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Profitable trading system

Profitable trading system

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I decided to write a short article about system trading, because explore different approaches to work in the financial markets, I came to the conclusion that this is the most reliable way to trade on the exchange. And over the past 5 years of work in that mode, I have no doubts about this approach to the market.

Of course, I do not deny that the manual trading takes place, but ... not in large amounts and over a long period of time. By the way, I myself came to trade with the manual trading and is still developing a trading system initially manually.

I must say that if you are looking for a way to easily and quick money, then set out below the material is unlikely to be helpful to you.
But, if you exchange for - a way to keep savings and multiply your money in the long run, the article you will be very interesting.

Let's order.

For me to systematically trade. This trading robots that implement on your trading accounts variety of proven trading systems and ideas. This is a set of algorithms, clear and precise, designed in the form of program code. There are no estimates of probabilities, there is no guessing there's no "what if ..." Only the implementation of clear rules.
The most important thing - the system trading are no random results !! All statistical results. Those. sample of transactions is so great that we can talk about statistics, not chance. This means that we can predict the result of a certain degree of probability on the basis of this data, not speculate in the style of "if the market behaves so that we get the ..."

You may say that robots need special market conditions for which they were tested. That they have to be set because conditions are constantly changing, that their productivity depends on the market and there may be times when they do not earn, and even cause damage. Yes. In part you are right. But perhaps such visibility because you lack this experience.

I see that the profitable trade system should be based on the following criteria:

1. Successful trading robots can only be realized if a number of different trading ideas and systems.
2. All trading robots are tested on historical data, at least 15 - 20 years trading history (including stocks, futures).
3. All robots that fall into the working list of algorithms must get an average return of 15% per annum and above.
4. Before starting on real accounts, trading systems (algorithms) must undergo mandatory testing in demo mode.
5. Investment portfolio (collection of accounts) is monitored continuously in the automatic mode in case of any unusual situations, for instant control response trader.
6. The investment portfolio includes all the available exchange instruments: currency pairs, stocks, futures, options.

In an effort to earn a lot of money, I always take risks as a starting point. Because the logic is that you minimize the risks, it really make sure you get !!
Therefore, diversification of risks in the system trading - it is not just expand the eggs in different baskets, it is also entrust various hen hatching. It turns a double barrier.
This principle has never failed.

What else is important to consider: Where do you trade? In general, it is of course your choice. But, as experience shows, do not trust your money to companies with offshore registration as their "honesty" is caused by a desire to remain in the market, and if they want to withdraw from the market, then look for tips will be useless. Should look for companies that are controlled by regulators, and even better - to work through official brokers on the exchange. This can be Moscow, Chicago et al. Exchanges. You will sleep tight.

Unfortunately, we in the Russian-speaking area of ​​the Internet is very small while the resources devoted to it trading system. Basically it is the disparate threads of different forums. But about a year ago, I came across project. I met with its creators. It so happened that we were in the same city, and after a series of meetings, discussions began a serious business relationship. I am even more immersed in the world trading system. Now I am engaged architecture (design) of trading algorithms in the formalization of the transfer of ideas for their programmers.
On the website in the section "System list" posted a real monitor, which collects information on all our accounts together and displays a continuous equity. This picture is constantly changing, it is alive and authentic.
Our common idea today - to show how ordinary investors and experienced traders that trading system can not only be profitable with the right approach, but virtually to nullify your risks, it is important for investors !!

Thank you all for your attention and success in trade !!! I am ready to recommend the site http://QUOTEPORTAL.RU everyone who is engaged in trading, who are interested in trading system. Here you can discuss and communicate on any topics on trading and investment. We are also ready to consider the possibility of implementing your trade ideas in the form of software algorithms, if they seem to us viable. The site works on the principle of the forum. But as it hosts the report on Trade, useful news, etc ...

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