fixed lot

  • OpenLong - To set orders to buy

  • OpenShort - Install sell orders

  • MagicNumber - identifier orders

  • StopLoss - mounted stop

  • TakeProfit - installed profit

  • MaximumSpreadOpen - The maximum possible spread to install order

  • MaximumSpeadDelete - When this value is exceeded, the spread is not triggered warrant removed

  • OrderPrice - The distance from the installation of a warrant price

  • MaximumOrdersCount - The maximum possible total number of simultaneous orders (-1) is any

  • MaximumOrdersBuy - The maximum number of simultaneous buy orders, (-1) is any

  • MaximumOrdersSell - The maximum number of simultaneous sell orders, (-1) is any

  • Breakeven - Using without loss

  • LevelProfit - The level of profit in points

  • LevelWLoss - installation level without loss of points

  • TrailingStop - The use of trawl stop function

  • TSProfit - trawl work zone, YES-trawls only profit, NO-trawl with loss

  • TStop - The level of profit in points

  • TStep - step rate in paragraphs

  • TimeFrame - The time period of the signal

  • DistanceMarket - Removal from the market to enhance the signal-value greater-less transactions, greater profitability

  • SignalBar - With a bar take the signal-current 0, 1 closed before running

  • MATrendFilter - Use a filter on the transactions MovingAverage *
  • MATrendTimeFrame - The time period MovingAverage

  • MATrendPeriod - period MovingAverage

  • MATrendShift - shift MovingAverage
  • MATrendMethod - MovingAverage method

  • ExpertTime - Using the trading function of time

  • TimeOpen - Start trading time counselor

  • TimeClose - ending time advisor to trade

  • ReverseSignal - Coup strategy signal

  • TradeOneBar - Trade several times in one bar

  • DoCloseBar - The signal is checked at the close of the bar or after the opening of the new

  • Breakdown - Signal is activated without waiting for the closing of the current bar

  • Sound - Use sounds

  • PrintEnable - Print log

  • AllMessages - Log all messages

  • DisplayTable - Conclusion on the graph of the data window

  • cl ... - color settings

  • Sound .... - sound settings

* The filter is based on MovingAverage: SMMA, if the price (Bid) above Hight only purchase price (Ask) below the Low sales only.


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