Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Point forex

Point (point) forex.

It seemed such a simple question, "What is the point of forex?" Sometimes causes a lot of confusion and more questions, because for each currency pair there is a proper value of the item, as well as its size is affected by other factors.

Point (point) Forex - sometimes called a pip is the last digit in the quote of the currency pair that describes the smallest possible change in the exchange rate against currencies in a currency pair.

If you pay attention to forex quotes, you will notice that each of the tools is the owl number of decimal places, but this factor has absolutely no value, one point will still be equal to the last figure in the record.

For example.

AUDCAD - 1,0596 price increase of 1 point in this case lead to a quotation 1.0597

CADJPY - 92.47 in this case, the change to have touched the second digit after the decimal point.

In addition, the quotation of the currency pair in some cases it may be three to five decimal places.
forex pip value.

When you trade it should be noted that although all of the transaction and have standard amounts, which are measured in lots, but the value of one pip forex for each currency pair will still be different.

So be sure to consider what form of currency this currency pair in the calculation, and if the base currency is always to measure the volume of trade, the value of one point will be calculated depending on the quote. The more weight is given currency, the greater the value of our index.

In addition, we should not forget about the number of characters in the quotation, this factor also has a direct impact on the calculations.

The cost of the same item directly depends on committed volumes, the greater the volume of transactions carried out, the more this indicator.

The simplest example is the calculation of the pair EURUSD, for convenience we take the volume of transactions in 1 lot, or 100,000 of the base currency.

0,0001h100 000 = $ 10

We change to the USDJPY currency pair

0,01h100 000 = 1,000 Japanese yen or US $ 10.55

Try to settle on an expensive currency EURGBP

0,0001h100 000 = £ 10, or about 15.15 US dollars.

As you can see, the Forex pip value affects several indicators - the quote currency, the number of characters in the quotation and the amount of forex lots.

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FOREX Pronoza Pronoza AS WEATHER

FOREX Pronoza Pronoza AS WEATHER (GBP \ USD) Part 2

It may be added that the pair rate is still close to the long-term support level 1.4080, passing through the correctional channel's lower border in the area of ​​which is very likely to rebound the pair, and the resumption of the upward movement. In addition, the currency continued to be in quotes Temporal zone Fibonacci, warning of a significant change in the direction of the price movement of the pair. Well, finally, among the upcoming price movement reversal signals - preserved "bull" divergenceon the weekly chart.

Considering all of the above, in our forecast for the next nedelyupredpolagaem -kratkosrochnoe reduction pair pound \ dollar compared to the previous week low 1.4148.Dalee, expect the resumption of rise of the British currency to the target levels: 1.4268; 1.43; 1.4350; 1.44; 1.4430; 1.4470; 1.45, and possibly higher, for the next key level soprotivleniya1.46.

Near the last price levels, we expect the pair to turn another reduction to the previous local minimum of 1.4080 and below, to the key support level of 1.40.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trade History Statistics

Trade History Statistics

Trade History Statistics It allows you a convenient way to view statistics of your trade in different periods of time

For proper operation of the indicator is required to turn on the entire history of transactions in the terminal settings

Key features:

  • The statistics are displayed in the form of lots of items, currency deposits and interest income

  • statistics filtering on the symbols and the magic number

  • Two modes of calculating the percentage of profit: as an absolute profit, or in the form of compound interest from the reinvestment

  • Two configurable indicator display modes and fast switching between a mouse click on the line titled

  • In each display mode can be individually selected to display periods which

  • In the first mode additionally displays the server time, maximum drawdown on equity, free margin, equity and balance

  • In the second mode can additionally select which columns display profitably

  • You can adjust the width of each column

  • You can think of profit, taking into account the return spread

The wide possibility of visual design:

  • You can customize the colors of the various elements of the indicator. Including the color values ​​of the profit and loss

  • grid display setup, frames, dividing lines and their colors

  • Adjusting the font size, line spacing, and the alignment values ​​in cells

  • Change indicator labels language (English / Russian)

indicator settings

MAIN - basic settings

  • Language - labels display in English or Russian (default English)

  • Indicator Layout - the angle of the indicator window on the graph

  • Horizontal Indicator Offset - horizontal displacement of the window display

  • Vertical Indicator Offset - Vertical displacement of the window display

  • Default Display Mode - a mode indicator will be displayed at the first run

  • Symbol Filter - filter the statistics on symbols

  • Magic Number Filter - filter the statistics on Magic Number

  • Magic Number - by what Magic Number Filter

  • Calculate% Of Profit in - calculation mode percent. (Absolute Gain - Absolute profit. Gain - cumulative profit from compound interest)

  • Alignment in Cell - leveling cell values ​​(to the left, a penny, the right edge)

Periods in Display Mode 1 (Mode 2) - Display modes in periods 1 or 2 (for each mode can be set separately)

  • Current Profit - current profit

  • Today - profit today

  • Yesterday - Profit for the previous day

  • 2 Days Ago - Profit 2 days ago

  • 3 Days Ago - Profit 3 days ago

  • 4 Days Ago - Profit 4 days ago

  • This Week - profit for this week

  • Previous Week - Profit for the previous week

  • This Month - Profit this month

  • Previous Month - Profit for the previous month

  • This Quarter - Profit for the quarter

  • Previous Quarter - Profit for the previous quarter

  • This Year - Profit for the year

  • Previous Year - Profit for the previous year

  • Total Profit - the total profit of all time

Columns In Display Mode 2 - display of columns in the second mode

  • Lots - display column lots

  • Pips - display column paragraphs

  • Profit in Money - display column with profit in the deposit currency

  • Profit in% - display column with percent

Columns Width - The width of the columns

  • Periods - Column Width Periods

  • Lots - Lots Column Width

  • Pips - Column width Paragraphs

  • Profit in Money - The width of the column with a profit in the deposit currency

  • Profit in% - Column Width Percent

Frame, Grid, Lines - Settings box, and grid lines

  • Background Color - the background color of the window

  • Frame - display frame

  • Frame Color - frame color

  • Grid - display grid

  • Grid Color - grid color

  • Vertical Lines - display vertical lines

  • Horizontal Lines - A horizontal line

  • Lines Color - color lines

Text - Text display settings

  • pips Mode - Spread display mode

  • Font - font

  • font Size - font size

  • Line Spacing - line spacing

  • font Color - font color

  • Header Font Color - color of the title text

  • Profit Color - profit color

  • Loss Color - loss of color

  • Server Time Color - color server time

Spread Rebate - spread Returns

  • Calculate With Spread Rebate - considered income based repayment spread

  • Dollars per Lot - how many dollars you get a lot when returning spread

Trade History Statistics


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Monday, November 28, 2016



trade system

EA trades only one day a week - on Monday. The robot opens only one order, if the difference between the closing price of a financial instrument on a Friday and the price of a financial instrument at the time the market opens on Monday, more than a user specified in the settings of the robot size.

Trading strategy is based on the fact that in a relatively short period of time is typically less than a day, the price of a financial instrument is returned to the value that the previous week's trading closed. Order is closed when the set level of income (TakeProfit) Or loss (StopLoss). The lifetime of the warrant is limited, order closes at 23 hours 57 minutes on Monday, if not closed prior to achieve a given level of profit or loss.

There are four settings available, providing four trading tactics:

  1. conservative,
  2. tactics moderate risk to the size of the lot, rising as deposit growth,
  3. aggressive tactics and high-risk trade,
  4. use of tactics based on martingale.

tactic 1. All trades are opened fixed lot size, which always remains constant.

Tactics 2. The lot size is calculated from the formula volume = lot function rounding to the nearest integer below the value (account balance / sto) *0.01. Variable Value sto default is 100, but can be changed by the trader if he wants to carry out more or less risky trade.

Due to the limitation on the number of characters in the description of the information about the other two tactics available upon request.

Work program timeframe - hour (H1).

  • Tactic 1. MM = false and MG = false;

  • Tactics 2. MM = true and MG = false;

  • Tactic 3. MM = true and MG = true;

  • Tactics 4. MM = false and MG = false.

trading robot parameters (one of the possible customization options in parentheses)

Please note that the value of the price gap, the closing level of the profit or loss is defined in absolute terms, not in relative terms (ie not in the form of points).

  • Lot (0.01) - used for trading value of the lot (strategy 1 and 4).

  • StopLoss (0.0300) - closing of the order of reaching the loss level (0.0300 value corresponds points 30, if used four-quotes).

  • TakeProfit (0.0090) - closing of the order reaches the profit level (0.0090 corresponds to the value of 90 points, if you use four-digit quotes).

  • sto (100.0) - a risk factor for the second and third tactics.

  • min_gapsize (0.0030) - the minimum price gap for opening an order.

  • Magic (123) - "magic" (unique) number of orders, exhibited trading robot.

  • MM (true) - a boolean choice of trading strategies.

  • MG (false) - a boolean choice of trading strategies.

  • koeff_mg (1.8) - the magnification factor of the lot size (for tactics 3 and 4).

  • MaxLot (3) - the maximum size of the lot, which may not be exceeded (tactics for 2, 3 and 4).


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Friday, November 25, 2016

Risk control

Risk control (risk management forex).

One of the most important components of forex trading is risk management, and the novice trader, sometimes can not even imagine how important this issue is and how it affects the overall financial result of trade.

Risk Management in Forex involves the use of a set of measures designed to reduce financial losses from the influence of both external and internal factors.

Before you create your should understand management system, what are the risks in forex.

Risk control when trading on the stock exchange may be associated with both not predict changes in exchange rates, and from a purely technical reasons. But the result is at its origin is usually the same - in a loss.
Reduction of technical risks.

This category include all the troubles that arise as a result of failure of commercial equipment, and their not so little:

Interruption of the connection - usually this trouble happens at the crucial moment, so before you start trading think about what you will do if lost communication with the broker. The easiest option is to use a backup terminal on your mobile phone. How to use this option you can read in the article "Mobile Trading Forex."

Hang or hardware failure - you have a broken computer or floating terminal, and the deal remains closed. can be used, if desired, the same recommendation as in the previous case, but you can just phone the broker and manage the trade with a telephone password.

Violations by the broker - this recommendation applies to those who traffic in large amounts, otherwise the time spent on the search for the truth, will cost more than the money returned. For additional safety net, you can create a screenshot after the opening of each transaction, it will serve as an additional argument in the contentious proceedings.
The fight against currency risks.

Fully trade without losses on the stock exchange is simply not possible, but you can try to reduce them to a minimum.

Setting stop-loss - the most simple and yet effective way to reduce losses due to changes in the course. The main benefit from this order immediately when you open the new order. How to set a stop-loss and to determine its size, is described on the link correctly.

Using a minimum of leverage - the less leverage you use for your forex trading, the greater the chance not only to retain the deposit, but also profit.
Conduct a simple experiment, this reduce their leverage, or simply the volume of transactions 10 times, and so traded during the week. And then compare the Profit factor before and after, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Trade with the trend - a capital axiom, which is required to follow always, since that would trade on the correction required a lot of experience and endurance. So what for once again to expose their money to risk.

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Basis points

Basis points (basis point).

The definition of the basic points can have several meanings, depending on the application, and a recording method.

Basis points (basis point) - this is the last digit in recording interest rates of banks or quotations in forex trading, which is why it may have different meanings, depending on how many digits after the decimal point is used.

Do not confuse this concept with interest, the calculation of which is always held on the same circuit.

In banking practice, rates are usually recorded as 15.01, or in rare cases such as 15.1. When you change one item in the first bet will be equal to 15.02, and the second 15.2.

A two-digit value is used in the rate of the National bank, and one decimal place you can see, when it comes to lending rates.

In the forex market basis point is used in the foreign exchange quotations, but here as well, not all clear, since most of the quotations recorded as a four values, and those that include our Japanese yen, served in two-digit form.

In this case, the basic point is:

EUR / GBP 0,8412 fourth digit after the decimal point, or one ten thousandth, so if it sounds a message that the course changed by 100 points it's only reports the change to the one-hundredth.

EUR / JPY 120,07 second digit after the decimal point or one-hundredth.

It is for this reason, you should consider the definition of basis points, depending on the application. How much is 1 pip Forex you can find on this link.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A currency pair

A currency pair (Currency Pair)

All operations in the forex market is usually written with the help of the currency pairs, such an approach can significantly simplify the external perception and at the same time to reduce the record itself.

The currency pair (Currency Pair) - skrashennaya record relationships rates of the two currencies, a special letter ISO code consists of three letters used in the recording. Typically, this record is made in the form AUDCAD or AUD / CAD, both versions are correct.

This approach reduces the recording of quotations and is easier for quick perception of the trader or bank employee.

A currency pair consists of two currencies, one of which is a base, and the other plays the role of the quote, for example, in the pair USD / JPY US dollar / Japanese yen, the US dollar is the base currency and the yen quoted.

In addition, each pair has a few basic indicators:

• quotes course - can be defined as one indicator, and two, if you talk about the rate of the Central Bank it is a single value. The same is the case if a commercial rate of a particular currency pair already used purchases and sales figures.

For example, the Central Bank today set the dollar-ruble exchange rate USD / RUB at the level of 30.00 rubles for one dollar, in the same case when it comes to forex exchange, you already will see the message - USD / RUB Bid 29,00 Ask 31,00 of this record can be judged that the US dollar buying at 29.00 rubles, and sold at 31.00 rubles, the difference between the two rates is called the spread.

• Spread - the difference between buying and selling of base currency in a currency pair, usually the commission broker in currency exchange transactions (bank or broker).

• Direct or reverse - if the currency pair USD / RUB is a direct quotation, which shows how many rubles give for a dollar, then everything is clear, but sometimes you want to express, and an inverse relationship, how many dollars are available for one ruble, in this case, a reverse quotation RUB / USD (in practice, such a record is not commonly used).

The underlying asset in a currency pair can act as a tool and as precious metals, in this case, you come across a recording XAU / USD, XAG / USD, where in the first case shows the ratio of gold to the US dollar, while the second silver.

Currency pairs are a universal tool that is not only used when trading in the forex market but also on other currency markets.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016



input parameter counted_bars It determines how many bars will be visible indicator line.

input parameter barsNum - the period for calculation of line.

  • If the closing price of the previous bar is located above the upper line, you can open a long position.

  • If the closing price of the previous bar is located below the bottom line, you can open a short position.

  • If the current price is between the lines, you should wait.


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EA Hard war Bears and Bulls

EA Hard war Bears and Bulls

Advisor trades using indicators Hard scalper and War Bears and
Bulls. Trend indicator is calculated War Bears and
Bulls, and the accuracy of the corrected signal indicator Hard scalper. Commercial performed at different time frames, starting and ending with M1 D1. Depending on the timeframe following trading strategies are applied: scalping, short and medium term.

If you enable the "Martingale" system, the trades are entered in steps
"Step_Orders", thus reducing the size of the "TakeFulls" increments
"Step_changes_Take_Fulls". This helps to quickly get out of the drawdown. "Martingale" system in the EA is mainly used only
to gradually increase the load on the deposit, and for optimum
profit from the market.

It is recommended to include several currency pairs, taking into account the
deposit size of 3 to 000 units of one currency pair (for Lots = 0.1 and
Leverage 500: 1). An advisor can enable the initial stop-loss
(To do so ProfitTrailing to false) and ask TrailingStop,
whose size can be varied from 100 to 1000 points (all
five-digit setting).

  • Advisor makes automatic reinvested (increase initial lots) with increasing deposit.

  • Use a different currency pairs, optimizing the size and volatility of the spread.


  • Timeframe_indicators - setting a timeframe of some indicators. Default - 30 minutes (15, 60, 240 minutes).

  • PeriodiWPR - period indicator Williams Percent Range. Default - 18 (from 5 to 100).

  • PeriodiCCI - period Commodity Channel Index indicator. Default - 7 (5 to 100).

  • Close_Anti_Signal - closing orders on the opposite signal - at a value of True. Default - False.

  • Martingale - "Martingale" block inclusion. Default - True (True - enabled, False - off).

  • Deposit - the establishment of the initial deposit, helps with reading standards reinvestment. Default - 3 000 units.

  • Trade_in_fri - resolution of trade on Friday. Default - True (True - allow, False - disable).

  • CurSymbolOnly - allow the average position of only one character at a value of True (False - averages all positions in the terminal).

  • Loss_Orders - averaging value for a total negative result. Default - 9000 points (from 100 to 9000 points).

  • Take_Fulls - averaging value for a total positive result. Default - 150 points (from 10 to 9000 points).

  • Step_changes_Take_Fulls - step size reduction averaging with an increasing number of transactions. Default - 70 points (from 0 to 100 points).

  • AllPositions - Thrall allow all positions in the terminal at True (False - only position one character).

  • ProfitTrailing - allow to set a stop-loss with trallingom only arrived at True (False if the stop loss is established at the opening of transactions).

  • TrailingStop - trailing stop. Default - 80 points (from 60 to 1000 points).

  • TrailingStep - Trailing Stop step. Default - 50 points (from 10 to 1 000 points).

  • UseSound - sound trallinga with True (False - disables the sound when moving the trailing stop).

  • Multiplication_Lots - bid multiplier at Martingale. Default - 1.8 (1 to 10).

  • Lots - Lot initial order. Default - 0.3 (0.01 to 100).

  • MaximalLot - the highest possible auction trading. Default - 3 (1 to 100).

  • TakeProfit - the purpose of profit orders. Default - 200 points (100 to 9000 points).

  • Level_Stop_Martingale - drawdown level at which operation is stopped "Martingale" block. Default - 40 (from 5 to 100).

  • Step_Orders - step opening deals at Martingale. Default - 30 points (from 10 to 1 000 points).

  • Quantity_Orders - the maximum possible number of transactions in the Martingale. Default - 12 (0 to 100).

  • Equity_Stopping - closing deals in excess of the level of equity. True - enabled, False - off.

  • Total_Equity_Risk - level resolution by equity in which all transactions are closed. Default - 20 (10 to 100%).

  • Magic - Order ID. Default - 444 (select any sequence of digits).

EA Hard war Bears and Bulls

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Monday, November 21, 2016

OPEC has not yet made decision

OPEC has not yet made a decision on a meeting with non-cartel

Organization nefteeksportorov Countries (OPEC) has not yet set the date of the meeting with Russia and other countries that are not members of the cartel, to discuss ways to support oil prices, said two members of OPEC.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday that Russia is ready for such a meeting and is open to cooperation with the OPEC countries and the states which are not members of the cartel.

"OPEC nothing. It is not decided"- said one of the participants in the cartel, referring to the possibility of meeting in February. Previously, the willingness to her said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

"We have already had two meetings. We discussed the market, but concrete steps are not followed", - he said.

Another representative of OPEC said that there is little point in such a meeting, as long as the organization has not developed a common position on quota production.

"Some of the OPEC countries are not sure what needs to be done at a meeting with non-member countries of OPEC. If the meeting will be held without results, we will have big problems in the market, the price will go down".

OPEC members Venezuela, whose economy is collapsing due to low oil prices, has called for an emergency meeting, but the idea was coldly received by the other members of the organization.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Negative interest rates mean that

Negative interest rates mean that the Bank of Japan is the currency war - Kuroda

TOKYO (Reuters) - The Central Bank is not engaged in a currency war, introducing negative interest rates, said the head of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda, stressing that this measure is aimed at stimulating the economy by lowering the cost of credit.

He also reiterated that the Bank of Japan is determined to further reduce interest rates or the expansion of asset buying, if the risks will threaten the timely achievement of a 2 per cent inflation target.

"Unlike the Fed, the European Central Bank or any other major Central Bank, the Bank of Japan is not aimed at the exchange rates determining monetary policy, - Kuroda said in a speech in parliament. - Reducing interest rates and the yield curve, we hope to reduce real interest rates to stimulate consumption and investment".

The Bank of Japan unexpectedly set the key rate at minus 0.1 percent on Friday, shocking investors another bold maneuver, aimed at reviving the country's economy in the face of market volatility and a slowdown in global growth.

Many analysts have considered this decision an attempt to prevent the yen's rise as a safe Japanese currency jumped to an annual peak of the dollar in the past month amid widespread risk aversion.

Kuroda rejected the view that the regulator step was aimed at weakening the yen, adding that no major central bank will not participate in a competitive currency devaluation.

"If someone thinks that the major central banks are pursuing a policy (to join the currency war), then he is mistaken", - he said.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donchian Canal

Donchian Canal

Channel Donchian constructed by taking the highest (maximum of High) and lowest (minimum of Low) rates for the previous period, followed by the designation of the region between them on a chart.

Donchian recommend using your indicator for the daily timeframe with an interval period = 20, other authors suggest experimenting with an interval increasing it.

trading strategy

The tool is purchased (a long position), when the current maximum of its price exceeds the maximum value of the channel, and sell (go short) when the current drops below the minimum of the minimum channel values.

Additional ways to use

Donchian channel - a useful indicator for monitoring the volatility of market prices. If the price is stable, the Donchian channel will be relatively narrow. If the price varies greatly, the Donchian channel will be wider.

Donchian Canal

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016



* Societe Generale - one of France's largest financial conglomerates in Europe. Headquarters - in Paris. Founded in 1864 under the name Societe Generale pour favoriser le developpement du commerce et de l'industrie en France.

Long in the pair EUR / GBP could be the best way to trade is now as Brexit problem comes to the fore in the UK.

As for trading, there is no real change. We remain of shorts in NZD and AUD against the Canadian dollar and a sharp drop in bond yields will help this trend.

Long paired against the yen KRW open for a long time. Short on the CHF / SEK does not work, but we will stick to this position too.

PS: signals are copied, distributed and earn $ -

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Forex Signals

Forex Signals

Deutsche Bank:

Traders should consider selling EUR / SEK this week, according to Deutsche Bank.

DB recommends selling EUR / SEK and target 9.15 and stop at 9.52.


The gap in the EUR / GBP of 0.7750 is needed to signal towards 0.8070 / 0.81.

A breakthrough in the USD / CAD above 1.3910 would lead to 1.4170 and further to 1.4290 / 1.4330 ...

BofA Merrill:

We want to buy USD / CAD on dips. We remain bearish on the CNH and are long on USD / CNH.

PS: signals are copied, distributed and earn $ -

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Stock market Unexpected turn up

Stock market. Unexpected turn up

After the news about the launch (Tuesday night)
North Korea's ballistic missile that flew over Japan, stock
US indexes opened gepom down. That
However, the second half of the day they spent in an uptrend.

Stock market Unexpected turn up

What happened? Stock markets have focused on reducing the likelihood of

raising interest rates in the United States in December
(Currently only 35.8%), falling

the US dollar (which contributes to good
Sales export goods outside the US) and at the same time
relatively stable economic situation in the United States. particularly positive
Tuesday reacted tech stocks and the NASDAQ
(NQ), in particular. Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Friday, November 11, 2016



Do you want to analyze the trading signals from the service? This will cause the script to schedule all transactions. It is enough to press a button on the website "Save history of transactions. Poplozhit report file in the folder ... \ mql4 \ Files. Then run the script check the file name, choose a color for the transactions and, voila! All trades on the chart!

The parameters of 4:

  • file name

  • color for the transactions on purchase

  • color for sale deals

  • Offset GMT


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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Exp TickSniper FULL

Exp TickSniper FULL

This expert is able to capture the rapid movement quotes and currency pair open transaction in the direction of movement. 

All the functions are exactly repeat the functions of the system for MetaTrader 4. There is a stop-loss and take-profit, so the averaging system is involved.

  • Monitoring system of accounts;

  • averaging system for MetaTrader 5.
  • Full version of the system for MT5: Exp-TickSniper MT5 FULL.
  • Full version of the system for MT4: Exp Ticksniper

The demo version of the system to test on a real chart: Exp-TickSniper DEMO.

The tester is not suitable for testing the expert! For technical reasons, the adviser should be checked only in real time.

Main settings:

trading system at the speed of quotes in MetaTrader 4 - MetaTrader 5. The system automatically determines the levels set orders, the rate of receipt of quotations, as well as the distance of additional orders and trailing stop profit.

  • OnlyModify - feature that allows you to work only adviser in tracking mode the current position without opening of the new signals.

  • Timeope - period, in milliseconds, for which the signals are checked advisor. The higher the value, the more signals are generated and the worse quality.

  • DistanceTickSpred - the number of spreads, which must pass price during Timeope, Advisor to the signal generated.

  • TakeProfitTickSpred - the amount of spread of the currency pair to set the total take-profit for all items.

  • DistanceAverageSpred - number spreads the currency pair for additional orders relative to the basic position.

  • TrailingStopaTickSpred - number spreads the currency pair to set trailing stop profit. Once the pair pick a profit greater than or equal TrailingStopaTickSpred (in points), the system will pull the stop-loss following the price. Take profit when it is reset. 

  • LotsMartin - increase following further transactions on the principle of the Martingale.

Common parameters:

fixed lot

Lots (0.01 .........) - setting a fixed bid for all transactions.

This parameter sets the number of lots for bargains. Lot fixed and apply to all transactions. In this case, you must check with the broker minimum allowable lot for the opening of the transaction.

dynamic lot

DynamicLot (true - false), LotBalancePcnt (as a percentage of the free margin).

These settings adjust the automatic calculation and setting of the lot depending on the free margin. For more information, see the article Avtolot (calculation of the current balance of the lot).

expert Hours

OpenHour (in hours), OpenMinute (in minutes), CloseHour (in hours), CloseMinute (in minutes).

These settings govern the range of advisor working time, which is currently only applies to open new positions. Trailing stop to breakeven and the transfer will work regardless of the range.

For example: you want an expert to trade only from 14:00 to 18:35, then the parameters will look like this:

OpenHour = 14, OpenMinute = 0, CloseHour = 18, CloseMinute = 35.

Transactions will be opened only in the range of 14:00 to 18:35, all the rest of the advisor will pass the signals of your strategy.

Stop-loss transactions

StopLoss (0 ...) paragraphs.

This parameter is a stop loss of each position. This is the number of points of loss, in which the transaction will be closed by the server. 0 - disabled, and a stop loss of the transaction will be equal to 0.

This parameter must be put not less than the minimum stop on your server. Otherwise, the expert will give an error 130.

You can also try the Pro version!

Features of version Exp TickSniper PRO FULL

  • PRO Version: has a permanent conversion options for trading

  • PRO Version: has additional settings for Expert Advisor.

  • PRO Version: delay opening deals after the last closing.

The parameters that are available only in version PRO:

  • SpreadToNotTrade - maximum spread at which you want to trade. If the current spread exceeds this value, the adviser will skip signals.

  • PercentDDMAX - maximum drawdown on the account in which the adviser will skip signals for new deals.

  • NoNewPosition_below_MarginLevel - minimum level of margin as a percentage, in which EA will trade. If the margin is below this value, the adviser will pass new signals.

  • SecondsSleepEaAfterClose - the number of seconds of sleep, during which the adviser will pass new signals since the last transaction.


  1. Before you buy, please download the trial version
    advisor and put on a demo or live account for the currency pair USDJPY.
    Check the performance of the system on the server of your broker.
  2. Advisor does not work on all brokers! It depends on the velocity of quotations in the terminal. You can download a demo version.
  3. Advisor does not work on a commission accounts. The Commission can absorb all of the profits. Zero Spread is prohibited to operate the system.
  4. Advisor checked for floating spread. On a fixed spread system may not work properly!
  5. In the tester fixed spread. Therefore, the results in the tester and the actual trading may differ.
  6. adviser
    It is working on reducing and increasing the spread and speed
    receipt of quotations. Therefore, each broker's results can be
  7. Advisor uses averaging and stop loss. averaging
    It operates every 50 spreads from the previous position. Stop-loss =
    250 spreads.
  8. Advisor-scalper: transaction can be closed in the range of 1 - 8,888,888,888 pips.
  9. Recommended deposit - a minimum of $ 100 by 0.01, it is recommended $ 1 000 per 0.01 lots.
  10. count
    the deposit on the basis of tests on the server your broker so
    that he sustained an average annual movement of the currency pair.
  11. Use reinvestment, remove the profit on time, manage their money.
  12. Forex - is the risk. Before you trade in Forex, I advise you to learn the basics of the earnings.
  13. Advisor is fully automatic.
  14. A small deposit - guarantee of a large drawdown.

Exp TickSniper FULL


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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

TradeLeader Indicator

TradeLeader Indicator

Signal indicator, based on the volatility of the asset. It tracks the volume levels of volatility and market movements with the help of the indicator ATR (Average True Range).

TradeLeader clearly shows the time to buy if the sale by asking the support and resistance levels, calculated indicators of WPR (Williams Percent Range) and NRTR (Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse).

Thus, you can easily set a stop-loss and take-profit (if they are used in your trade), noting the support and resistance on the chart.

candle scale It helps you enter the market at the right moment, evaluating the dynamics of the moment.

It works on any assets, currencies, time frames, the Forex or BMF / Bovespa.


Additional calibration is not required, simply enter the calculation of the risk of using the ratio of the take-profit and stop-loss. If desired, you can change the indicator settings.

  • Rate takeprofit x stoploss: the ratio of the take-profit to the stop-loss, the default 0.7, which is 30% of the risk to profits. If you specify a value of 1.0, take profit is the same as the stop-loss, or 50%.

  • WPR period: the period of WPR, default 12.

  • WPR upper: maximum WPR, default -38. The maximum value of the previous n periods. The values ​​range from 0% to 20% indicate that the market is overbought.

  • WPR lower: at least WPR, default -62. The minimum value for the previous n periods. Values ​​ranging from 80 to 100% indicate that the market is oversold.

  • In parameters upper and lower minus sign in the calculation is omitted, but is included in the values ​​of parameters as indicated above.

  • ATR period: the period of the ATR, the default of 120.


  • Buy when receiving a signal for purchase (arrow). Take-profit is celebrated icon sight, is calculated using the risk calculation. However, if you wish, you can continue to keep the deal on the resistance indicator.

  • Sell ​​when receiving a signal for sale (down arrow). Take-profit is celebrated icon sight, as calculated using the risk calculation. Similarly, if you wish, you can continue to keep the deal on the indicator support.

This can be very helpful for beginners who are not familiar with the indicators and graphs.


  • Volatility in the market, for example, during the news may affect the operation of the indicator that is to be expected. Remember that in case of news or for the protection position by turning the stop-loss is not commonly used.

  • In low volume periods it may happen that due to its lack of intended targets can not be achieved. Some strategies may be advantageous to use bezubytka and trailing stop.

  • For scalping, use a smaller timeframe.

  • In normal market conditions, wait for the next candle after the signal to confirm the move.

  • You can use the Bollinger band as a reference point for both the partial realization, and to confirm the level of take-profit or other preferred indicator.

Remember: no one indicator is not 100% wins. Always use common sense.

TradeLeader Indicator

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tiks WPR 4

Tiks WPR 4

Indicator Percentage Range of Williams (Williams' Percent Range,% R), built on tick price chart. When you run the parish, you must wait for calculating an amount of tick data.


  • WPR Period - indicator period.

  • Overbuying level - overbought level.

  • overselling level - oversold level.

  • price mode - the price range of a calculation (can be bid, ask or average)

  • Salculated bar - the number of bars in the chart to calculate the indicator.

Followed parameters governing weight WPR oscillator signal (0 to 100). Their description can be found in the MQL5 Reference section of the oscillator signals Williams Percent Range.

  • The oscillator has required direction - reversal of the oscillator.

  • Reverse behind the level of overbuying / overselling - reversal of the level of overbought / oversold.

  • Divergence of the oscillator and price - divergence.

buffers room: 0 - WPR, 1 - SIGNAL_UP, 2 - SIGNAL_DOWN.

Tiks WPR 4

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EA Voyager

EA Voyager

EA Voyager - skalpingovaya an automatic system, which is designed for day and night trade (during: European, American, Pacific and Asian sessions), and uses a flexible algorithm for managing capital (user-selectable):

  • Trade in one transaction

  • Commercial using averaging

  • Commercial using exponential increase Lot

In this monitoring, you can self-evaluate the effectiveness of EA Voyager

How to trade EA Voyager

Through a series of copyright EA Voyager indicator determines the direction of the major trend and, after waiting for its correction, a deal in the direction of the main trend of the market. In each transaction using Stop Loss, thus preventing significant damage and loss of trading capital!

Also, EA Voyager is used for intelligent trading risk control system that closes a losing trade without waiting for the achievement of the level of Stop Loss if the price turned against an open position.

By default, the EA Voyager set parameters for testing and trading on the currency pair USD / JPY (timeframe - M5)

Recommended conditions of use EA Voyager

  • The minimum deposit - $ 100 (per each currency pair)

  • Currency pairs: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, XAU / USD

  • Timeframe: M5

  • Types of accounts for trading: ECN and STP

Parameter description EA Voyager manual adjustment

Trading Parameters

  • MaxSpread - filter maximum spread

  • ReversSignal (true / false) - trade in both directions (on / off)

  • StepPrice - tick to open a new transaction

  • Size_Stop_Loss - the size of stop-loss in points

  • Size_Take_Profit - size take-profit in points

  • Size_Lot_1 - the size of the first transaction

MM_Parameters 0 - off, 1 - On the transaction, 2 - By series

  • MM_Method - choice of method of money management

  • MM_Risk - option of automatic calculation of risk

  • Lot_Exponent - option to increase trading lot

  • Max_Deals - the maximum number of open trades at the same time

  • Magic_Number - identification number of the transaction

Trading Channel # 1

  • Channel_Period - during shopping channel

Indicator of rotation # 1

  • Period_Rotation - time indicator of price reversal

  • Bulls_Level - turn the level up

  • Bears_Level - level turn down

Indicator of market power # 1

  • Period_Power - period of market strength indicator

  • Level_Power - level of market power

Indicator of risk # 1

  • Risk_Period - period risk indicator

  • Bears_Risk - level sales

  • Bulls_Risk - level shopping

Trend Indicator # 1

  • Indicator (true / false) - use the trend indicator (on / off)

  • Size_Trend - size trend

  • Size_S - shift parameter

  • Size_T - parameter deviations

  • Size_P - averaging parameter

  • Trend_Deviation - setting the trend in volatility

Trading Channel # 2

  • Channel_Period_1 - during shopping channel

Indicator of rotation # 2

  • Period_Rotation_1 - time indicator of price reversal

  • Bulls_Level_1 - turn the level up

  • Bears_Level_1 - level turn down

Indicator of market power # 2

  • Period_Power_1 - period of market strength indicator

  • level_Power_1 - level of market power

Indicator of risk # 2

  • Risk_Period_1 - period risk indicator

  • Bears_Risk_1 - level sales

  • Bulls_Risk_1 - level shopping

Trend Indicator # 2

  • Indicator_1 - use the trend indicator (on / off)

  • Size_Trends_1 - size trend

  • Trend_Deviation_1 - setting the trend in volatility

Trading Channel # 3

  • Channel_Period_2 - during shopping channel

Trading Channel # 3

  • Period_Rotation_2 - time indicator of price reversal

  • Bulls_Level_2 - turn the level up

  • Bears_Level_2 - level turn down

Indicator of market power # 3

  • Period_Power_2 - period of market strength indicator

  • Level_Power_2 - level of market power

Indicator of risk # 3

  • Risk_Period_2 - period risk indicator

  • Bears_Risk_2 - level sales

  • Bulls_Risk_2 - level shopping

Start / Stop_EA

  • Start_after_market_open_minutes - Delay the start of trading after the market opened (in minutes)

  • Friday_Stop - trade end time on Friday

  • Friday_Close - closing deals on Friday

EA Voyager

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Monday, November 7, 2016

AUDUSD after performance of heads

AUD / USD: after the performance of heads of the RBA and the Fed


the speech of the Reserve Bank of Australia Glenn Stevens in Parliament
It reaffirmed the central bank's penchant for monetary easing

But, according to Stevens, the central bank will take time to assess
the current situation in the Australian economy against the background of instability in world markets.

The two-day
the speech of the Fed's Janet Yellen is not a joke alarmed investors.

It has increased dramatically in price, surpassing the mark of $ 1260.00 per ounce.

the mood in the market increased after D.Yellen said on Thursday that the Fed
I consider the idea of ​​negative short-term interest rates. In a speech
D.Yellen caught investors signals the increasing uncertainty about the prospects of Fed
the world economy.

market participants reinforced the view that the Fed can and does suspend
program of tightening monetary policy in the US. In this case,
other central banks, which carry out a soft monetary policy,
there will be more arguments in the direction of further easing.

Stevens said, the global economic outlook is worse than 3-6 months
ago, and the situation in China is of great concern.

also he noted that the issue is not whether to raise rates, but in the
or wait for lower rates in the near future.

It should be reminded,
that the next meeting of the RBA is scheduled for March 1. However, to predict
the subsequent behavior of the pair AUD / USD may not be easy. Before as
fall, AUD / USD pair may respond to a serious increase in the RBA decision on
lower interest rates, as has already happened more than once in recent years.

AUDUSD after performance of heads


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Thursday, November 3, 2016

AUTOMATIC Forex trading

AUTOMATIC Forex trading

Did you know that in Forex, you can quickly put together yourself
state? You do not know how to trade the forex market? Did you know that 2/3
traders sell not their own, and advisors hands. So called
Automatic Forex trading market.

The more convenient a
way of working?

First, do not need to have special knowledge and experience,
to trade successfully.

Second, trade with the help of special programs does not
opportunity to show the human factor - the excitement and panic.

automated trading programs have been developed on the basis of
real experience trading clients.
Program (or advisors) use different modules, which are analyzed and
processed indicators and forex charts. There are many programs,
every year there are updates to them, allowing you to improve work

You need to download the program,
installed on your computer, adjust its parameters and you can start in the world
Forex! Any special knowledge of the program requires. Due to the active
advertising that literally guarantees good earnings trader
automated trading has become very popular lately. And many
beginners forex market players no longer puzzled
Choosing a good counselor, not getting new knowledge and experience in the work.

Is a program advisor can become a panacea for
traders in Forex? Of course, it is convenient that the use of software releases
trader from direct sitting in front of a computer monitor. Program
works by well-selected algorithm and parameters trade deal, does it
around the clock and very precisely, what exactly is superior to man.

Before purchasing the program is to carefully examine the information
about it: its profitability, on what
instruments and time intervals it can work. Better and explore its
in demo mode and self-test it on a demo account.

However, one of the most successful traders in the Russian forex
Alexander says Gerchik and disadvantages of working with an advisor:

Thus, automatic forex trading does not take into account (a
therefore, may not respond correctly) on the news and publishing data
economic indicators, rumors and expectations of the market.

With this method it is impossible to make a trade
fundamental analysis and many other types of analysis.

Advisor unprofitable to use in unusual situations
On the market. Such programs are traded on a particular market type, but the type of market and
his character just had to identify the person setting up the program advisor.

Most often, given enough experience on auto
trade in the forex market and understand the trading strategies trader
gradually comes to self-trade. Another good option
work is a combination of forex advisor with manual trading. here
trader has himself determines the type of market and his character, decides whether it is possible in this
situation to use the adviser, and when the need - to change the parameters of
programs. Those. bdit and again for bdit advisor! And also - increase their
knowledge and skills to use Adviser was effective.

Julius I..

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016



LED displays random fractals and support / resistance levels constructed from them. Using an indicator you see a clearer picture of the market and can easily implement strategies to breakdown or rebound from the level.

Flexible configuration and intelligent selection of levels simplifies the analysis of price movements and facilitate the construction of graphic shapes.

Item display

properties of fractals

  • BARS_BEFORE - the number of bars to the extremum, that is to the left of the central candle fractal.

  • BARS_AFTER - the number of bars after the extremum, that is, the right of the central candle fractal.

Level select

  • NEAR_POINTS - the minimum distance from the opening price to the nearest level.

  • MEDIUM_POINTS - the minimum distance from the proximal to the average level.

  • MEDIUM_GAP - the minimum distance between a fractal medium level and following it.

  • FAR_POINTS - the minimum distance between the middle and distal level.


  • SHOW_BARS - number of last bars, over which are calculated and displayed levels.

  • UPPER_ARROW, LOWER_ARROW - can set a character code from the set of "wingdings" to display the upper and lower fractals.

  • NEAR_ARROW, MEDIUM_ARROW, FAR_ARROW - similarly define the characters to display levels of color elements are configured in the "Colors" tab of the standard.


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