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The script converts unsorted list of news feeds macroeconomic data from the calendar of events in a comfortable table where:

  • Each line - another date;

  • Each column - data on certain macroeconomic indicators.

Empty cell on a column filled with the previous value.

The original document to be processed in a table is required initially prepared. It must be a table in CSV format, containing seven columns, in lines which made the data from the event calendar.

column headings

  • Date - the date of publication in the format DD.MM.YYYY;

  • MonthYear - MM.GGGG (optional) format;

  • Time - format HH: MM (optional);

  • Time Zone - GMT (optional);

  • Currency - abbreviation of the country's currency, by which publishes news, for example - "USD";

  • Description - the name of the macro-economic indicators or events;

  • Previous - the value of this parameter or the result of an event, given to a general numerical form.

The script in the Setup dialog box prompts you to specify the name of the input file and the name of the document to get the output. output file for the data must first be placed in katalog_dannyh_terminala \ MQL5 \ Files, target will be created in the same place. The code inserted alerts, they will help you understand at which stage the script. The appearance of the alert "8" indicates that the job is done and you can pick up the file.

The resulting table is used for multiple regression analysis.

By purchasing this script, you get the opportunity to:

  • automate fundamental analysis;

  • identify factors affecting the change in price of a financial instrument by using statistical data processing software (Statistica).

Free version with limitations is available here:

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