Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Big Three Wall Street closed on

Big Three Wall Street closed on the slide

yesterday's trading
US indices finished the decline.
This was aided by weak statistics
of business activity once in three
key regions of the world: China, the euro zone
and the United States.

DJIA lost
0.29%; S P 500 fell
0.68%; Nasdaq weakened by as much as
1.34%. This behavior of Technology
index is easily explained by the fact that yesterday
very mysterious and unpredictable led
Apple shares themselves: only a
20 minutes after the start of trading for
one minute they collapsed by 5%. A little bit later
just as suddenly, they played a part
"Dumped" prices, but on the whole session
It ended for the "apple" of the company
decreasing by 3.3%.

motions can be of interest to note
quotes the film studio Lions Gate: Van
Jianlin, chairman of the board of China
company Dalian Wanda Group Co, which
controls the second largest network
cinemas in the United States, publicly declared
its intention to control
studio. As a result, the value of Lions
Gate grew by 3%.

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