Wednesday, July 25, 2018

FxConnect Basic Slave Free vers

FxConnect Basic Slave Free version

FxConnect Slave - is the adviser for the subordinate accounts.

FxConnect Slave is part of the software package FxConnect
to replicate transactions in the accounts using the MetaTrader platform.

FxConnect Slave copies the new transactions and changes to the slave account.

The basic version of the copy of the transaction at a rate of 1 to 15 seconds.

Free basic version of the program is identical to the paid, but has the following limitations:

  • Lot Size - 0.01
  • The maximum number of open orders - 3

Free version is intended solely for testing within a few days.
This program controls various types of orders:

  • order BUY / SELL

Basic settings advisor:

  • ProviderKey: key provider to connect to the channel on
    which is a basic account to copy the actions of the main
  • OpenNewTrades (True / False) :. when setting False, the adviser will
    only manage existing transactions and will not open new
  • Use Backup mode (True / False): use of the reserve mode when copying transactions
  • BackupFreqSec: refresh rate in seconds for replication orders from the main account
  • MaxPipsDiff: maximum difference between the price on your platform
    and the opening price of the main account, in which copying is permitted
    new deals

FxConnect Basic Slave Free vers

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