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VolatilityDepth5X - multi-indicator generating signals based on the detection the most significant volatility Forex market. Upon detection of such a volatility indicator sends notification of buying and selling on your mobile phone or email, on a pair you must immediately enter the market.

It mainly analyzes the fundamental impact of macroeconomic news on any timeframe, as well as It monitors the direction, strength and volatility of cross-pairs in the Forex market. Indicator simultaneously shows that the movement of prices in the Forex market - this is a zero sum game in any of the five selected timeframes. It is useful for sklperskih strategies, intraday trading, day treydrov, swing traders and position traders.

It supports eight currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD and NZD, and all timeframes. VolatilityDepth5X indicator uses a simple algorithm to calculate. Depth indicator measures relative volatility group FX pairs associated with a particular currency.

How to trade the signals VolatilityDepth5X

Start VolatilityDepth5X indicator on the chart; light can also work on two or more plots with different selected five timeframes.

You should always trade currencies with positive depth against currencies with negative depth.

Notification formats are described below

  • VD-Signal

  • Time: 2016.10.20 00:00

  • timeframe; H12

  • AUD; +6

  • CHF; -6

  • JPY; +6

  • The first description of - must be buy AUD (base currency) and selling CHF. Those. just need to make purchase of AUDCHF

  • The second description - must be sell CHF (base currency) and buy JPY. Those. just need to make Sale of CHFJPY

  • The third description - AUDJPY will be the next couple of which are expected after the strong trend in the movement range.

Selection levels stop loss and take profit; since notification is formed on the timeframe H12, you must install VolatilityStops-TF in H12 and set value corresponding to the stop-loss and take profit based on timeframe H12

  • VD-Signal

  • Time: 2016.12.12 00:00

  • timeframe; D1

  • EUR; 0

  • GBP; 0

  • Description: If the two currencies the same number; EURGBP currency pair will show the movement in the range of (lateral movement), before you install a new strong trend. Accordingly, AUDJPY will move in a range before setting a new strong trend.

The main reason why you must have VolatilityDepth5Xis

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Never redrawn and signals dorisovyvaet

  • It allows you to trade like a pro

  • Instead of guessing it provides facts

  • Very accurate signals

  • Notifies trusted pairs

  • Not delayed, it is a leading indicator

  • All calculations and alerts occur in real time

  • Trading under the "set and forget"

  • Analyzes the profound impact of economic news

  • It predicts couple who show a strong trend

  • At the same time, you can select five timeframes

  • It helps to understand the forex as a "zero sum game"

  • It saves time and energy that you would spend sitting in front of computer

  • It helps to determine the levels of take-profit and stop-loss

  • More trading opportunities due to the simultaneous operation of five timeframes

important Notices

  • Download historical data for 28 pairs and make sure that all the 28 pairs are present in the character window

  • Indicator VolatilityDepth5X generates signals on the higher timeframes rather than younger. Top timeframes: H3, H4, H6, H8, H12, D1, W1, MN1

Do not panic, be bold and confident when using VolatilityDepth5X.

The main functions of the indicator VolatilityDepth5X

analytic functions

VD-Index: used to send notifications. You can change the default values ​​+6 and -6, which gives good signals and alerts. Default:

  • VD-Index High = +6

  • VD-Index Low = -6

graphics functions

  • Any of the five display windows timeframes can be enabled or disabled

  • Five windows are displayed on the same graph at the same time, their location can be changed.

location settings

They are used for moving any of the time frames windows in all positions;

  • Pos X Win 1: 1 movement of the window horizontally

  • Pos Y Win 1: 1 movement of the window vertically

window settings

Ability to disable any of the windows


Can send an e-mail notification, in the form of messages and mobile notifications


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