Tuesday, July 31, 2018

IndexAI MT4

IndexAI MT4

Trading, especially scalping is becoming increasingly difficult, as all control of the market, more and more electronic trading systems.

For this reason, it became difficult to create a truly successful advisors.

IndexAI optimized for trading indices, especially "German30" and "Euro-STOXX-50."

Advisor takes care of your capital all year round, making several transactions every month. The strategy is to maintain constant performance with the help of a small number of successful open trades.

It combines several technical indicators (e.g., MACD), and further compares the different periods.

Description parameter

  • StopLoss - Stop Loss

  • Lots - the lot size

  • PowerFact - force multiplier for the technical indicators

  • EmailAlerts - send messages to email

  • StartTime - the start of trade

  • EndTime - during the Trade Deadline

Increasing the value PowerFact reduces the number of orders and increase profit factor. To optimize the advisor for a specific index, change the value PowerFact and StopLoss.

testing advisor

Test results on a demo account and a real account can be very different. To obtain reliable results, it is recommended to test the EA on real account. Make sure to use the correct value of the spread, especially when testing over the weekend, do not use the "current" spread. If you need historical data can be downloaded from the website www.histdata.com. Ensure the correctness of the time zone when importing data in the terminal MetaTrader 4. All times are historical data - Eastern Time Zone (Eastern Standard Time, EST). For example, the offset for CET - 5 hours. Symbol for German30 on http://www.histdata.com site is GRXEUR.

Example parameters for GER30:

PowerFact: 5, StopLoss: 60, StartTime: 08:05 (CET), EndTime: 18:00 (CET), Lots: 1 to deposit 10.000 EUR

Example parameters for EURO STOXX 50:

PowerFact: 1, StopLoss: 30, StartTime: 08:05 (CET), EndTime: 18:00 (CET), Lots: 5 to deposit 10.000 EUR

Example parameters for NASDAQ100:

PowerFact: 1, StopLoss: 30, StartTime: 08:05 (CET), EndTime: 18:00 (CET), Lots: 0.5 to deposit 10.000 EUR

IndexAI MT4

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