Friday, May 5, 2017

Easy Trader EA

Easy Trader EA

Robot Day Trading Easy Trader EA

This EA is designed to trade a couple USDCHF on the chart H1. In fact, it is not profitable to any other schedule or timeframe.

This is completely automated trading robot with a small number of settings, not to confuse new traders.

He uses price action and math to calculate the best point to enter the market in the direction of the current short-term trend. For calculations automatic profit-taking indicators are used.

Easy Trader EA does not load the processor, memory, your broker's server and your internet traffic.

The adviser usually closes the position on the same day that opened, but sometimes keeps the open positions for a few days.

It trades infrequently. He makes an average of 1 - 2 trades per week.

This EA is always open market orders with a stop-loss and take-profit. Your profit protected automatic profit-taking.

Business operations are mainly carried out during the London trading session. Namely, from 7:00 to 13:00 according to GMT. This adviser works best with brokers who have the server time is set to GMT + 2.

Features Trading Robot

  • Price action

  • income protection

  • not scalping

  • without martingale

  • The algorithm is not based on indicators

  • Easy to use

  • Do not load the computer

  • Do not load the connection broker

  • No special requirements for brokers

  • It does not require a VPS

  • Protect account

  • Concealed stop-loss - in case, if you believe in hunting for stop-loss


  • GMT_Offset - offset GMT, default 2. Set time your broker server, if it is different.

  • MagicNumber - magic number adviser.

  • Lots - lot size, default 0.01

  • AutoMoneyManagement - Automatic money management, default is set true, which overrides Lots. When installing false, the volume of transactions will be equal Lots.

  • AccountPercentToRisk - the percentage of the account risk, default 5. If AutoMoneyManagement is true, the transaction volume is calculated using AccountPercentToRisk. Maximum permissible risk robot is 20% of the available funds.

  • Stop_Loss - stop loss, default 126.

  • Real_Stop_Loss - the actual stop-loss, the default 120. This option is hidden from the broker.

  • Take_Profit - take profit, default 120.

  • FridayEveningClose - closed on Friday evening, the default - false. Set true, if the position should not be held over the weekend.

  • MaxSpread - maximum spread, default 2. This robot will not be open long positions if the current spread is greater than the specified maximum.

  • Slipagge - slippage, default 1. This robot will not open the position if the price difference is more than the specified maximum.

  • ECN - true by default. The robot will send the stop-loss and take-profit to the server after the opening position. Set to false, if your broker does not require it.

  • Auto_ProfitLock - automatic profit-taking, default true. Advanced empirical calculation of profit levels.

Easy Trader EA

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