Wednesday, July 25, 2018

In Manhattan and Dallas were first

In Manhattan and Dallas were first Bitcoin-ATM

The first ATMs
buying Bitcoins opened for
businessmen in Manhattan and Dallas.

Thursday was launched
first in Manhattan Bitcoin-ATM
the historic site - the West Village.
Ceremonial launch prompted machine
a few prying open their
Digital wallets on the spot.

New ATM lets
people exchange notes on the cash
virtual coins for your
Bitcoin wallets.

one big
minus - operation in the ATM can be
produce until just unilaterally
order - that is, cash Bitcoin
in any currency as long as it is impossible. This
opportunity may emerge in the coming
months, while there is no such software
provision that would allow
kibervalyutu exchange for cash,
says founder Zak Harvi.

On the first day of work
ATM 26-year-old co-founder Vahan
Group, a marketing company in Brooklyn,
I bought a $ 20 digital currency using
operation sent via
ATM operator. "That was very
conveniently"- said Nguyen Thanh.

"I wanted to see,
how it worked, and I was with him
some money. It was a relatively
simple transaction", - he said

Of course, at $ 20
You can not buy a lot of Bitcoins when one
this digital coin is worth about $ 522,
according CoinDesk, which tracks prices
digital currency.

Mett Rassel, the operator
new ATM, said that while
it is unclear what will be operational
fee for the use of a gun - rather
likely, it will fluctuate, but will be
not less than 10 per cent of the transaction amount.

ATM, which
It opened earlier this month in Brooklyn,
promises strong commission of 2.95% - it
mounted and installed called CoinCafe
in the old phone booth in offices
Williamsburg on Nassay-Avenue.

People who change
cash for Bitcoins through a bank,
You may have to wait a few
days that the transaction has taken place, but with
ATM it is almost

By the way, in Dallas, too
joined the startup BTCity, and
established Bitcoin-ATM. Popular
way to buy Bitcoins - cash contribution.
But in order to avoid scams and find
the safest way to buy
and sell Bitcoins, you should use

As explained by the founders
Ideas run the Bitcoin-ATM
the original version of the work machine
(When you can only deposit cash)
It is a good guarantee of security
- as the ATM, "two-way" can
It contains hundreds of thousands of dollars and will
be a potential target for hunting
crooks and thieves.

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