Thursday, July 19, 2018

Triple trading system selectionThree

Triple trading system selection / Three GBPJPY screen, D1 - long term.

GBPJPY, D1 - long term.

Forecast on tool GBPJPY. choose such periods for analysis: long-term and medium-term. Over the long term we take the period D1 schedule - day. Over the medium term, take the H1 chart period.

Indicators used:

  • Duct Elder envelope channel indicator with an averaging time of 13
  • Indicator Strength Index (Force Index, FRC) with a period averaging and smoothing 2 "Exponential".
  • Technical Indicator convergence / divergence moving average (Moving Average Convergence / Divergence, MACD)

Triple trading system selectionThree

On the long run channel up direction, after reaching the midline on the cost the long run, move on to the analysis of the average period - H1 to enter search BUY.


As expected D1 long term the price dropped to the middle line of the channel. Means can proceed to analyze the average period - H1.

Triple trading system selectionThree

In the medium term - H1 waiting when Foece indicator (2) drops below the zero line. After that, the bar where the indicator drop below the zero line, place a pending buy order.


On the medium term Force indicator (2) has dropped below the zero line, and you can now place a pending buy order:

Triple trading system selectionThree

When the pending order will not work and Force indicator (2) again falls below the zero line, will stir a pending order below.


While maintaining the channel direction up to the long term, on the medium term Force indicator (2) once again dipped below the zero line. Above the bar, which Firce indicator (2) has dropped below the zero line once the pending order to buy has been exposed:

Triple trading system selectionThree

A little later, the pending order is triggered.


Force (2), the indicator dropped below the zero line and over that bar put a pending order to buy.


Pending order to buy did not work, but the Force indicator (2) was again below the zero line, and therefore the pending order has been moved below:

Triple trading system selectionThree

Position is closed to achieve to limit losses limit (protective stop at the minimum of the previous day).

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