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Blahtech Daily Range MT5

Blahtech Daily Range MT5

Indicator Blahtech Daily Range displays the average daily range
with ranges of individual sessions. Using the daily opening prices
As reference, the indicator indicates fixed range target, and
dynamic range as lines on the graph. These lines clearly
show, when there is a depletion of the average range. day and
session ranges may be useful to confirm the input or
setting goals, and are an excellent way to improve the chances
any trading system.

Key Features

  • daily range
  • session ranges
  • Single or multiple ranges
  • Fixed and dynamic depletion of the line on the graph
  • Allocating large ranges
  • Configurable target values ​​and selection
  • History test directly on the chart
  • Customizable alerts and reports
  • Ability to select the period for higher timeframes
  • Hot shortcuts

Buffers iCustom for developers

  1. Empty
  2. ADR
  3. Open
  4. Close
  5. High
  6. Low
  7. RoomUp
  8. RoomDown

Input parameters

session ranges

  • Visible - Text display session ranges
  • Show Current - Displays the current session range
  • Periods (days) - The number of days for a medium-sized session
  • Session Names - List of sessions names, separated by commas
  • Session Schedules - List of sessions, separated by commas
  • Highlight Ratio - Sessions - The relative percentage value at which the session should be highlighted
  • Highlight Ratio -Current - A percentage value at which the current session should be highlighted
  • Text Colour -Titles - Header text color
  • Text Colour - Values - The color values ​​of the text
  • Text Colour - Highlight - Session - Text color selection sessions
  • Text Colour - Highlight - Current - The color of the text indicate the current session
  • Zone Colour 1 - Color for the session 1
  • Zone Colour 2 - Color for the session 2
  • Zone Colour 3 - Color for the session 3
  • Zone Colour 4 - Color for session 4

daily range

  • Number Ranges -Number ranges for the image on the chart
  • Range Lines - Show / hide a fixed line, the line of exhaustion and the projection of the line on the graph. Hot key "A"
  • Range Lines - Legends - Text to display under line - Projections / timeframe. Hot key "\"
  • First Range - The number of periods for the first range
  • Second Range - second range
  • Third Range - The third range
  • Fourth Range - The fourth range
  • Average Range Calc Type - Type calculated mid-range Mid-range / Average True Range
  • Average Range Composition - Ranges used in calculating the average range
  • timeframe - The period used in the range (by default - Daily)
  • Projections - Fixed - Fixed size of the first projections
  • Projections - Levels - List of other projections, separated by commas
  • Highlight Ratio - Current - The percentage at which the current range must be selected
  • Text ADR Title - ADR text for the header
  • Text Colour - Titles - Header text color
  • Text Colour - Values - The color values ​​of the text
  • Text Colour - ADR Value - The color values ​​of the text ADR
  • Text Colour - Highlight - Current - The text color of the current selection
  • Lines Colour - High - High color lines
  • Lines Colour - Low - Color low lines
  • Line Style - Target - Style of the target line before exhaustion
  • Line Style - Exhausted - Style of the target line after exhaustion
  • Line Style - Projections - Fixed - Style fixed-line projection
  • Line Style - Projections - Levels - Line style projection levels
  • Lines Projections - Fixed Thickness - Fixed thickness of the projection lines
  • Daily Range Start Hour (GMT) - Change the initial hour of the day
  • Roll Sunday Range - including Sunday slot on Monday or Friday

Other options

  • Instance Id - The ID indicator instance
  • Text Font - text font
  • Text Size - Titles / Values - Text size headers / values
  • Text Size - Line Legends - The size of the text lines signatures
  • Text Spaces - The distance between text
  • Text Start Column - The initial column of text
  • Text Start Row - The initial line of text
  • Alerts - Popup - pop-up notification
  • Alerts - Email - email alert
  • Alerts - Notification - notification
  • Alerts - Sound Wav File - notification with a sound .wav file
  • Alert - Message Text - Messages with text
  • Alert Email - Subject - Subject notification via email
  • Alert Email - Body Text - notified body of email
  • Hot Key Map - Map input hotkey keyboard, allows the user to remap hotkeys
    • "A" Show / hide the lines on the chart
    • "B" Turn on / off mode backtesting
    • "C" Deleting all graphics Blahtech indicator from the chart. Pressing the "C" their returns
    • "R" reset indicator. (Cleared test mode on the history and values ​​of all hotkeys)
    • "P" Otobraazht prices right of the graph lines
    • "\" Show / Hide the text under the line of signatures
  • Backtest Mode Expire Time (mins) - the expiration of the test mode time on stories in minutes until canceled (0 = no limit)
  • GMT Offset - Use Daylight Savings - Changing the time 1 hour, if the local computer by going to summer / winter time
  • GMT Offset - Manual displacement of GMT in seconds Set if your broker server time does not match the expected time of session

Blahtech Daily Range MT5

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