Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Euro falls dollar strengthens

Euro falls, dollar strengthens

Yesterday, after the
the collapse in oil prices, the euro crossed the
a nine-year low, and now the EURUSD
It is trading at 1.1885 (at 11.17 MSK).

expected today
important information about inflation in the euro zone.
As expected, the data show first
drop in consumer prices in annual
terms since 2009 and will encourage
for the ECB to the top of a large run
program of QE.

"We expect,
On January 22, the ECB will announce the beginning of last
QE and the first purchases
securities, which should begin to
end of the month "- says economist of Citi
Guillaume menu. - "Given the critical
falling inflation and even the possibility of its
negative values ​​for December
we doubt that the ECB will decide to wait
a bit more. After all, the next time you answer
"Not now," investors can come in

Today on
Asian trading, market participants have been
busy, e.g., that sold
Euro. As a result, the single currency continued
to fall against the dollar and against the yen.
EURJPY is trading now
the level of 141.53, but before the closing of the Asian
trading and showed the level of 140.58. Dollar
rebounded from Tuesday's values
and now USD / JPY
at 119.12. The euro was partly due
not only from the ECB's concerns, but also to the fact
Germany seems to be preparing to leave
Greece from the eurozone.

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