Thursday, January 31, 2019

Currency market ruble is not responding

Currency market. The ruble is not responding to attacks

Ruble trading above
56.00. And resumed falling oil and the news of the terrorist attack in
St. Petersburg could not bring impressive sales of the Russian currency.

Currency market ruble is not responding

In fact, it
yet another confirmation of the ruble strength. And yet another confirmation that while authorities
really do not intervene in its course, we do not
We will be able to see it fall. Exactly to this point USD/RUB will be
sold under the influence of demand on the part of speculators carry trades.
Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Fifth dimension MT4

Fifth dimension MT4

Indicator searches and marked on the chart trading signals "Fifth Dimension". DETAILED DESCRIPTION graphical models forming trade signals can be found in Chapter 8 № "Trade via balance line" book B. Williams, "New Dimensions in stock trading." Signal levels indicating the input of price or position setting stop-loss, directly indicated on the graph. This function provides additional comfort to the trader at the time of issuing of pending orders. The solid horizontal line is displayed in the case of the existing breakdown of the signal level. The dotted line on the graph indicates the level, the breakdown of which may change the market trend.


  • bShowLine = true - to display signal lines, false - hide the signal lines.

  • bAlert = true - Push-send notification of the breakdown of the signal level, false - switch off the alarm unit.

  • BuyLevel = clrLimeGreen - color selection level line to buy.

  • SellLevel = clrRed - choice of color level line for sale.

  • maPeriod = 13 - setting the balance line, the line "Teeth" indicator Alligator

  • maShift = 8 - shift parameter balance line, the line "Teeth" Alligator

Trade balance with the help of a line ( "fifth dimension")

the balance of the line indicates the direction of the current path of least resistance for the market price movement. Therefore, more promising are buying when the price is above the balance line and the sale, if the current price is below the balance line. The opposite signal level can serve as a stop-loss for open transactions. In addition, more profitable to look for entry points when the price is in the vicinity of the balance line and histogram Awesome Oscillator indicator is positioned near the zero line. In this connection, the template is recommended to use the Alligator indicator and the Super AO. When trading should apply an additional filter zoning. To do this, you need to connect to schedule an additional indicator AC (Accelerator Oscillator). Which together with the AO indicator will allow to filter trading signals. Namely, do not buy into the "red zone" and do not buy into the "Green Zone." The indicator works on all timeframes. However, the author of the strategy recommends a daily range trading.

Fifth dimension MT4


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Twinkle - trend scalper invisible to broker a stop-loss and take-profit.

Advisor does not look for the trend turns.

Advisor catches strong market movements and open orders in the direction of the trend.

Your broker can not see the levels of closing orders. Adviser closes warrant yourself when you reach these levels in the settings take profit and / or loss of fixation.

  • Recommended trading instruments: EURUSD M5, GBPUSD M5.

  • Recommended ECN-account sign-5.

councilor settings

"Lot settings"

  • Risk on / off - Enabling avtolota;

  • Risk Percent - percent risk per trade;

  • Lot, if Risk = false - if the Risk off, the lot will be so;

"Trade settings"

  • Display levels - whether or not the icons are virtual TP and SL;

  • Invisible Take Profit - the level of the invisible take profit;

  • Invisible Stop Loss - the level of stop-loss invisible;

  • Comment to order - comment on the opening of the order;

"Technical settings"

  • Magic Number - the magic number to distinguish orders.


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Monday, January 28, 2019

Fed Mester We need to further

Fed Mester: We need to further increase rates

- He expects that in 2018 economic growth will exceed 2%, while inflation over the next year or about these terms will return to the target level of 2% on a sustainable basis
- The Federal Reserve should start reducing the size of its balance sheet this year
- A sustainable economy will require further rate hikes

Recall that Mester is considered a hawk, and in 2018 will have a say in the composition of FOMC

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Republicans are discussing new

Republicans are discussing the new health care bill

According to Reuters The, invoking, in turn, informed sources, the main task of the Republicans in the House right now is to take the health care bill. During the briefing, the speaker of the House of Representatives, said today that Republicans have held productive talks on a new bill, but added that about any other details and timing of the submission of the bill to speak early

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COSMOS4U MACD converts a powerful trading system using the optimum parameters. This system is used in the EA AdMACD for the Metatrader trading platform. The user can configure the system using the input parameters to achieve maximum performance. Classic MACD provides signals to buy and sell according to the configuration 12 = fast, slow = 26 and signal = 9. AdMACD buys and sells the same way as the classic MACD, with the additional possibility to modify the parameters of fast, slow and signal lines. Advisor also has a stop-levels. Research COSMOS4U department publishes weekly recommended settings for popular currency pairs of the Forex market, the timeframe for the H1. The method of calculating these parameters is part of the research and in no way guarantees consistently profitable results.


  • Trades as custom MACD

  • Full control of risks

  • Management of collateral
  • Take profit on the basis of a more rapid signal
  • Stop loss based symbol oscillations

  • Support for Multi-market work

  • Support for all timeframes

  • Closed on weekends

  • Optimal parameters of COSMOS4U

Opening and turning positions

Regardless of whether an open position, AdMACD be traded based on the comparison values ​​and MACD signal. If the MACD crosses the signal position will be opened only if the value has exceeded the ATR (Average True Range). In this case, the fast transactions are avoided.

Signal line take-profit for more efficiency

signal line parameters - f, s, g / divisor. It should be faster than the signal line (divisor >1). Every time you cross the line and the signal line AdMACD take profit, the system makes a profit, without having to open a new position until the next AdMACD signal.


Whenever a position on the symbol adviser checks x (default 24) for determining the values ​​of the oscillations. New border zones are formed for long and short stop-loss based on volatility. When
AdMACD crosses the line opposite the stop-loss, the position is closed. The new position will be opened only when the character is greater than the volatility limits zone.

Closing of positions on weekends

It prevents much confusion and gaps between the closing price on Friday and the opening price on Monday, when governments, central banks and management companies announce important decisions for the weekend. COSMOS4U AdMACD supports regulation of automated closing of open positions for some time before the market closes. In addition, positions are opened on Monday a few hours after the opening of markets.

management of funds

With the built-AdMACD automated trading system, you can control the percentage of your entire investment capital through the installation of a certain percentage of investment on one character. Consequently, the percentage of investment in the character can be diversified. percentage of the investment management function, along with the diversification of your portfolio to protect your investments against market risk.


Professional trading system AdMACD allows the portfolio management of financial instruments. By selecting currency, shares, CFD, metals and energy, your portfolio will be diversified and the risk is distributed. Thus, you can beat the market, opening positions on the various characters.

Management Multi-market work

Download utility AdMACD configuration from the official site COSMOS4U and update with the latest MetaTrader optimal settings for each supported character. AdMACD update system will always support the version of the program to date, saving you time. She updates all supported characters directly in your profile.

Free optimal parameters

The recommended optimal setting AdMACD obtained COSMOS4U research department. Every weekend research group publishes AdMACD recommended settings for the time (H1) timeframe for any selected symbols. Using these parameters and downloading the free app, you can automatically update AdMACD parameters in MetaTrader 4 and 5 and to be always updated with the latest settings.


  • Fast Moving average: Number of bars to calculate the faster moving average.

  • Slow Moving average: Number of bars to calculate the slow moving average.

  • Signal Moving average: The number of bars for the calculation of the moving average signal.

  • Time Interval: Setting the timeframe

  • Risk%: The percentage of risk capital

  • Free margin Threshold: The minimum value of available funds above 100%

  • Enable weekend close position: Enabling the automatic closing feature positions

  • Hour post market opening: The number of hours after the opening of the market for the conclusion of the first transaction in the new week

  • Hour prior market closing: The number of hours before the market closes for the automatic closing of positions function



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Thursday, January 24, 2019

MTF Money Flow Index

MTF Money Flow Index

Multitaymfremovaya standard version indicator Money Flow Index (MFI).

Input parameters:

  • TimeFrame - used timeframe:
    It can take any of ENUM_TIMEFRAMES enumeration values.

  • TimeCorrection - use time correction:
    May have a value of true or false (first look at the screen shot: the first indicator is set to true, the second - false.

  • Period - the period for calculating the index:
    May have a value greater than 0. If the value is less than 1, the period 14 is used.

You can simultaneously use multiple copies of the indicator on the same graph.

Version MTF (multiple timeframe) is very useful for developers. Made with the help of their own optimized MTF converter.

When testing the strategy tester, use the Every tick mode.

MTF Money Flow Index

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

FX Sniper Magenta

FX Sniper Magenta

FX Sniper Magenta - exclusive leading indicator, intended for trading currencies in the MetaTrader platform.

FX Sniper Magenta can analyze the behavior of market participants and predict changes in price direction before the start of the movement.

Most of the indicators are lagging and are therefore useless. FX Sniper Magenta - a unique leading indicator.

The indicator displays an arrow on the chart (see. The attached screenshot), indicating the likely direction of the price action.

LED FX Sniper Magenta never redrawn. The signal is confirmed after the close of the candle, and added arrow will never disappear.

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • UseAlerts (true / false): inclusion notifications

  • PopAlerts (true / false): notification pop-up window

  • EmailAlerts (true / false): send notifications via email

  • PushAlers (true / false): send push-notifications

  • SoundAlerts (true / false): notification sound

  • SoundFile: audio file for audio alerts.

  • The size and color of the arrows are set to Color indicator tab.

trading rules

  • Enter the market at the opening of the next bar in a direction signal (SELL / BUY)

  • Set the stop level of the top (for sale) or below (buy) signal candles or use a stop-levels based on the ATR.

  • Take-profit ratio reward / risk ratio of 2: 1 or 3: 1

The indicator can be used on any timeframe.

It can be used to trade currency pairs, binary options, as well as commodities, stocks, futures, etc.

Free version

You can download a free version of the indicator with the MQL5 Market. Free version only works in the strategy tester.

FX Sniper Magenta

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  • NewBbandsMT4

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

EA infinitI

EA infinitI

The strategy is based on the return movement in the night flat.

It is recommended to use a pair EURCHF CADCHF GBPCHF timeframe M15.

It is possible to operate fixed and automatic lot size.

Possible according to the FIFO rule advisor mode.

Do not use Martingale and Grid. All transactions are protected by a stop.

Monitoring real account:


  • Show Info Panel - show the dashboard;

  • Trade Comment - comment on the transaction advisor;

  • auto MM - Lot count automatically (based on Risk parameter);

  • Risk - lot size calculated from the free margin;

  • Lot - fixed lot;

  • Stop Loss - stop-loss;

  • Take Profit - Take Profit;

  • Slippage - slippage;

  • Magic - transaction identifier;

  • Max Allowable Spread - maximum spread;

  • Trade only in one direction - trade in one direction only;

  • Max BUY Orders - Maximum number of open positions on the purchase;

  • Max SELL Orders - Maximum number of open short positions;

  • Max total orders - the maximum number of open positions;

  • Winter GMT Offset - Server Time Zone in the winter time;

  • Start Hour - hour started;

  • Start Minute - minute of commencement of work;

  • End Hour - hour closure operation;

  • End Minute - minute of the end of the work;

  • Monday Start Hour - hour started on Monday;

  • Monday Start Minute - minute started on Monday;

  • Friday End Hour - hour finishing work on Friday;

  • Friday End Minute - minute finishing work on Friday;

  • Close position on Friday - closing a position on Friday.

  • Minimal pips for close by filter - The minimum number of points for closing the filter;

  • Use FIFO Rules - Use the FIFO rule.

  • The filter value 1 - Stop-loss factor

  • The filter value 2 - Factor indicator 1

  • The filter value 3 - Time to change the process order closure

  • The filter value 4 - Factor indicator 2

  • The filter value of 5 - Factor indicator 3

  • Filter 6 (On / Off) - enable / disable the filter deals

  • auto StopLoss - Automatic calculation of the stop-loss

  • NewsFilter - enable / disable the filter news

  • Indent after News, minutes - Trade ban after news (minutes)

  • Indent before News, minutes - Trade ban before the news (minutes)

  • Enable light news - including weak news

  • Enable medium news - including the average news

  • Enable hard news - including strong news

  • Your Time Zone, GMT (for news) - Server Time Zone (for news)

  • Currency to display the news (empty - only the current currencies) - Currency pair to display news (if empty, the current currency pair)

  • Version EA - Strategy version (Version2 / Version3)

  • Trailing stop - trailing stop (On / Off) (for version V3 strategy only)

  • Use virtual trailing stop - use the virtual trailing stop (On / Off) (for version V3 strategy only)

  • The offset from the calculated level of stop loss - offset from the calculated level of stop-loss (only for version V3 strategy)

  • The step of moving the stop loss - step move the stop-loss (only for version V3 strategy)

  • Minimum profit trailing in points - The minimum profit trailing stop in points (only for version V3 strategy)

To work function "News filter"Should be allowed to use WebRequest and add" "in the list of allowed URL.


  1. Before use, test on a real account with minimum risk advisor;

  2. Use VPS-server;

  3. For best results, use the leverage of 1: 200 (1: 200/1: 500);

  4. Low spreads + commissions + low quality performance - this is important when choosing a broker to trade.

EA infinitI

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

USD / JPY. 05.04. "Ping-bar" of 110.50.

Currency pair USD / JPY formed a pattern of "pin-bar", rebounding from the resistance level of 110.50 US dollar rose after the government bonds and good economic performance. Today will publish minutes of the Fed meeting, data on changes in the number of people employed in non-agricultural sector and the index of business activity. In the case of upbeat US economic indicators for the pair are likely to rush to the level of 111.10. However, buying risky, as against the trend.

Analyst from company ForexMart

USD / RUB. 05.04. The Russian currency once again updated the highs.

trading environment for the pair USD / RUB opened gap down. The Russian currency once again updated the maximum values ​​of the last two years, reaching a value of 55.66. The ruble has grown as a result of consolidation quotes Brent crude above $ 54 per barrel. Today, oil is trading at $ 54.66, the first time in the last four weeks. Also ruble experienced support from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and its high interest rates at a low level of inflation in the country.

Today we expect the release of statistics from the US Department of Energy. Earlier data from the API showed a decrease in crude oil inventories in the US by 1.8 million barrels. If the report from the Ministry of Energy will also be positive, of Brent crude oil prices may reach $ 56, which will have a very strong support to the Russian ruble. We expect the movement of the pair USD / RUB near updated lows.
Analyst from company ForexMart

EUR / JPY. 05.04. "Pin Bar" with reliance on 118.00.

Currency pair EUR / JPY formed a reversal pattern "pin-bar" in the local minima with a support on the level of 118.00. The pair reached the target at 117.50 and then retreated to the area 50.0 Fibonacci medium-term uptrend on the daily timeframe. In support of reversal by the existence of strong resistance, but the pair is moving in a downward trend, as well as ten-year government bond yields schedule leading eurozone economy, so purchases without additional supporting risky signals.
Analyst from company ForexMart

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Friday, January 18, 2019

My Money Manager

My Money Manager

My Money Manager It allows you to manage risk by setting your trades to the extent necessary from the point of view of the acceptable level of risk for you.

The product also allows you to preview your entry levels in the market, stop-loss and take-profit (EP / SL / TP levels) before installation order by dragging and dropping these levels directly on the chart. In addition, the product provides information on these levels at the opening position.

With this tool, you will feel more comfortable when making a decision about installing a warrant, as well as profit / loss prediction based on your orders. Thus, the accuracy and efficiency of the installation orders increased.

The product is part of the Auto Trade Driver:

Note: Demo version for testing can be downloaded here:


  • The calculation of the exact value of the volume corresponding to an acceptable risk for you (in% of total assets), including brokerage commissions.

  • The ability to drag the levels of entry into the market, stop-loss and take-profit on the chart preview before setting orders.

  • Trade in one click for all types of orders.

  • Informing about the calculated levels of stop-loss and take-profit orders at the opening.

  • Control panel in real time.

  • Restoring previous settings after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.


  • Commission Setting (Menu): type of brokerage commissions for every traded lot. Setting is important for calculating the necessary volume, suitable for acceptable risk.

    • Commission Type: type of brokerage commission. Is equal to "Account currency", if the commission is charged in the currency of the deposit, and "Base currency", if the commission is calculated in the base currency trading pairs.

    • Commission Per Lot: the number of monetary units, levied as a fee for a standard lot. If the fee is not charged by your broker / a type of account, just leave this value is zero.

  • Stoploss Risk: the percentage of risk that you are willing to lose in the event of the closure of the stop-loss.

  • Est. Loss + Commission: the total loss at the point stop loss. This includes the total amount of the loss and loss of commission orders.

  • Order Type: order type.

  • Order Comment: Comment to the order.

  • Magic Number: magic number to identify your orders for future use.

  • Set SL / TP By: method of setting levels stop loss / take profit. "Price", if you want to set SL / TP levels at a certain value of the price, "Distance" - at a certain distance from the entry point.

  • Adjustment Step: step increase / decrease the price by using the buttons to increase / decrease arrow.

  • Stoploss / Takeprofit / Distance: value to determine the levels of stop-loss / take profit. Setting the stop-loss level is required to calculate the appropriate volume (You can then remove the stop-loss order, if necessary, but you must enter a value for the calculation of the amount and placement of orders). Take profit = 0 means that the order will not be exposed to the level of take-profit.

  • Order Dragging feature: when installing access points, stop-loss and take-profit in the toolbar you will see a corresponding horizontal line on the chart. You can choose the line and drag them to the necessary level to change the value. In connection with these levels of order type will be automatically selected.

My Money Manager


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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Four Bands

Four Bands

An optimistic trader can enter the market when the price crosses the blue-green line.

A more reliable signal is the intersection cost blue line.

If price reverses and its intersection with the red line, you can open a position in the direction of price movement.

Four Bands

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Oil conceived jump

Oil conceived jump?

Good afternoon, colleagues.

We carry out regular analysis of the weekly chart WTI using the AC and AO indicators.

In the graph we can see testing of divergence on AO. In our opinion it does not matter whether the oil will soon break through the yellow line on the graph, or even goes down behind the blue (45. 5), continuing the correction.

We believe that this figure is aimed at the breakdown of the yellow and green lines, and then develop a full-fledged rally.

We look at the next week: how to approach the levels as the character will go penetration, whether it is true or false. We are waiting for interesting events.

This material is not intended for your trading is the subjective opinion of the author.

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Stop on USD CHF

Stop on the USD \ CHF

According to the USD \ CHF brake load, after the strong momentum up from a certain level of support on the weekly chart, the price is a little stopped at a property of strong resistance, formed a pair of pin bars, which clearly showed that the bulls are weakened and preparing a correction, but the news still moved up further, will soon go down but when it is not clear ...

Stop on USD CHF

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Smart Moving Averages Indicator

Smart Moving Averages Indicator

Smart Moving Averages - exclusive indicator for MetaTrader platform.

Instead of calculating the moving averages for the selected timeframe chart, Smart Moving Averages indicator makes it possible to calculate the moving average, regardless of timeframe chart.

For example, you can display the 200-day moving average on the chart H1.

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • Timeframe: timeframe for calculating the moving average

  • MA Period: period moving average, which is used to calculate the moving average

  • MA Method (Simple / Exponential / Smoothed / Linear weighted): method to calculate the moving average

In the tab "Colors" you can customize the appearance of the moving average line (color, size, type).

On the same graph you can display an unlimited number of moving averages.

Smart Moving Averages indicator can be used with any type of assets: forex, commodities, stocks, futures.

The indicator can be used on any timeframe.

Of course, for proper operation of the indicator requires a sufficient amount of data (bars) on the graph that will be used in calculations.

Smart Moving Averages indicator can also work in conjunction with other indicators and advisors:

Smart Moving Averages Indicator

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  • DoubleMultiTimeFrameMA

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Friday, January 11, 2019

MQL notes

MQL notes

typename () returns the type of a variable

int a = 0;
Alert (typename (a)); // returns int

CopyTicks flags







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US and North Korea are still afraid

US and North Korea are still afraid of the market | Boris Fedotov

US and
North Korea continues to scare the market

Financial markets
last week was more positive than its predecessor, in fact, that
It explains the reduced tension in the US-North Korean relations.
The head of North Korea's Kim Jong-un is still not in a hurry to implement the attack on the combat base
US and South Korea, and Trump is also in no hurry to initiate military operations against
North Korea. These facts supported the market rate for risky

Stock indexes in
turn were also supported and assets "safe haven" - the yen, gold,
Swiss franc have been adjusted. Yet they remain near
local maxima. This shows that the possibility of a military
collision still exists and it will not go away. For example, the fact that
US is virtually no talks and North Korea do not lead, and forms an opinion that
hand just waiting for a certain moment.

certain degree of
Fear makes the beginning of the annual US combat tactical exercises and South Korea
the first day of the week. This creates an opportunity to once again return to the
aggressive statements from North Korea. At this stage, worth the wait
leaving traders from risky assets, in fact, that would be a prerequisite for their
sales and increased demand for assets "safe haven".

Learn how you can earn on the DPRK-US confrontation here

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Usdjpy could not continue recov

Usd / jpy could not continue the recovery

After parting with the hope of further recovery, USD / JPY retreated to 109.50 in the middle of the New York session.

The pair ran into offera near 109.75. Moreover, it puts pressure on the degree of continuing geopolitical tensions surrounding North Korea and Syria. Into the hands of the yen has played a renewed drop in Treasuries yields.

The publication of US data on prices for import / export, was omitted players on deaf ears. Basically a couple focuses on market sentiment.

Now the attention of traders focused on China's data on trade balance, that may affect the players craving to take risks and to reduce the demand for risk-free yen.

Levels of USD / JPY

Near term support is marked near the mark of 109.20. Breakdown accelerate the decline and will couple first near 109.00, and then send a very important 200-day SMA near 108.55.
Attempts to restore the above session highs near 109.75 face strong resistance near the psychological mark 110.00. A breakthrough in the area will pave the way to the area of ​​the intermediate resistance near 110.25, and then send a pair to the area of ​​110.50.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

TradeRunner Pro

TradeRunner Pro

It does not martingale, grid, hedges or any other averaging strategy.

The expert uses a classic system of trade at the breakdown with a special filter. It tracks the movement of the market and sets the pending orders. If they do not activate within a certain time, the new levels are set. When activated, the adviser accompanies every transaction dense trailing. Each transaction is protected by a stop loss.

The best time to trade - when opened the London and US session. Recommended (and tested) currency pairs - EURUSD and GBPUSD

We also recommend using the VPS-server with a very fast response and ECN-broker with low spreads and without the stop level.

Trade advisor can look at the signal:

Main settings

  • MAGICNO - unique magic number to identify the advisor and the currency pair

  • lots - lot size for trading if the money management function is disabled

  • UseMM - use money management

  • MaximumRisk - the maximum risk of using money management

  • MaximumLotSize - maximum lot size

  • DecreaseFactor - reduction factor

  • DecreaseLotSizeAfterXLosses - reduce the size of the transaction or not after receiving Loss

  • IncreaseFactor - magnification factor

  • IncreaseLotSizeAfterXLosses - increase or no amount of the transaction after receipt Loss

  • TimeFrame - timeframe for the analysis of bars

  • HistoryAnalyse - the number of bars to check

  • Schift - the number of bars for the beginning, for example, are analyzed at 1 1-19 bars, at 5 bars analyzed 5-23

  • LastLowHigh - open pending orders only when the minimum and the maximum located at a distance of at least 3 bars

  • Tral_Stop - number of trailing points when the position of profit

  • TrailingStep - trailing step, when the position of profit

  • StopLossInPoint - loss of points at which the transaction closes

  • TakeProfitinPoint - takeprofit in (at 0 not used)

  • PendingOrderExpirationInHours - delete pending orders after the number of hours

  • StartTradeHour - hour started

  • StartTradeMinute - minute started

  • EndTradeHour - hour finishing work

  • EndTradeMinute - minute finishing work

  • CloseStartHour - hour start closing any open trades

  • CloseStartMinute - minute start closing any open trades

  • CloseEndHour - end hour close open transactions

  • CloseEndMinute - minute of the end of the closing of open transactions

  • in_NY_DST - Set to true If New York switched to daylight saving time (spring). Otherwise, set false (Winter)

  • GMTOffsetForTesting - shift GMT - only for backtesting

TradeRunner Pro

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

MA Signal

MA Signal

Fairly simple and straightforward indicator that shows the intersection points of two Moving Average, but when used in some commercial systems can be an indispensable trading tool. When crossing Moving Averages indicator draws the arrows in accordance with the direction of the intersection and issues an alert notifying about it.

indicator settings

  • Period Fast MA - A period of rapid Moving Average;

  • Period Slow MA - Period of slow Moving Average;

  • Method MA - Method Moving Average method;

  • Apply to - Apply to prices;

  • Alert - Alert;

  • Number of history bars - Number of Bars stories which will be drawn on the indicator;

That's all. All brilliant - easy!

MA Signal

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Batman Batman Advisor is based on a very simple system that uses ZigZag indicator and breakdown strategy. Transactions are opened only wh...