Friday, September 29, 2017


BofA Merrill on AUD / USD, EUR / GBP and EUR / USD

Contrary to expectations, AUD / USD has broken sharply below the 50d MA ...

"The weakness should be limited to 0.7467 channel support, in the worst case, 0.7360 / 0.7214 ...


EUR / GBP has been ranked, and resumes its long-term downward trend after breaking multi-weekly pivot / support in the 0.7304 / 0.7295 and support at the turn of the old in the new resistance at 0.7334.

0.7174 / 0.7166 confirms oriented Mar 11 minima and below 0.7014, BofA.


EUR / USD bears need to take a break 1.0613 (Mar 19) to confirm the resumption of downtrend large ...

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Buffett Greek exit from eurozone

Buffett: Greek exit from the eurozone would not tragedy

In his interview for the CNBS
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett
suggested that the eurozone quietly
survive a Greek exit from the currency
Union. "If it turns out that the Greeks did
go, then maybe it is not so
bad for the euro. In this case, all
other countries will understand that the rules
European Union - not an empty phrase, and finally
work out some common fiscal
policy. "

I think that structural problems have been
euro from the beginning, but it does not mean
that the idea of ​​a single currency necessarily
It is doomed to failure. These can be
adapt and cut off those countries,
that this adaptation did not agree "
- said renowned investor. Buffett
says that over time, the eurozone countries
should coordinate their labor
laws, regulations and the budget deficit
general leadership. By the way, the same thing has
repeatedly irritated vein
He commented Mario Draghi, the president of

So far the agreement between
most zakreditovannoy country in Europe
and currency unit has not been reached:
negotiations have reached an impasse, and the next
"Deadline" Taps Greece
on the development of the proposals had organized
to Europe, I held on Monday. AT
Over the coming weeks may occur
Greek default.

He said: "It can not go on.
The Germans are not going to fund
Greeks forever. "

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Binary Option Gym MT4 Free

Binary Option Gym MT4 Free

Explore free version of Binary Option Gym.

Note: This free version has some limitations on settings change

  • Expiry time: Closing of the three-minute candles.

  • win: 70%.

  • The contribution to the deal: $ 25.

Purchase the full version of Binary Option Gym with the ability to change all settings.

binary options

Binary Option Gym - is a utility to test your strategies to binary options, during which you do not need to invest or cooperate with the broker. This is not a robot, it does not show an entry point or exit. But it simulates the situation of investing in binary options in the manual mode.

This tool can help you become a professional trader of binary options or ... help you understand that binary options - not the best option for your trading without giving you wasted your money!

Just click:

  • on Buy button, if you think that the price will rise,

  • on Sell ​​button, if you think that the price will fall.

So relax, have fun and explore the use of binary options.

binary options

Binary options are a type of short-term investment fixed high income. To work with binary options is necessary to answer only three questions:

  • The price will go up or down?

  • When?

  • How to invest?

All this makes binary options simple and accessible for beginners. But they imply, and a high degree of risk: if it fails, you will lose more money than they would get at a favorable outcome.

When working with binary options, you must be aware of what you are doing, Otherwise your account will soon be empty!

That's why we created this tool so that you can practice, to try and develop optimal strategies and money management tactics. Thus, you can become an expert and successful binary options trader without risking your funds.

Contact information

Binary Option Gym It shows:

  • pair

  • current price (Green color - the price increases, the color red - the price falls)

  • Current Server Time in the format "hh: mm: ss"

  • The number of open trades at the moment. You can open up to 29 transactions.

  • Number of closed currently deals: profitable, unprofitable or Neutral (W, L or T).

  • Direct balance of showing how much you earned or lost. This figure becomes negative, if you lost more than earned.

  • Current profit percentage, calculated by the formula W / (W + L)%. Neutral transactions are not considered, since they do not affect your balance.

In the "Tools" tab "Experts" specifies all setting changes, as well as the opening and closing deals.

Here, all your actions are shown in detail, as well as closed and open transactions with the time of their expiration.

graphical display

If the expiration time is within the window, you will see the red vertical line, which shows the current time of expiration.

When you click on the Buy button appears green horizontal line, which marks the entry price, as well as a rising blue arrow showing the price and time of opening.

When you press the Sell button appears red horizontal line and a red downward arrow indicating the price and the time of opening.

Dotted line connects the opening with the corresponding arrow icon close.

Trades are marked gold star at the time and the closing price.

Loss trades flagged gray cross at the time and the closing price.

You can change some of the colors, and so on ... in the settings dialog. Dialog box speaks for itself. "Print" displays the information in the "Tools" tab "Experts".

Binary Option Gym MT4 Free

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Veles SuperTrend

veles SuperTrend

The indicator is based on the MA with additional study of all current prices, as well as all the highs and lows for the period.

Good shows change in trend, while pullbacks and corrections, if conditions have not changed, well holds the line and the color trend.

The display of all three parameters, which makes it very easy to configure.


  • PeriodTrend - the number of bars used to calculate the trend

  • PeriodAverage - averaging period indicator line

  • Method - averaging method

Veles SuperTrend

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

In Saudi Arabia unexpected reshuffle

In Saudi Arabia - an unexpected reshuffle, but the oil still falls

all of a sudden the king of Saudi
Arabia, Salman withdrew from his younger
half-brother Crown Prince title
and appointed in his place his own
nephew. The next heir after
in line to the throne Salman put
his own son, Prince Mohammed
bin Salman. Then the aged king
I sent in the resignation of the Minister of Foreign
Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, who,
at the moment, it has been in office for 40
years. Instead, it's foreign policy
State will former ambassador
kingdom in Washington, Adel

Salman and several other new
Ministers. But the veteran oil wars,
79-year-old Ali al-Naimi, remained in his
place. Perhaps that is why so
abrupt changes in power are not affected
the state of the oil market. It seemed
would then Brent should
I would rush forward, but do not
It happened.

8.52 MSK June futures for Brent
worth 64.52 dollars per barrel, WTI
June delivery - 56,95 dollars per
barrel. Prices have not changed
yesterday as traders are reluctant to
occupy new positions until it becomes
clear what effect the permutation in
Saudi authorities on policy.

its quarterly review commodity
Markets, issued today, Barclays
writes: "In spite of the 45% solution of a rise in prices
Oil from the January lows, we expect
in front of a large volatility. That
However, supply growth in many markets
It is still too fast, and powerful
dollar and high stock position
markets will likely put pressure on
oil prices in the future. "

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Greed Master Levels From

Greed Master Levels From

adviser Greed Master Levels From a predetermined number of bars N in the history of searches maximum and minimum levels and exposes the pending orders at these price levels. at breakdown level deal in one way or another to open and close the electronic TakeProfit. Transactions are real StopLoss and TakeProfit. Duration of orders placed the same N, as well as for the analysis of bars in history. on the timeframe H1 any tool during installation number of bars 24 Advisor is powered by daily highs and lows of the previous day. The same timeframe M30 when setting the number of bars - 48, and timeframe H4 with the number of bars - 6.


  • MAGICB - the magic number of directions Long;

  • MAGICS - the magic number of directions Short;

  • "__Working hours__GMT__";

  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset - broker terminal time offset in hours from GMT;

  • "_The parameters for the EURUSD M30.";

  • "__Start__";

  • GameOn - Resolution Adviser to action;

  • AnalyzedPeriod - period analysis extrema in bars;

  • Lot - work item;

  • LotForManual - starting lot for manual operation;

  • TP - real TakeProfit;

  • TPV - Virtual TakeProfit, not visible to the broker;

  • SL - real StopLoss;

  • Slippage - slippage;

  • "__Directions On / Off .__";

  • SELL - ON / OFF direction SELL;

  • BUY - ON / OFF directions BUY;

  • "__Restrictions__";

  • OnOffLock - On / Off Locking, if the item is selected too high and StopLoss;

  • LockLevel - MarginLevel level Percentage inclusion Locking;

  • "__Trailingator__";

  • TrailingStop - treylingatora parameter;

  • TrailingStep - treylingatora parameter;

  • "__Working mode (Color / BW) __";

  • BW - b / w mode on / off;

  • Illumin - on / off information and the line in the tool box;

  • DelObj - on / off removing objects from a tool box deinitialize.

Greed Master Levels From

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Friday, September 22, 2017

US stocks rose on Monday

US stocks rose on Monday,

US stocks rose on Monday,
the expectation that the Fed will be forced to
offset concerns about
surprisingly weak report on business
places and postpone the rate increase. "In
the weekend market participants have thought through
and have experienced the positive side
Friday's reports weak: it can
lead to the fact that the Fed rate increase
not so fast", - experts say.

he added
0,66%, S P 500
- on
the same amount, Nasdaq
0.62%. One
of the most successful sectors today
- utilities. As a rule,
conditions of low rates of the sector
thriving, and today a communal
podyndeks S P
he added
1.3%. Energy sector closed with
adding 1.8% to sudden shock
oil prices, but now the futures again
reduced: oil rolled back.

As for the individual companies, the shares
Amsterdam company Uniqure,
in the US, soared 47% after the transaction
Squibb on
development of gene therapy tools for
the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Tesla
Motors Inc added
6.3% after reporting a rise in deliveries
the first quarter. shares
Humana Inc rose

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kagi Chart

kagi Chart

Kagi Chart indicator can display graphics "Kagi" in the indicator window. Graphics Type "Kagi" filters out unwanted noise and help identify trends.

The indicator operates in two modes:

  • CLOSE - the construction schedule "Kagi" only used price Close;
  • HIGH_LOW - by plotting the "Kagi" are used only High / Low prices.

Spread kagi line 3 can be set in different ways:

  • PIPS - pip (absolute values);
  • PERCENT - a percentage of the price;
  • ATR
    - in the value of the indicator ATR (Note: the current value of the ATR will be different each time you re-initialize or load indicator)
Start new trends shown by the arrows.
Kagi Chart

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

FedEx will buy TNT Express for

FedEx will buy TNT Express for 4.4 billion euros

FedEx, one
the world's largest companies
express delivery of cargo and mail,
buy one of its competitors -
Dutch company TNT
Express. cost of
the deal is estimated at € 4.4 billion for
by this American FedE
will escalate
its presence in Europe. shares of TNT
Express on
this news jumped by 30%.

Tuesday the parties made a statement
future transaction and announced that
united group of companies will
Europe's third strong player,
who will be able to compete with DHL
and UPS.
They hope that the deal will not prevent
European regulators, who in 2013
We were already banned attempt FedEx

We have been in the European market two strong
companies and two - in the weaker position.
Now they will be only three, but they will
equal in strength. We have to fight
for the customer, "- says Anthony Borgmans,
TNT head.
David Bronzhek,
FedEx executive,
said: "For the
customers, of course, it is better that
The European Commission wants to see more
competition. " He added that he is "confident"
that through all the obstacles,
created by regulators, will be able to
successfully pass though to the final
completion of the transaction will take many
time - probably about a year. If
transaction still goes wrong, the company TNT
will be
paid a penalty of $ 200 million.

An association
companies from the express delivery sector
in Europe, as elsewhere, will provide
pressure on prices due to the struggle for a share

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

AFX RSI Trendline

AFX RSI Trendline

AFX RSI Trendline automatically draws all the trend lines based on the indicator RSI.


Indicator AFX RSI Trendline The following draws on the indicator RSI:

  • trendlines

  • channels

  • linear regression Channels

Description of the input parameters

======RSI settings======

  • period - period RSI

  • applied_price - RSI indicator price

  • RSI_Color - color line RSI

  • RSI_Width - RSI linewidth

  • RSI_Style - RSI line style

======Displaying bars======

  • showBars - the number of displayed bars


  • trend - display or hide trendlines

  • Trend_Up - display or hide the upward trend line (running, if the value of the parameter trend = true)

  • Trend_Down - display or hide the downward trend line (running, if the value of the parameter trend = true)

  • THighline - the color of the downtrend line

  • TLowline - the color of the uptrend line

======line channels======

  • ChannelLine - display or hide the line channels

  • highline - Color upper channel line

  • Lowline - the color of the lower channel line

======linear regression======

  • Channel - display or hide the linear regression channel

  • ChannelH - Color upper channel

  • ChannelL - the color of the lower channel

  • Regression - true / false regression

  • RayH - a continuous upper channel

  • RayL - lower continuous channel

  • STDwidthH - the standard deviation of the upper channel (works if the value Regression = false)

  • STDwidthL - standard deviation lower channel (works if the value Regression = false)

======Check history======

  • Back - if the value of this parameter - 0, the indicator will check the current bar. If you want to check for any trendline 5 bars ago, specify a value of 5, and so on.

AFX RSI Trendline

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

How to create your own trading plan

found that most traders do not have a trading plan, they do not know how
him to do, or it is too difficult for them. Therefore, in today's lesson I
I want you to understand why we need a trading plan, and then give an example
trading plan that you understand how to create your own. Let's start…

What is the trading plan and why is it

At first,
trading plan should be seen as a pattern of trade in the market.
Perhaps the best way to describe the trading plan in the form of a checklist.
This checklist should comprise every aspect trade logical step
by-step sequence, and will act as a trade management
On the market. In fact, in the commercial terms will indicate your short- and long-term
trade objectives, and will give you a clear list of questions to test how their
to achieve.

Note: Do not think that your check
sheet / trading plan should be extremely long and detailed. After
you will learn an effective trading strategy, such as Price Action, you will be able to combine all aspects of
your trading method in short form. Having done it once, you will have a check
sheet / trading plan, which will open the leadership deal or not.
Checklist can contain text and pictures, I'll show you an example below.

which you need to have a trading plan it is that you have to be
sure that trade is not based on emotion. Trading can be highly
emotional exercise, and if you follow the objectively constructed
trading plan, which defines all your actions on the market, you will almost
certainly become emotional trader, also known as Trader
losing money.

the most beneficial thing that makes shopping a plan for you, is that it
It keeps you away from the uncertainty in the market. This naturally reduces the
the number of losing trades that will improve the overall percentage of winning
transactions. Many traders will eventually "run and shoot" in the markets in place
In order to learn to trade like a sniper, and the reason why they are doing it in
that can not set aside time to create your own effective trading
plan. I'm telling you right now, the quickest way to increase your profits,
is to trade less frequently and with great quality. trading plan
naturally help us in this endeavor, and now let's see
on the various components of an effective trading plan:

Components of a trading plan on market

the necessary components of a trading plan, you can add something if you want,
but do not get too carried away, so that your plan does not become too long and complicated.

your trading plan with positive affirmations that will read aloud;

your short- and long-term objectives in trade in the markets;

your trading strategy, all aspects of how you analyze and trade;

Your money management strategy which includes such things as the ratio
risk and return, a real profit margin in the current situation, how much
I can lose in a single trade, what is my strategy with respect to withdrawals,
merchant account, how much I'll shoot every month, after going to
trade profitably.

commerce components that must be checked, such as the basic currency
pair, trading hours, news, etc .;

all check before opening the transaction, and ask yourself: "This transaction is open,
because I thought that if you do not fool
bargaining, or because I was considering a deal for an hour and found an excuse
transactions in 20 different sites on the Forex? ";

trading plan / checklist another positive statement.

An example of a trading plan

(Note: this is a hypothetical plan - drafted
arbitrary, but you can use it to create your own
plan. It's not part of my personal plan, but they represent my structure
trading plan. You may want to add other components
checklist, as it is only a general example might look like
trading plan.)

trading plan

--Installation trade:

"I never
I will not enter into a transaction without first checking with the trading plan, as
trading plan makes me objective and eliminates the emotion in trading, and this is
that makes me profitable
long term "; "After entering into a deal, I do not change, and do not touch
transaction excludes all emotions and remember their initial observations "; "I
I never traded above the risk threshold, adhering to set the amount of risk in
one transaction. "

--Business objectives:

objectives: to make constant profit every month, complemented by income from my
basic work to be patient and disciplined trader
which follows the plan.

goal: to bring your account up to the amount of $ 25,000 and above, through a thorough mastery
my trading strategy, patience, and discipline to follow my trading
I plan each time opening deal. To avoid peretorgovyvaniya be
patient, stay disciplined and always adhere to the trade

--Trading Strategy:

1) Market analysis - market trend or
- This is the first thing that
to be determined. You need to determine the main direction of the market and
try to trade in that direction. We look for new highs and peaks
troughs in a growing trend, and new lows valleys and peaks to the downward
trend, as I learn how to use the 8 and 21 day EMA to determine the short-term
market pulse. For the market to consolidate, we look at obvious levels
support / resistance. Therefore, your trading plan, you must have
pictures, as in the example, or similar, in order to remind you that
you need to look for:

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

2) Identify the main resistance levels and
support and draw them on the chart. -
Once you have identified
state of the market: the trend is up, down, consolidation, it is necessary to draw key
support / resistance levels on the chart. They will indicate the zone of interest
market participants, for which you will watch in anticipation setups Price Action in the direction of the main trend, or
in the case of consolidation in the direction of the opposite side of the range.

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

3) Search setups Price Action formed on
Key levels to make sure that only trade obvious signals. -
You need to know exactly what setups Price Action are looking for on the chart before
build your trading plan. Below we can see an example of bearish Pin Bar in
downtrend. You have to be a perfect example of the drawings setups
that you will trade according to your trading plan. It will be you
a reminder of what setups with high probability you are looking for.

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

-- money management

1) What is the most logical place to
stop placement? What amount I can donate and still feel
- Remember
it is necessary to calculate the risk of the money, not points or percentage.

2) What is the most logical exit strategy
where to place closed orders?
- The ratio of risk / reward 1 to 2
or more seems reasonable achievable in the transaction taking into account market conditions
and the next level?

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

-- other considerations

1) What currency pairs I consider to

2) In a trading session formed
this setup?
It is formed during the London or New -Yorskoy session
which are the most important, or during a quiet Asian session

-- Double check your transaction

Make sure that you trade only
the obvious setups.


I hope,
that you have a better idea how to build your own trading plan as
its structure and what ingredients it should contain. there really is
there is nothing more to tell, but added that the creation and use
your trading plan will allow you to achieve your goals at a much market
faster than without him. You have to believe me and stop trading without
plan. You do not start a business without a business plan is developed on paper
why do you think that you can successfully trade without proper trade business plan.

Once your trading plan, you need to make sure that will really
use and follow it each time interacting with the market. This will
to produce you right shopping habits, such as patience and
discipline, and these are the habits that help you make money in the long

Article: Nial Fuller.

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Friday, September 15, 2017



The robot trades on the break of support and resistance levels on the selected timeframe. It works effectively in many symbols and timeframes from M5 to H1. Special filter measures the strength of price movement, not allowing to enter the market if the support / resistance levels are weak. Recommended ECN-broker with tight spreads.

  • Only one deal
  • Easy setup
  • not martingale
  • not mesh
  • no hedging


  • TimeFrame - timeframe to search for support / resistance levels
  • MinEnergy - minimum strength of price movement, the optimal value of 10. The higher the value, the less trades, but those are more reliable
  • EntryLine - the color of the input line. Before the entrance is always carried out verification of the maximum spread
  • Distance from SR - the distance from the input line level of support / resistance
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread at the opening of the transaction. If you exceed the value of the transaction does not open
  • Lot - trading volume
  • Risk% - determine lot size automatically% of the account size and stop loss
  • Slippage - maximum deviation in the transaction opening
  • TP - Take Profit in points
  • SL on BE - Profit (in points) at which the stop-loss level is moved to input a transaction (breakeven)
  • SL + TrailingSL - the distance between the stop-loss and trailing stop
  • TrailingSL_Step - trailing stop step
  • Magic - magic number adviser
  • comment - comment on the transaction


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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why IMF took gold

Why the IMF took the gold?

Many analysts
recently said that fiatnye
currency will soon disappear and will not
used as a primary
means of payment in the world, so long as
it is not clear what will happen next. It seems to have
several directions, and the International
IMF will soon take a decision,
to keep in
race. First, economists are actively
We discussed the strengthening of the role of the yuan in the world
the economy and the emergence of currency,
backed by gold, that would end
epoch as dollar hegemony
reserve currency.

Last weekend
known economist Meghnad Desai,
the head of an independent research
and consulting organization Official
Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, said that
IMF special drawing rights
must contain a certain amount of
gold to stabilize the currency.
Desai believes that such a move will improve
the situation on the currency market and the general
in the current situation it would be the
logical step. And this would be
easier if China really
increasing its official gold
stocks. By the way, this idea is expressed
Not for the first time.

Return to the gold
the standard is constantly being discussed, this
the idea of ​​a lot of supporters and opponents,
but when it will be about the common good,
all quarrels should be forgotten. unless
clear whether it is necessary in the world of form
multilateral supersuverennuyu back
currency with the help of special rights
IMF loan, or to go to the
the new gold standard by which
We have overestimated all currencies. Economists arises
a lot of questions when they speak
reserve currency and the gold standard.
For example, all the care, whether the country's
BRICS create its own currency? Will
US to maintain its position
dollar or have yet to create
New Gold Standard? While no one
can give clear answers to these questions.

Now special basket
IMF borrowing rights (SDR) consists of
four currencies: US Dollar, Japanese
yen, euro, and British pound. overdue
for a long time the need to add to it
the list of the Chinese yuan, if the IMF wants a serious
changes in the global financial
infrastructure. Upon the renminbi has become
reserve currency and actively
internationalized. But supporters of the gold
standards still insist
that any number of currencies outside the
gold exchange standard will not provide
the stability of the entire global financial
system. On the other hand, use
only gold - is not the best
idea, given the speculative change
prices in recent years.

Without a doubt, the demand for
gold in China increased due to the need
balance reserves and existing bonds, especially in view of the contracts
which only began to turn on
The Shanghai Gold Exchange. However, this
can not explain the demand for gold
Russia and India. And even Germany
demands the US return of his gold,
who is in her possession. But at the
same time, all IMF member countries of the
said that the new gold standard
unworkable and SDR provides better
the opportunity to develop and balance
the world financial structure.

This year, an important
solution for the economies of many countries in the world
It will be the decision of the US Congress on accession
due to changes in IMF quotas. it is the only
ability to change the SDR basket and open
the way for the yuan and gold. Today it is difficult
imagine what kind of a global
currency could replace the US dollar. But
we must remember that central banks around the
the world has about 900 million ounces
gold, and this amount is sufficient to
support any currency if desired
under the classical gold standard.
So, the global currency war continues
and aggravated, and therefore can become even

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Indicator Moving Average Convergence Divergence (or MACD) - This trendsledyaschy momentum indicator showing the relationship between two moving averages.

MacdPlue - It is an advanced MACD indicator has the following benefits:

  • Displaying the divergence and convergence of lines of different colors.

  • Displaying the intersection lines of divergence and convergence with the MACD bars in different colors and lines and display good signals for trading.

  • Notification of crossing the line of divergence and convergence.

  • Displays the strength of the market in different colors.


General settings and MACD settings:

  • MaxBarForShowDivConv: the number of bars to draw the lines.

  • FastEMA: a period of rapid EMA MACD indicator.

  • SlowEMA: during the slow EMA MACD indicator.

  • SignalSMA: Period SMA MACD indicator signal.

  • AppliedPrice: Type of prices in the MACD.

  • ShowIndicatorLine: Display / not display line divergence or convergence in the indicator window.

  • ShowMainLine: To display / not display the line of divergence or convergence in the main window.

  • LowLevel: The maximum number of bars MACD, the market has the lowest strength. The parameter value in pips.

  • MidLevel: The maximum number of bars MACD, when the market has a high strength. The parameter value in pips.

  • HighLevel: The maximum number of bars MACD, the market has the greatest effect. The parameter value in pips.

  • UsePatternColorIf you want to market strength is displayed in different colors, specify here is true. Otherwise, specify false.

  • BuyColor: Color shopping.

  • SellColor: Color for sale.

Setting the wave:

  • DeepForSearchWave: The number of waves in the MACD, which are searched for divergence and convergence.

  • ShowDivergenceWave: Select true for a display line of the fundamental wave divergence, or false otherwise.

  • ColorOfDivergenceLineWave: line color divergence.

  • WidthOfDivergenceLineWave: Linewidth divergence.

  • StyleOfDivergenceLineWave: line style divergence.

  • ShowConvergenceWave: Select to display the true fundamental wave convergence, or false in the opposite case ..

  • ColorOfConvergenceLineWave: Color line convergence.

  • WidthOfConvergenceLineWaveWidth line convergence.

  • StyleOfConvergenceLineWave: Line style convergence.

  • ShowCrossLineWave: Specify true, if you want to see a slowdown peresesechnnyh lines of divergence and convergence of the fundamental wave. Otherwise, specify false.

  • ActiveAlertForCrossLineWave: Set to true, you get an alert about crossing lines.

  • CrossUpArrowCodeWaveArrow keys up code.

  • CrossUpArrowColorWave: The color of the up arrow.

  • CrossDownArrowCodeWaveArrow keys down code.

  • CrossDownArrowColorWave: Color down arrow.

  • CrossLineWidthOfWaveWidth cross the line.

  • CrossLineStyleOfWave: Cross-line style.

  • CrossLineColorOfWave: Cross the color line.

Configuring additional waves:

  • DeepForSearchSubwave: Number of additional waves in the MACD, which are searched for divergence and convergence.

  • ShowDivergenceSubwave: True select to display additional lines of divergence wave, or false otherwise.

  • ColorOfDivergenceLineSubwave: The color of the line of divergence.

  • WidthOfDivergenceLineSubwave: Linewidth divergence.

  • StyleOfDivergenceLineSubwave: line style divergence.

  • ShowConvergenceSubwave: True select to display additional wave convergence, or false otherwise.

  • ColorOfConvergenceLineSubwave: Color line convergence.

  • WidthOfConvergenceLineSubwaveWidth line convergence.

  • StyleOfConvergenceLineSubwave: Line style convergence.

  • ShowCrossLineSubwave: Specify true, if you want to see a slowdown peresesechnnyh lines of divergence and convergence of more waves. Otherwise, specify false.

  • ActiveAlertForCrossLineSubwave: Set to true, you get an alert about crossing lines.

  • CrossUpArrowCodeSubwaveArrow keys up code.

  • CrossUpArrowColorSubwave: The color of the up arrow.

  • CrossDownArrowCodeSubwaveArrow keys down code.

  • CrossDownArrowColorSubwave: Color down arrow.

  • CrossLineWidthOfSubwaveWidth cross the line.

  • CrossLineStyleOfSubwave: Cross-line style.

  • CrossLineColorOfSubwave: Cross the color line.

Settings unfinished lines:

  • ColorIncompleteLines: Color unfinished lines of divergence and convergence.

  • WidthIncompleteLinesWidth unfinished lines of divergence and convergence.

  • StyleIncompleteLines: Style unfinished lines of divergence and convergence.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Euro above $ 1 15 will not go

Euro above $ 1.15 will not go

Credit Suisse, in spite of the rapid growth of quotations EUR / USD, decided to maintain its forecast of 1.15 at the end of the third quarter. In support of its low profile Bank cites three arguments: 1. Mario Draghi comments were not as "hawkish" as they took the market. According to the ECB, inflationary forces are still fragile and non-self that precludes the rapid rejection of the ultra-loose monetary politiki.2. European shares lately grow very slowly. In particular EuroStoxx 50 gained only 3.5% of the level of May maxima and closed in the red zone in recent days. The foundation for the "bullish" trend for EUR / USD will be stronger if the rally in European stock indices will bystree.3. Euro is still used as a funding currency, as carry traders are not going to reduce its own activity.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Ruble fell in anticipation of

The ruble fell in anticipation of the Central Bank meeting and amid weak activity Exporters

This afternoon, the Russian
Ruble reduced trades the currency,
although at the opening session, he behaved
neutral. Play against the ruble waiting
changes in key rates by the central bank
Russian Federation (it may happen in the coming
Thursday at a meeting of the controller) and
decreased activity of exporters,
which seems to pre-sell the underlying
of foreign currency earnings to pay
Key taxes on 27-28 April.

there was virtually no morning but
in this case, it seems to have enhanced the output of
Russian assets in anticipation of reduction
the key rate of the Central Bank. these
streams are "piggybacked"
speculative currency longs"-
says analyst Andrei Misko bank
National Standard. His forecast -
dollar rise above the level of 52 rubles.

By 12:56 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at 51.45 (the above
previous close to 1.06%). At the beginning
trade, the dollar sank to a mark
50.25, according to the portal
The pair EUR / RUB
It traded near the mark 55.72 (above 0.65%).

This week, on Thursday
April 30, a meeting of the Board
Directors of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on
monetary policy. greater
part of the market is confident that the regulator
reduce the current benchmark interest rate of 14% per annum
after the meeting. This, in turn,
may reduce interest in the ruble and
denominated assets, thanks to which
Russian currency is confident enough
It rose in price in recent days. Expensive oil will keep
weakening of the ruble, but not today or tomorrow
excluded as large point
corporate currency sales that can
slow the negative trend.

Calculations for exporters
tax on mineral extraction
completed today, their volume of experts
Reuters estimated at 170-290 billion

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Gold moved down and is held in

Gold moved down and is held in the neighborhood of $ 1185 under pressure from the Fed, China and Greece

Gold on Tuesday froze in the zone where withdrew in early trading: to 10.38
August futures worth US $ 1 185,60
per troy ounce. Gold fluctuates
very quiet trading. yesterday's loss
saved, and neither lower nor higher precious
metal does not go away.

mass exodus of investors from the activation "asylum"
It was triggered by a general optimism
on the Greek question. increased stock
markets grew euros - respectively, fell
gold, as is usual in such

the metal in the past few days have seen
modest support in the face of recalcitrant
Greeks, but now appears to be the default
delayed and stopped quotes
waiting for news. Other factors
Gold can not be considered bullish.
Physical demand remains sluggish,
the trend outflow of exchange-traded funds are not
stops, industrial production in
China and Japan is slowing down (and after
This may slow down and the demand for
gold). But the most important fundamental
factor affecting the gold, still
It is the prospect of growth in the Fed rate.
This will raise the dollar and push forward
on non-interest assets - such as
precious metals.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Market Time Pad

Market Time Pad

Market Time Pad

Indicators displayed during major trading markets in the world. It also shows the current session.

Very easy to use. It does not take up much space on the chart.

It can be used together with advisers and other panels such as VirtualTradePad.

Version with a classic display.

Version with digital display - Digit Market Time Pad

You can also try to watch the data for the terminal MetaTrader 4: Digits Market Time Pad.

Other features:

  • The input parameters option: Show \ Hide tips when you hover over a button, as well as English / Russian language tips;

  • Close button - leads to the completion of the program;

  • Close Button \ Open - turns \ panel unfolds on the chart;

  • You can move the graph panel. To do this, click on the top panel of the line next to the Close button and the Close, and drag the toolbar to place convenient for you.

Market Time Pad

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  • ChannelTrend MT5

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  • Impostol MT5

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

MT4 Drawer Demo

MT4 Drawer Demo

This demo version of MT4 Drawer. It only tools available "Triangle" and "Line".

This tool allows you to draw on the chart using keyboard shortcuts. It also provides some custom drawing tools for your convenience.

You can adjust the 3 options for each tool, which can be selected from the panel. It is also possible to specify up to 10 shortcut keys that are missing a step with the panel and immediately go to the drawing.

Supported types of tools:

  • Advanced Pattern - draws two triangles

  • Risk Reward - draws two rectangles and represents the ratio of risk to reward

  • Arrow - Arrow

  • Triangle - Triangle

  • Line - Line

  • Ray - Ray

  • Rectangle - Rectangle

  • Sphere - Sphere

  • Fibonacci Retracement - Fibonacci Lines

  • Fibonacci Extension - Fibonacci extension level

  • Label - Text label with text

  • Text - text to input text

  • Vertical Line - Vertical Line

  • Horizontal Line - Horizontal line

  • Channel - Channel

  • Trend By Angle - Trendline by angle

  • Linear Regression - Linear Regression

  • Standard Deviation - Standard deviation

  • Gann Line - Line Gann

  • Gann Fan - Gann

  • Gann Grid - Grid Gann

  • Fibonacci Time Zones - Fibonacci Time Zones

  • Fibonacci Fan - Fan Fibonacci

  • Fibonacci Arcs - Fibonacci Arcs

  • Fibonacci Channel - Channel Fibonacci

  • Andrews Pitchfork - Pitchfork

  • Cycle Lines - Cycle Lines


MT4 drawer

  • Default snapping sensitivity (pixels) (default: 10) - If the distance between the point object graphics and High / Low does not exceed the specified value, then the point will bind to the High / Low. For each tool, you can customize your own level of sensitivity. If the sensitivity of the instrument is set to 0 - this value is used.


  • Show dashboard key (default: D) ​​- key to display the panel.

  • Dashboard driver (default: Label dashboard driver) - Display Panel Type: no comments or tags.

Display Settings panel

  • Title color (default: DarkSlateGray) - color of the title bar

  • Text color (default: DimGray) - Text color (name of instrument) panel

  • Key text color (default: Red) - Text color (designated keys) panel

Other parameters are used to set the shortcut keys, select the option keys, tools selection keys and all available configuration options (3 variants) for each instrument.

additional notes

  • press the Escape key to cancel the drawing.

  • You can enter text in the Label and Text tools before clicking on the chart to maintain their position.

    • To switch between (a / A), once press Shift key (acts as Caps Lock).

    • To enter a space, use the Ctrl key (key "Space" starts the search team in MT4).

    • You do not need to delete the text "Type text ...". Just start typing.

  • If you choose to draw, it will appear on the graph only after you move the mouse pointer (due to restrictions MT4).

  • This indicator does not work in the Strategy Tester, because it uses the event schedule to respond to keystrokes (event schedule is not yet available in the strategy tester).

  • To turn off panel cleaning tools, which do not use (install them key to "Disabled" value).

If you find any bugs, or if you have any feature requests, please leave a comment.

MT4 Drawer Demo

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bloomberg five main themes of

Bloomberg: the five main themes of this Friday, from Yanis Varoufakis to Nasdaq

It lists the main events,
which will be remembered for today's market
Friday: Yanis Varoufakis harshly treated
Riga, the German IFO cheer
Markets, Nasdaq is on
historical highs and something else.

  • Greek
    Minister been ostracized.
    for the other euro-zone finance ministers
    We arrived in the capital of Latvia, to
    to discuss the Greek crisis. And one by one
    others are quietly but firmly doubted
    in the success of the talks. but
    when they entered the meeting room, it seems,
    The situation was no longer calm. Janis
    Yanis Varoufakis was heavily criticized
    by their frustrated colleagues.
    I updated the historical record.
    Less than 15 years since,
    the bursting of the dotcom bubble. Towards a new milestone
    Apple's revenues come help, because
    23% of the growth in the Nasdaq
    Last year brought only one
    this company.
  • HSBC
    is looking for a new home:
    Britain was unkind
    Europe's largest bank
    I began to consider different
    options on where to place your
    headquarters. From the UK bank,
    rumored to be looking to get away from the growth
    administrative pressure.
  • German
    business confident.
    IFO indicator of business confidence
    Germany in April reached 10-month
    maximum. The index increases the sixth consecutive month and showed
    the value of 108.6 against 107.9 in March.
  • Deal
    Comcast - Time Warner will not take place.
    According to informed sources,
    Comcast really
    plans to abandon the transaction on
    merger with Time Warner in price
    $ 45.2 billion.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On Monday European indexes fell

On Monday, European indexes fell

Another setback in
negotiations on the Greek question
a negative impact on European
benchmarks on Monday.
Stoxx Europe 600 down
1.6%. FTSE 100 lost
1.1%; CAC 40 - 1.75%;
DAX weakened by
1.89%. Predictably collapsed Greek
ASE (minus
4.7%) in the lead of incidence - the major banks.
Alpha Bank AE and
Pireaus Bank lost 9% of its capitalization.

discussion of the Greek issue postponed
on June 18, when the meeting
Eurogroup and Greece are invited
most take the first step to compromise.
The largest German retailer Metro
AG lost 4.7%: it sells
its network of Galeria Kaufhof Canadian
Company Hudson's Bay Co for
2.83 billion euros.

EasyJet airline in
RBC Capital Markets lowered
to "underperform", so the company
It lost 2.3%.

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Monday, September 4, 2017



The strategy is based on the breakdown of support and resistance levels. As a certain distance of the price movement the robot all the time keeps the pending order to the sample and as soon as he gets on one of the support or resistance levels pending order is triggered immediately. This method of operation eliminates the possibility of slippage at the time of order opening. 

The work is conducted strictly according to the trend of foot - warrants pending orders are always set in points, but as soon as the pending orders are triggered stop - orders can be moved depending on the robot configuration. There are four options for billing stop - orders at the points of the candles, and with a choice of two indicators. By default, the stop - orders will be placed on the candles.

The strategy works since 2008, until that time, the strategy did not correspond to market conditions.

  • Robot multicurrency and can work simultaneously on ten currency pairs

  • Does not accumulate drawdown, always use protective orders


  • Symbols - number of active pairs from 1 to 10 as a drop-down list:

    • One_pair - a pair

    • Two_pairs - two pairs

    • Three_pairs - three pairs of

    • Four_pairs - four pairs of

    • Five_pairs - five pairs of

    • Six_pairs - six pairs of

    • Seven_pairs - seven pairs

    • Eight_pairs - eight pairs of

    • Nine_pairs - nine pairs

    • Ten_pairs - ten pairs of

  • Tools - a list of six - digit currency pairs installed by default:GBPUSD / EURUSD / USDJPY / USDCHF / USDCAD / AUDUSD / EURJPY / EURGBP / EURCHF. List robot reads from left to right.

  • Tools_2 - a list of the eight - digit currency pairs installed by default:GBPUSD.f / EURUSD.f / USDJPY.f / USDCHF.f / USDCAD.f / NZDUSD.f / AUDUSD.f / EURJPY.f / EURGBP.f /EURCHF.f. List robot reads from left to right.

  • Tools_3 -Arbitrary list if your currency pairs do not match the above pairs of the number of characters in the symbol list the them here through the sign - / - (no dashes). It is important that the same number of marks has been in all the characters and to the number of characters does not coincide with the above listed symbols otherwise the robot will first read the list of the correct starting from the list - Tools.

Attention: in the symbol list, which is given above, absolutely can not prescribe the symbols with a different number of characters. Let's say, EURUSD It has 6 signs, and _EURUSD already has 7 marksGOLD It has 4 signs and so on. If you properly complete this list, starting from the middle, then the sale will be conducted on the first read symbols to error. If you make a mistake from the very beginning of the list, then the robot will trade on the current character.

  • Step - the distance from the price at which the robot will hold the pending order to change this setting strongly affects the result of trade

  • Magic - expert (ID) stamp

  • StopLoss - the level of protective stop orders in points

  • RiskPercent - the risk for auto money management

  • Slippage - the maximum deviation from the asking price

  • TrailStart - distance from the order in which the switched trawl stops

  • NoLoss - distance from the order in which the stop - warrant moves to level bezubytka

  • MinProfitNoLoss - minimum profit when transferring orders to breakeven

  • UseTime - time trade (using server time)

  • BeginTime - trade start

  • EndTime - trade completion

  • CloseTime - close orders by timeout (recommended)

  • Spread - the maximum spread

  • Period_SAR - The period of the indicator 

  • SARStep - step 

  • SARMaximum - maximum 

  • UseBands = I use Bollinger Bands indicator

  • Period_Bollinger = Period of the indicator

  • BandsPeriod = Number of bars for the calculation

  • BandsDeviation = deviation

  • Comments - output information to schedule

  • CloseAll - close all the orders and ban on trade


  • Recommended use VPS. According to the strategy, the robot must have a stable connection to the server

  • Recommended currency pairs are registered by default

  • Recommended time schedule - H1


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Friday, September 1, 2017



in a separate window indicator shows an open transaction.

You can easily keep track of your position on:

  1. symbol

  2. number

  3. Opening of the transaction for the purchase / sale

  4. Arrived


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