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HandMarket - interactive shopping robot. It operates within different market formations (inclined trend channel, horizontal, tapering or widening flat triangle, flag, etc.). Line, limiting the formation, set a man.

Features of the trading strategy

Machine algorithms inaccurately determine the trend channels and other market figures. Only man can do it correctly. This robot allows a person to manually designate the selected shape on the graph, and then trades within the predetermined region thus. When the output of the boundary of this region is changing the logic of the chosen strategy, so the trade is stopped to indicate the next figure man. Within a given area the robot places the order with the trend. Established order is accompanied by a robot: stop loss and Take Profit is adjusted automatically with the passage of time when the price moves within a given area.

Test results

The robot operates without adjustment and without optimization on all currency pairs and time frames can be set to any value of the lot. With proper job market figures, in one cycle of operation should produce a few winning trades and losing one (shown in the screenshot). The loss is obtained at an output of said border region against the trend. Check with a real account filmed on video. Video report can be viewed at the link.

Main settings

  • Magic number - magic number of orders (to set a different value, if multiple copies of the robot will work in one terminal);

  • Task - solved the problem (Trading - trade, Setting the trend lines - manual setting of trend / limit lines, Reset to initial conditions - reset in the initial conditions);

  • Language messages - robot language posts (English, Russian);

  • Direction of work - line of work (only BUY or only SELL);

  • Lot - lot;

  • Criteria (%) - distance to the limit line (% of channel width) at which to place an order;

  • Step change goals (pips) - step movement of the goals set by the order for manual movement of the boundary lines (points).

Recommendations for use

The robot can use the accounts to 5 and 4-bit quotations. Minimum deposit - from $ 10. Currency pair - any, timeframe - whatever. For a minimum deposit taking timeframe M1 and Lot 0.01.

Starting robot is carried out in two stages:

1. Manual setting trend (restrictive) lines. For this option Task (Target) is set to the position Setting the trend lines (Manual trend lines). Starting work, the robot draws two lines, which the user must manually mark the boundaries of the market figures in the chart for the chosen currency pair. How to do it, you can see in the video.

2. Start the operating mode. If the trend to an older time frame upwards, the option Direction of work (Direction of operation) is set to the position only BUY, if the trend is down, only SELL. To start setting Task set in a position Trading (trade). The robot starts to work and establishes order.

The robot trades until the price moves within the region indicated by the boundary lines. When the price leaves this area, the robot stops. In this case, the boundary lines turn red. To restart the robot need to get on the chosen currency pair formed a new market characteristic figure (you can wait or to switch to another currency pair, which is a characteristic figure). Parameter Task again placed in the position Setting the trend lines, perform manual identification of new market figures of the boundary lines, check setting Direction of work, and then start trading by selecting options Task task Trading.

If necessary, continue with the initial conditions (limit lines set in starting position), the robot includes a short time with a parameter Task, established position Reset to initial conditions (Reset to initial conditions).

If there is something not clear, ask questions. We are pleased to help you install and configure the robot.



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