Wednesday, July 31, 2019

McDonald's re registered from

McDonald's re-registered from Luxembourg to the UK

McDonald's is creating a new holding company in the United Kingdom, replacing the tax jurisdiction outside the United States.

In the UK, the company will pay taxes on most of the payments received from sales at fast food restaurants.

Previously, the tax jurisdiction of the company outside the United States was Luxembourg.

McDonald's - the world's largest fast-food chain, which has more than 36 thousand restaurants worldwide.. The company serves 69 million daily users in more than hundred countries of the world (according to the company).

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Russian oil companies will not

Russian oil companies will not receive compensation for the decline in production

Russian oil companies will not be compensated for the decrease in production volumes.

"The question of a libokompensatsii did not come up," - said zhurnalistampress-sekretarprezidenta Russia Dmitry Peskov, speaking of the head of state meetings with the heads of Russian oil companies. Kremlin official pointed out that "in general, the rise in oil prices as a result of measures taken (by reducing production), an increase of every five dollars brings some additional revenue in the budget of the country, and for the oil companies themselves."

He recalled that "the theme of reduction of production volumes president consistent with all major leading oil companies, the president personally had contact."

The decision was made personally by the President on the basis of consensus, which was reached with the leaders of these oil sands kompaniyDmitry

December 2nd vice-president of "Lukoil" Leonid Fedun said he expects the payment of compensation by the Government of the Russian largest oil companies in connection with the reduction of oil production. "We still expect that there should be a special regulatory document, a government decree, which will be painted tasks for each oil producer. Perhaps offered some compensatory measures. As the freezing of oil production requires certain costs, so we dare to hope that some kind of compensation for the company will be in this direction ", - he said.

Fedun said that the company will fulfill any decision to reduce oil production, as "it correctly and economically beneficial for the country." At the same time for its implementation "will need at least one quarter."

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Heartbeat MT4

Heartbeat MT4

You can periodically receive notifications on your phone. In this case, you need not worry about the status of the server or the MetaTrader platform.

Input parameters

  • Heartbeat (Default: disabled) - how often a message is sent to your phone.

  • Notification (Default: "MT4 is working on @A") - the content of the message. templates:

    1. "@A": Account Number (account number), for example, "MT4 is working on @A" (runs on the MT4 @A)

    2. "@B": Account Balance (account balance), for example, "Balance: @B on @A" (balance: @B on @A)

    3. "@E": Account Equity (equity account), eg, "Balance: @E on @A" (balance: @E on @A)

    4. "@S": Symbol (symbol), for example, "Expert is working on @S" (Advisor runs on @S)

    5. "@T": Time Frame (timeframe), for example, "Expert is working on @S (TimeFrame: @T)" (Advisor runs on @S (timeframe: @T)

  • Control Panel (Default: True) - show / hide the panel

  • Status (Default: True) - LED state is hidden or not (the lower right side of the graph)

  • Status Color (Default: black) - text color of state


  • Hide panel: Shift + H

  • Display panel: Shift + S


  • MetaTrader 4 or 5 on your smartphone.

  • MetaTrader 4 Build 765 or higher on your computer.

  • MetaTrader settings on your computer:

    1. "Service" -> "Settings" -> "Notifications" -> enable the option "Enable Push-Notification".

    2. "Service" -> "Settings" -> "Notifications" -> enter your MetaQuotes ID.

Heartbeat MT4

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Friday, July 26, 2019

EU on Friday to decide on sanctions

The EU on Friday to decide on sanctions against Russia because of the situation around the Siemens

The European Union intends to take a decision on Friday to expand sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation around the company Siemens. It is reported by Reuters, citing a source in the diplomatic circles.

Earlier, German Foreign Minister stated about the upcoming pan-European response to the scandal with the supply of Siemens gas turbines in the Crimea. Last week, the permanent representatives of EU member states have agreed to expand the list of individual sanctions in force against the Russian Federation, the formal decision will follow later, he told RIA Novosti source in the EU. According to him, during the discussion "Broad support was expressed for the proposal of the German".

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Thursday, July 25, 2019



The advisor SaleLoc implemented fully automated two-way trade with locks orders. The basis of the adviser based on the principle "bezstopovogo martingale", where stop-loss orders lokiruyuschie replaced.

  • Major currency instruments: EURUSD.

  • Minimum deposit: 1000 USD / EUR.

  • Recommended deposit: 2000 USD / EUR.

  • Minimum lot size: 0.01 at the deposit 1000 USD.

  • Leverage from 1: 500 to 1: 1000

  • Spread: there are no restrictions.

  • Commission: any.

  • The impact of the news: no.

  • quotations Type 5 sign.

  • Trading Strategy: Medium-Term.


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  • Avato

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Kolier SuperTrend MTF

Kolier SuperTrend MTF

This version of the original multiple timeframe indicator Kolier SuperTrend.

In this version to determine the trend, you can use four lines supertrenda that will provide more reliable results.

It changed the calculation of signal in small time frames. When used on smaller timeframes indicator is not redrawn.

Kolier SuperTrend MTF

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Consumer Price Index in South

The Consumer Price Index in South Korea: 1.3% against the forecast of 1.3%

Indicator "in South Korea (y / y) Consumer Price Index (CPI)" for the last month remained unchanged. This is confirmed by the official data released on Thursday.

According to the report prepared by the National Statistical Office South Korea, active component (annualized seasonally adjusted) was 1.3% compared with 1.3% in the previous month.

Experts expect to maintain the index for the previous month at 1.3% .Indeks consumer prices in South Korea: 1.3% against the forecast of 1.3% Comment


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Monday, July 22, 2019

Fractals Notifier MT4

Fractals Notifier MT4

Indicator Fractals Notifier MT4 It is a modified indicator Fractals Bill Williams.

A fractal is a set of two arrows - upwards (upper fractals) and down (lower fractals). Each fractal satisfies the following conditions:

  • Upper fractal - the maximum (high) signal bar is greater than or equal to the maximum of all the bars from a range of left and right;

  • Lower fractal - a minimum (low) signal bar is less than or equal to the minimum of the range of bars on the left and the right.

Unlike standard indicator, Fractals Notifier allows setting the number of bars for finding fractal separately on the left and right of the desired bars. This allows greater flexibility to determine the presence of fractals, such as on a long uphill or downhill.

By discovered fractals indicator shows the levels before the price of crossing. At the same time it can be displayed to the last 20 levels (specified as parameters).

Breakthrough level indicator detects and outputs the notification in one of the following modes:

  • price touch - immediate alert when the price level;

  • Bar close - closing price bar above / below;

  • Whole bar - bar entirely gone beyond the level of the limits.

Input parameters

  • Bars before - the number of bars to fractal taken into account in the calculation;

  • Bars after - the number of bars after fractal taken into account in the calculation;

  • arrow style - arrow style to choose from (arrows, diamonds, squares, circles);

  • arrow offset - Indent arrows from the high / low bar prices in points;

  • Number of levels - fractals number of levels (maximum 20);

  • Level style - style line level;

  • Upper level color - Color upper levels;

  • Lower level color - the color of the lower levels;

  • Level offset - Indent levels from the maximum / minimum bar fractal;

  • Level max. length - maximum length levels in bars;

  • Level break mode - level break detection mode;

  • Stop level on break - stopping the breakout level (true) or to continue to the end (false);

  • Remove older levels - remove the old levels when either a new (true) or leave (false);

  • New fractal notification - alert mode on the new fractal;

  • Level break notification - warning mode of the breakout level.

For each notification, one of the values ​​can be selected from the drop-down list:

  • None - do not send notifications

  • Alert - Alert terminal MT4

  • Print - text output in the terminal box

  • Push notification - push-notification to the mobile app

tab Colors (Color), you can customize the colors and size of the arrow to separate the upper and lower fractals.

Fractals Notifier MT4

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Four Lights

Four Lights

Advisor is based on four indicators - ATR, CCI, OsMA and RSI. Always use stops. Advisor can automatically put the foot, and automatically calculates the item, depending on the definition signal.

Advisor is configured to run on a pair EURUSD, but can work with other currency pairs.

When the signals on all indicators - place orders.

Councilor parameters (for EURUSD M15):

  • AutoStops = 1; enable / disable (1 or 0) exhibiting automatic stop-loss and take profit

  • sl = 0; Stop Loss (at AutoStops = 0)

  • tp = 0; takeprofit (at AutoStops = 0)

  • coeff = 8; ratio for automatically issuing a stop-loss and take profit (for AutoStops = 1)

  • TrailingStop = 100; trailing stop, 0 - disabled.

  • LotRisk = 0; automatic control of capital: 0 - off, 1 - Lot selected based on the available balance, 2 - Lot exhibited depending on the signal strength.

  • Risk = 3; Lot at risk for LotRisk = 1 or 2.

  • lot = 0.1; Lot size (LotRisk = 0).

  • ATR = 0.0025; value for the ATR indicator warrant open only above this value.

  • period = 6; period for all indicators.

  • magicnum = 2577857; magic number.

  • comment = "Four Lights"; Comment to the order.

Four Lights

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

USD / CAD. 25.01.

Couple develops downward correction

On the eve of a pair of US / Canadian dollar fell nearly 200 points and rebounded from the level of 1.31, giving rise to the development of a downward correction. Important news from Canada this week is not expected, should pay attention to the news of the oil market. Published today by the American Petroleum Institute report on stocks of raw materials could affect the further movement of the USD / CAD. In the case of negative data pair may return to the level of 1.32. In case of a positive report, the tool will be able to make a breakdown of the support level of 1.31 to 1.30 and move.

MACD is in the negative area, but above the signal line. Stochastic - in neutral, the line above line K%% D. This indicates a further increase in the trading instrument USD / CAD.

Analyst from company ForexMart

GBP / USD. 25.01.

buy a pound

The pair closed the day lower. Pound attempted to develop an upward movement, but, in general, held the previous day in a sideways trend. Today steam overcome the resistance of 1.2556 and headed up. RSI and MACD buy signal pounds. Most likely will direct steam upwardly.

Analyst from company ForexMart

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Multicurrency RSI indicator works on any set timeframe.

Tool kit selects from the list overview of the terminal market.

The ability to customize a table (color, font size, line height, column width)

Sending alerts and push-messages to your smartphone.

Adjustable parameters:

  • Signal_Bar - bar selection for analysis (current or closed)

  • 6 switches for a set timeframe

  • Indicator_Period - RSI period indicator

  • Level_Signal - level indicator value for a signal (reverse signal mirror 100-Level_Signal)

  • RefreshSeconds - frequency table updates (in seconds)

  • FontSize - font size table

  • StepHeight - the height of rows in a table

  • StepWidth - column width in table

  • 4 colors Output values ​​in table

  • Alert - switch alerts

  • Push - switch push-messages on a smartphone

To use the indicator set it in the graphics window any tool.

Attention! The indicator only works on a live stream of quotes! It does not work in the tester.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Banks once again lowered its forecast

Banks once again lowered its forecast for oil prices

The third consecutive month the banks lowered forecasts on oil prices, doubting the duration of the current reduction of stocks, according to Dow Jones referring to The Wall Street Journal.

Excess oil reserves for three years to put pressure on prices in recent weeks began to decline due to rising demand in the US and reduce the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries production (OPEC). However, some analysts believe that the decline in stocks may end later this year, as the US continues to increase production.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

MFC EA optimization set

MFC EA optimization * .set

MFC Expert

Currency pairs are divided into even and odd. \ Currency pairs are
divided into even and not even.

Use advisor on
following currencies \ Use it in the following currencies

AUDUSD (An even, even), USDCAD (An even, even), NZDUSD (An even, even)

EURUSD (An odd, not even), EURJPY (An odd, not even), AUDJPY (An odd, not even), CADJPY (An odd, not even), GBPUSD (An odd, not even),

Periods for trading \ Periods for trading: 4H, 1H.

Video optimization advisor. \ Video, optimization ..

Added configuration file for the optimization of all couples. The formula for calculating stop_loss teyk_profit and during optimization (stop level + spread) in the absence of the stop level for the calculation of the formula (spread * 3). To optimize costs on control points and check for the forward period of all ticks.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Markets in Europe Italian Government

Markets in Europe: Italian Government to the rescue

Trading on the key stock exchanges in Europe are now in a neutral format. By the middle of the day synthesis Stoxx Europe 600 Index loses about 0.1%.

Approaching Christmas, and reduced activity in the markets. Focus - Italian banks. On Wednesday it was reported that the oldest Italian bank Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena can deplete reserves of liquidity for 4 months, and the earlier period estimated at 11 months. It is not obvious that the program is to attract 5 billion euro bank successfully completed by the additional issue.

On the eve of Italy's parliament approved the government's request for an aid package for the banks. We must understand that in the event of loss of the project may be assigned not only to shareholders but also creditors (primarily holders of subordinated bonds). In this regard, there were rumors that the government may come Monte dei Paschi di Siena (-0,8%) for help. Reported edition Italian Daily IL Sole 24 Ore, and it fueled other Italian banks.

Calendar key European macroeconomic data today is almost empty.

In the afternoon, US statistics can affect the performance of the greenback: the third estimate of GDP for the third quarter, data on orders for durable goods, personal income and spending of Americans..

Schedule online DAX index

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Daily Economic Digest from Forex

Daily Economic Digest from

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Thursday, December 29

yesterday the pair EUR/ USD I could not hold in his comfort zone, thereby
confounding expectations of investors. On Wednesday, the main currency pair has fallen more than
one cent, by updating their weekly lows at around 1.0372, amid a wave
consumer interest in the US dollar. However, the pair failed to recover
most of its losses and is currently trading near the 1.0450 mark, consolidating
his ascent. Recovering couples, mainly due to the weakening
the US currency against a basket of its major competitors in the background
negative data from the US real estate market, which were presented yesterday.
Moreover, the increasing interest of traders to less risky assets also exerts
favorable impact on the euro, thereby supporting the recovery of EUR / USD. At present, the data calendar marked only minor reports,
so the pair will continue to follow the price movements in the US dollar.

Jena He continues to be in a positive mood against its US
opponent this Thursday. Yesterday the USD / JPY pair was able to reach the mark of 117.81,
and then I could not resist and slipped due to widespread dollar weakness. In this
the pair is close to the level of 116.30, which is the lowest level,
marked in the last two weeks. Moreover, the reduction in susceptibility
investors to riskier assets also plays into the hands of the Japanese currency. That
Still waiting more rapid development of the US economy under the leadership of
America's next president D.Trampa have a favorable effect on the currency
America, thereby limiting a further fall in the pair. Today, the dynamics of prices for
US dollar and investor sentiment towards riskier assets will remain the main
guiding factors, taking into consideration the blank calendar events on both sides.

It seems that New Zealand
Bulls still retain a fighting spirit, continuing to push the pair NZD/ USD in a northerly direction. At the time of writing, the pair stood at
0.6952, extending its weekly highs against the backdrop of a weak dollar position.
Nevertheless, a slight correction in oil prices from the highs and its decline
the interest of traders to more risky assets under pressure for a couple that
may limit its further development. Next report reserves of crude oil from
Energy Americas, which is scheduled for the CA session, will ask
Short-term trend of the pair

Lb He regained most of their yesterday's position, moving away from the 7-week-old
lows marked at the level of 1.2201. The pair GBP / USD still retains its positive attitude as
bears the dollar still do not give an opportunity to restore the American currency.
Nevertheless, the growing interest of investors to safer assets limit the pace
development of couples. As a result, the empty calendar of events, the main drivers of
pair during today's trading session, the tendency of investors to remain
risky assets and the price movements of the US dollar.

Main events
of the day:

Crude oil inventories in the US - 18.00 (GMT +2)

Support and resistance for the major currency pairs:

1.0314 C 1.0528

P. S. USDJPY 116.60 118.14

1.2144 C 1.2336

1.0232 C 1.0344

AUDUSD 0.7130 P.
S. 0.7242

0.6863 C 0.6957

1.3504 C 1.3624

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

German stock market closed mixed

German stock market closed mixed, DAX 30 added 0.26%

© Reuters. German stock market closed mixed, DAX 30 added 0.26% - German stock market closed trading Friday in different directions due to the strengthening of public services sectors, retail and insurance. Market shows against the background of negative dynamics from the food and beverage sectors, pharmaceuticals and media.

At the close of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange DAX 30 rose by 0.26%, reaching a 52-week high, MDAX index rose by 0.19%, the TecDAX index dropped by 0.08%.

The leaders of growth were the shares of Adidas AG (DE: ADSGN) among DAX 30 index components on the basis of today's trading, which rose to 2,200 p (1.49%), closing at 150,150.. Quotes RWE AG (DE: RWEG) increased by 0,125 p (1.07%), ending trading at 11.815.. Paper Deutsche Bank AG (DE: DBKGn) rose to 0.140 p (0.82%) to close at 17,250..

Leaders of falling were shares of Fresenius Medical Care AG Co (DE: FMEG), the price of which has fallen to 1,130 p (1.39%), ending the session at around 80.450.. Shares of Deutsche Lufthansa AG (DE: LHAG) rose to 0.155 p (1.25%) to close at 12.270, and Linde AG (DE: LING). Decreased in price by 1,750 p (1.11%) and completed trades. at around 156.100.

The leaders of growth among the MDAX index of components at the end of today's trading were the shares of NORMA Group AG (DE: NOEJ), which rose 1.90% to reach 40,550, TAG Immobilien AG (DE: TEGG), which gained 1.49% to close at the level of 12.560, as well as shares of Metro AG (DE: MEOG), which rose by 1.43%, ending the session at around 31.585.

Leaders of falling were shares of Hochtief AG (DE: HOTG), which fell in price by 0.78%, closing at 133.050. Shares of the company Lanxess (DE: LXSG) lost 0.75% and finished the session at 62.350. Quotes Krones (DE: KRNG) decreased in price by 0.49% to reach 86.900.

The leaders of growth among the TecDAX index of components at the end of today's trading were the shares of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (DE: PV), which rose 1.43% to reach 88,820, Nemetschek AG (DE: NEKG), which gained 1.17% to close at the level of 55.260, as well as shares of ST AG (F: SANT1), which rose by 1.12%, ending the session at around 8,600.

Leaders of falling were shares of Sartorius AG Vz (DE: SATG_p), which fell in price by 1.69%, closing at 70,500. Shares of the company Siltronic AG (DE: WAFGn) lost 1.44% and finished the session at 44.025. Quotes Draegerwerk AG Co (DE: DRWG_p) decreased in price by 1.41% to reach 79.490.

On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange the number of advancers securities (388) exceeded the number closed in the red (369), but rates of 25 shares remained virtually unchanged.

Stock Quotes Metro AG (DE: MEOG) rose to a 52-week high, up 1.43%, p 0.445, and finished trading at around 31.585..

volatility index DAX New Volatility, which is based on options trading indicators on the DAX 30 rose by 1.39% to reach 17.85.

Gold futures for delivery lost 0.19% in February, or 2.15, reaching $ 1.155,95 an ounce. As for other commodities, the price of oil WTI with delivery fell by 0.19% in February, or 0.10, to $ 53.67 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures for March delivery fell 0.26%, or 0.15, to $ 56.70 a barrel.

Meanwhile, in the Forex market EUR / USD pair rose by 0.60% to 1.0551, and the quotation EUR / GBP fell by 0.15%, reaching 0.8543.

USD index dropped by 0.48% to 102.17.

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CCI normalized

CCI normalized

Technical Indicator Commodity Channel Index (Commodity Channel Index, CCI) measures the deviation of the commodity price from its average statistical price. High values ​​of the index indicate that the price is unusually high compared to average and low - that is too low. Despite the name, Commodity Channel Index is applicable to any financial instrument not only to goods.

There are two main ways of using Commodity Channel Index:

  1. To find differences.

    The divergence appears when the price reaches a new maximum, and Commodity Channel Index can not grow above the previous maximums. This classical divergence is normally followed by the price correction.

  2. As an indicator perekuplennosti / resale.

    Commodity Channel Index usually varies in the range of ± 100. Values ​​above 100 indicate an overbought condition (and a probability of correcting decay), while values ​​below 100 - about the overselling state (and the probability of correcting increase).


D = Price - SMA (TP, N)

SMA (D, N) = SUM (D, N) / N Simple Moving Average

M = SMA (D, N) * 0,015

CCI = M / D

CCI does not refer to indicators operating with fixed values, which complicates comparison of different markets and time periods.

To solve this problem, the values ​​are normalized within the next interval.

CCInorm = (CCIreal-CCImin) * (relMax-relMin) / (CCImax-CCImin) + relMin

Common parameters:

  • Symbol - set a different graphic symbol, for example, to study the correlation.

  • CCI period - the number of bars for the calculation of the CCI.

  • Normalization period - the period of time during which we calculate the values ​​of normalization.

  • Period smoothing - the period for calculating the signal line (EMA).

  • TimeFrame - allows you to see the ATR according to another timeframe.

  • Maximum level - the highest level of normalized CCI (default - 100).


  • It shows the level of volatility in the relative form: more than yesterday, less than a month ago, etc.

  • It simplifies the comparison of volatility of different currency pairs.

  • Visually displays the level of correlation between the different pairs.

CCI normalized

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tails MT4

Tails MT4

Tails - is an indicator that predicts where prices will rebound when the maximum daily candle.

The indicator should be used to enlarge timeframes D1.

By default, the indicator draws 2 support and resistance lines. If necessary, you can turn on the rendering of 3 support and resistance lines, holding true to Extended_Levels parameter.

Input parameters

  • Extended_Levels - show additional lines on the chart;

  • Clr_Support - color support lines;

  • Clr_Resistance - color lines of resistance;

  • Clr_Seperator - color separators days;

  • Style - style lines.

Tails MT4

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  • Strongest Levels Global Demo

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Pro RSI Alert

Pro RSI Alert

RSI Alert Pro It is designed to be convenient and useful when a trader works with several graphics.

  • RSI Alert Pro RSI creates 3 different colors based on the overbought and oversold levels.

  • notification It will be activated when the RSI enters or leaves the overbought or oversold.

  • Comfortable arm on the graph, It helps the trader to easily manage, on what schedule and under which direction to receive the notification.

  • Function time constraints It helps disable the notification in the hours when traffic is prohibited.

An indicator:

  • RSI Period: RSI Period

  • Over Bought Level: overbought level

  • Over Sold level: oversold level

  • Alert hours from: Chas start receiving alerts. For example: 8 to 8:00

  • Alert hours until: Hour of end receiving alerts. For example: 21 to 21:00

Pro RSI Alert

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Black Cobra

Black Cobra

Advisor capable of working on 10 currency pairs simultaneously.


  • Symbols - the number of active pairs 1 before 10 a drop-down list;

    • OnePair - a pair

    • TwoPairs - two pairs

    • ThreePairs - three pairs of

    • FourPairs - four pairs of

    • FivePairs - five pairs of

    • SixPairs - six pairs of

    • SevenPairs - seven pairs

    • EightPairs - eight pairs of

    • NinePairs - nine pairs

    • TenPairs - ten pairs of

  • _1_S - a list of currency pairs of the first category;

  • _2_S - a list of currency pairs of the second category;

  • _3_S - a list of currency pairs of the third category;

  • Prefix - If your currency pairs contain either a prefix, it is necessary to register here (if the field is left blank the prefix to the currency pair is automatically added, however, in the automatic mode is only possible if the currency pair without the prefix contains exactly 6 Marks);

Each list can contain no more than 4 currency pairs. Each following list of currency pairs is a continuation of the previous one, so the first pair in the second list is counted as 5, and in the third 9.

  • Symbol_1 - symbol that will be used as first currency pair is represented as a drop down list for selection;

    • S_0 - not to use (when you select this option, the first pair will be ignored);

    • S_1 - the first pair from the list of currency pairs;

    • S_2 - the second pair from the list of currency pairs;

    • and so on...

Below are located more 9 similar lists

  • StopLimit - trade regime, in the closed position the robot will trade orders to sample, and in the open on the rebound;

  • Transactions - if more 0, the robot will automatically change the trade regime in the event of closure of a loss. This is the number of unprofitable orders in a row, after which the robot changes the trade regime for the pair for which losses have been obtained;

  • RiskPercent - % Of the risk for auto money management;

  • MM - automatic management of capital;

  • Lot - fixed lot, if not used for automatic control of the capital;

  • Slippage - allowable slip;

  • Spread - setting a flag involves - MaxSpread (If turned off, the EA will sell to any spread);

  • MaxSpread - allowable spread (if the current spread is greater than this value, the robot will be removed pending orders and suspend trade to reduce the spread);

  • StopLossPercentage - distance to the protective stop as a percentage of the deposit;

  • StopLoss - minimum distance to the stops;

  • TakeProfit - distance to take profit;

  • TrailStart - Orders trawl;

  • TrailStep - trawl step;

  • NoLoss - breakeven;

  • MinProfitNoLoss - bezubytka profit;

  • TimeStop - the pause before the trawl orders significantly increases the mean residence time positions, in some cases, allows to increase profits;

  • TimeDelimiter - factor by which the parameter value is divided - TimeStop - we end up with a pause time for the translation of orders into the black;

  • VirtualTrail - virtual trawl, invisible to the broker;

  • Step - this is a very important parameter, which is responsible for the performance of the adviser. With this in mind the values ​​are set pending orders and conduct all further calculations. The lower the value, the more likely the robot will open transactions;

  • UseTime - adviser working time flag;

  • BeginTime - Start of Trading;

  • EndTime - completion of trade;

  • UseFriday - trade permission flag Friday;

  • CloseFriday - flag disables removal orders on Friday before the market closing;

  • comments - output information to the schedule;

  • Magic - Orders identifier;

  • Drawdown - allowable drawdown one pair, the pair is blocked;

  • MaxCandle - if the current candle is greater than this value, the adviser to block a modification of the pending order in the direction of a candle at a certain time. If zero is not used;

  • MinCandle - if the current candle is lower than this value, it modifies Advisor (separates) the pending order in the direction of the candle as soon as candles can talk about the price spread. If zero is not used;

Then there is a list of parameters of several standard indicators that are included with the MT4 terminal. By default, these indicators are not used, and you can be connected at will. Indicators capable of working either separately or in conjunction with each other.

Black Cobra

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

US dollar falls in Asian trading

US dollar falls in Asian trading against major world currencies

US dollar falls in Asian trade on Tuesday against major world currencies. The Euro is trading on Tuesday morning in the area of ​​$ 1.0486 versus $ 1.0455 at the close ...

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Currency purchases in August Finance

currency purchases in August, the Finance Ministry will have no impact on the ruble

As stated yesterday, the Ministry of Finance, in the period from 7 August to 6 September, the agency plans to buy currency at 47.6 billion rubles. (2.1 billion rubles. / $ 35 million per day). From the beginning, the Ministry of Finance has acquired about 308 billion rubles. In comparison with the previous month, the Office strongly increased its purchases (in July it amounted to only 74.3 million rubles.), But we believe that this amount will not affect the exchange rate, as long as on the course still influences geopolitical tensions between Russia and the US

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    The influence of the Ministry of Finance intervention on the liquidity of the banking sector will be neutral - the head of the Central Bank The influence...

  • Account currency on forex

    Account currency on the forex. Currently, an account with Forex can be opened in at least three currencies - rubles, dollars or euros, having the choice...

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Lines Resistance and Support

Lines Resistance and Support

The indicator shows the support / resistance levels are based on the price action on historical data. Required depth stories for the calculation of the levels.

The tool is designed for the secret author's technique.

support and resistance levels show us traders cluster orders.

Item display

  • Start Data / Time - The start date / time of the capture of historical data to calculate the levels of

  • Width of Lines Resistance / Support in Points - thickness (density) of the lines at the points recommended set is commensurate with the spread

  • Coefficient of number of lines, 0.5-2.0 - factor the number of lines. Reduce, if a lot of lines. Increase if the lines a little.

  • Color Resistance Line - Color line resistance

  • Color Support Line - Support Line Color

Lines Resistance and Support

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  • Trapezoidal Support and Resist

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trading strategy

The expert system analyzes the local trend and expects the price rollback recorded against the trend. period of history to find a trend and a rollback is defined in the settings, the settings allow you to specify certain options for purchases and sales. The expert does not use any gaps of time in history, running at full historical database. Expert uses principles Martingale or grid, the maximum number of orders in one direction - the two. For safety purposes, together with virtual Take Profit and Stop Loss, also used by physical harnesses.

The expert system is designed so that ticks do not play a key value. You can conduct tests in any test mode. Modes: in all ticks, ticks on the real, on the checkpoints and the opening price will be as close as possible to each other. This construction is implemented by discretizing active action in one minute. That is no active action (except belay stops) may be made in the body minutes active the action takes place on the opening prices.


Expert at work uses accounting positions in the netting mode (one character can have only one position). Expert does not work at
independent accounting positions (hedging, when one character can be
several positions). When tested on a demo account you need to choose account
without hedging. Also taken into consideration when opening an account for real


Rating of currency pairs for the expert system: EURUSD; USDJPY; AUDUSD; EURGBP; USDCAD; GBPUSD; EURJPY; USDCHF; USDJPY.

for correct optimization must be left switched on only one direction (buy or sell). Optimize 1 year, the parameter Custom.

The first message in the discussion provided the template files for optimization buy and sell. And examples of ready optimizations for different currency pairs. An important rule when optimizing the cut set at 5% loss, while the results in the optimization, select the result from the drawdown of up to 5%. And to work to change the settings and set the maximum drawdown of 20%, as the market is unpredictable and this time will take into account the unpredictability of the market.

To test the use of server (there is a complete story), to test the instructions given in the figure.


The following are the parameters that define the operation modes experts (in general):

  • NameSettings - Allows you to specify the name of the setting.
  • SelfPeriod - Set the time for the work of an expert.
  • WorkOpeningPrices - Enables sampling of active operations of the opening prices.
  • TrailingOpeningPrices - samples the trailing stop (Open prices).
  • LotDigits - Rounding for lot (2-0.01, 1-0.1, 0-1.0).
  • Risk - Sets the item, depending on the deposit ($ 1,000 at Risk = 1000 Lot 0.01 (at LotDigits = 2)).
  • Lot - Sets the volume of the position, if the field is greater than zero then the Lot Risk option does not work.
  • MulLotLimit - Limiting the maximum lot (relative to the start time).
  • Drawdown - Virtual Stop Loss,% the balance (drawdown of Drugs), wherein the order is closed.

Personalized settings, which are different numbers in the end (for the number of currency pairs) and an indication of the buy and sell:

  • SpeedControl - Enables or disables control of the spread, which is defined in LimitAvgSpread parameter.

  • LimitAvgSpread - It is necessary to specify the average spread multiplied by 2 for the correct operation of the expert **.

  • On - Enables or disables the block (on the symbol and the direction to buy or sell)

  • Inversion - Sets the direction of the false - in the channel, true - with the trend (effectively in the channel).

  • MulLotBuy - Modifier lot to shock deal.

  • * StepToo - Step for issuing a shock deal. [140-10-600] **

  • * LengthLine - The number of bars for the analysis of kickbacks. [50-10-400]

  • * MulTrend - How many times the number of bars to determine the trend more than the number of bars for the analysis of kickbacks. [5.1.21]

  • TakeProfitReal - Take Profit -. Real **

  • * TakeProfitVirtual - Take Profit - virtual. [0.01-0.01-0.2]

  • StopLossReal - Stop Loss -. Real **

  • StopLossVirtual - Stop Loss - virtual.

  • BreakevenReal - bezubytka level -. Real **

  • TrailingStartReal - Trailing start -. Real **

  • MulTrailingStopReal - Multiplier for the trailing stop-start relative to the trailing **.

  • * MinAngle - The minimum level of inclination of the trend line ** [100-10-500].

  • * maxAngle - The maximum level of the slope of the trend line. [1000-100-3000]

* The parameters that need to be optimized, as well as the boundaries for optimization.

** All fields are related to the price quoted in pips (5-digit quotations).



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Monday, July 1, 2019

Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

USD / JPY. 04.08. Bears tested 110.00

Currency pair USD / JPY finished the day yesterday the pattern "absorption", down to the level of 110.00. Price updated local minima since June 15 amid weakening US currency, a reversal did not occur, we are waiting for further decline to 109.30.

On H4 bears tested the resistance level of 110.00. The pair went on to a phase of consolidation in anticipation of the publication of US labor market data.

04.08. fundamental analysis

The focus today:


  • Changing the number of people employed in non-agricultural sector

  • Unemployment rate


  • employment change

  • PMI

The US dollar is waiting for today's US labor market report. The vast majority of traders voiced doubts about the previously "hawkish" Fed position, positive data can restore the confidence of investors in the economy of the United States, and the national currency.

Pound Sterling came under pressure after the decision of the Bank of England's monetary policy. Only 2 of the 8 officials of the central bank voted in favor of a rate hike, also worsened the forecast for GDP growth and wages.

The euro strengthened slightly against the US dollar and peaked in the last 9 months against the British pound.

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Batman Batman Advisor is based on a very simple system that uses ZigZag indicator and breakdown strategy. Transactions are opened only wh...