Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Currency market And now sell r

Currency market. And now sell the ruble

Ruble updated 1.5-month
at least touched 58.35 against the dollar. And ready to lose even more. And all
business sentiment in the market.

Currency market And now sell r

For many months the Russian currency has experienced good
demand from speculators, who have invested in higher-yielding currencies in
part of carry trades strategies. They chose the most secure of
risky. profitability and risk ratio most suited. extension
visit the website GK FOREX CLUB

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MMM Parabolic SAR

MMM Parabolic SAR

MMMStochastic advisor strategy:

  • The robot constantly using Parabolic SAR indicator, and performs calculations to determine the price trend. If it determines the bullish prices, it sends an order to buy. If the indicator determines the bearish nature of prices, it sends an order to sell.

  • EA does not place an order until the indicator will determine a good trend.

  • As with all products MMM, the EA is programmed capital protection in the event of adverse market behavior. Protection includes the use of a trailing stop, wherein the stop-loss for tool price moves after release order to profit. In addition, you can specify a minimum percentage of the funds in the account to send a new order.

Input parameters

  • Closes orders with any profit of value over specified in currency: This option works the same way as the traditional take profit, but with the difference that here the value indicated in the deposit currency, typically USD. To disable this option type 0 (zero).

  • Take profit (order profit ceiling): traditional take profit. Its value is specified in pips. Warrants will be automatically opened with the value of the take-profit. To disable this option type 0 (zero).

  • Stop loss (loss limit): Traditional stop-loss. Its value is specified in pips. Warrants will be automatically opened with the value of the stop-loss. To disable this option type 0 (zero).

  • Lots volume to trade: the volume of orders to trade at the current currency pair. This parameter is optional.

  • Trailing stop loss: traditional trailing stop. Its value is specified in pips. Warrants will be automatically opened with the value of the stop-loss. To disable this option type 0 (zero).

  • Maximum number of simultaneous orders to open os this symbol: the maximum number of simultaneously opened orders for the current symbol. To disable this option type 0 (zero).

  • Minimum equity percentage to allow opening new orders: minimum amount of own funds required to open new orders, used to protect the capital.

  • Double the trading volume (lots) if prior order if profitable: when setting true adviser will double the volume of these orders after the close of profitable orders for current symbol. To disable this option, type false.

  • Parabolic SAR Step: price increment - accelerating factor;

  • Parabolic SAR Maximum: maximum step value;

  • Parabolic SAR Shift: offset indicator;

  • Magic Number: magic number used to Councilor orders.

MMM Parabolic SAR

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Monday, February 26, 2018



Pathfinder expert uses these three indicators moving average. Closure takes place when a position opposite signal.

Input parameters

  • First MA Period - period of the first indicator;

  • Second MA Period - period of the second indicator;

  • Third MA Period - third display period;

  • MA Method - indicators averaging method;

  • Mode - Expert mode (0-7);

  • Fixed Lot - Lot fixed value;

  • Variable Lot - AC Lot as a percentage of free margin.

The screenshots shows the results of backtesting.
Testing was conducted with EURUSD and timeframe M1 in
mode, the "Every tick" for the period from 01.07.2013 on 06.07.2013. used
fixed item 0.1, during the first indicator 120, the indicator 30 second period, the third period of the indicator 270, the averaging method Simple, 6 expert mode.


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Thursday, February 22, 2018



The script converts unsorted list of news feeds macroeconomic data from the calendar of events in a comfortable table where:

  • Each line - another date;

  • Each column - data on certain macroeconomic indicators.

Empty cell on a column filled with the previous value.

The original document to be processed in a table is required initially prepared. It must be a table in CSV format, containing seven columns, in lines which made the data from the event calendar.

column headings

  • Date - the date of publication in the format DD.MM.YYYY;

  • MonthYear - MM.GGGG (optional) format;

  • Time - format HH: MM (optional);

  • Time Zone - GMT (optional);

  • Currency - abbreviation of the country's currency, by which publishes news, for example - "USD";

  • Description - the name of the macro-economic indicators or events;

  • Previous - the value of this parameter or the result of an event, given to a general numerical form.

The script in the Setup dialog box prompts you to specify the name of the input file and the name of the document to get the output. output file for the data must first be placed in katalog_dannyh_terminala \ MQL5 \ Files, target will be created in the same place. The code inserted alerts, they will help you understand at which stage the script. The appearance of the alert "8" indicates that the job is done and you can pick up the file.

The resulting table is used for multiple regression analysis.

By purchasing this script, you get the opportunity to:

  • automate fundamental analysis;

  • identify factors affecting the change in price of a financial instrument by using statistical data processing software (Statistica).

Free version with limitations is available here:

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

8 Main lessons for 80 year history

8 main lessons for the 80-year history of the market

MarketWatch columnist
Paul Merriman in his article
It discusses what lessons need
drawn from the entire history of the market. offer
join his reasoning and
I represent an adapted translation

What do you think, what
the most important knowledge should be at

Keep your expenses
at a low level? Supermenedzher hire?
To avoid paying taxes? catch the perfect
moment? These are all significant, but perhaps
the most important decision - is the choice of assets,
in which you invest. selection
asset class - a fancy name
for advice, of course.

In fact, to postpone
some money to invest then
these funds in the first place - is,
perhaps the most important step. And if you
do not do this, then you are not even an investor.

In the stock market you
You can invest in popular
growth stocks or shares at a low
value. You can invest in large
companies (large-cap) or
smaller companies (small caps).
You can invest in the US
stocks or international. Possible and
themselves developing equity markets to invest
funds and even funds

According to experts,
more than 90% of your final yield from
investment depends on the choice of the class
assets. (This assumes that you have invested
money and leave them there. when you move
them from one of your other assets
the results are completely unpredictable).

There are some
the study of how the most popular
four American asset class
equity behaved for
recent decades. Many people
think, S P 500 index represents
"market"But it is not. In fact,
actually, for a long time
each of the other of his "colleagues" Indices
surpassed this figure is much,
and more than once. The author assures us,
that he might make a table with
an interval of one year, but for us also,
readers prefer more informative.
One of the reasons why he chose the period
10 years old, is an aphorism of Warren Buffett: Do not
something must buy if you are not sure,
that within ten years, this
asset does not leave the market.

Here are some of the findings,
that the author did after comparing
assets - the index S P 500, U.S. Large Cap Value,
U.S. Small Cap and U.S. Small Cap Value. "Whenever
study table of investment returns,
I draw important lessons that help
understand the market and it does not surprise me their
behavior ", - says the author.

asset class
30-39 40-4950-59
S P 500 index-0.1
Large-Cap Value-5.7
Small-Cap Value-2.6

Here are eight things that
It can be understood from this table:

1. It is obvious that, when
compare indicators in increments of 10 years,
the market has grown most of the time. Of
The table shows that 28 of the 32 indicators
positive, and only four -
negative. By the way, three of them
occurred back in the 1930s.

2. The market can be very
successful consecutive decades. Most
investors recall that in the 1990s were
very high returns for stocks, but this
table shows an even higher
profit in 1980.

3. Leading and lagging
asset class is sometimes reversed.
This makes it difficult to select just one,
with whom you can be sure that he
It will always be on top. In the 1960s,
companies with small capitalization and
cheap stocks behave better. They
We did the same from 2000 to 2009. But,
in 1970 were ahead of all assets
large-cap and penny stocks.
In the 1950s, 1980s and 1990s, each class
assets in this table received double-digit
revenues, and 1940 have been extremely close.

4. The most consistent
The winners were stocks with low
capitalization and value. For 1930
s still got this asset class
Ten years ago the profit, which is always
It was more than 12.5%.

5. Only one
decade - 30 years - almost all
Group received profit. And if you
the math indicator for inflation,
it turns out that the return of this group
I was actually positive: up

6. The first 10 years of this
century was viewed as "lost"
decade for stock investors,
mainly due to the growth of expensive stocks and
pair serious bear markets. In that
decade of the portfolio, which was
is divided equally among the four
asset classes, earned a profit
about 6.7%.

7. Over the past 80 years
"market beating" It was very easy,
if you think S P 500 index.

8. Saying that investors
get paid to take risks seems to be working
very good. Stocks of expensive assets
They are riskier than S P
500, and they are paid more. Growth shares
small caps are more
risky than stocks with high
capitalization, and they will also receive
more. Shares of small-cap -
the riskiest among these classes
assets, and investors have received the most
higher yield.

thanks to the third
lesson, it is impossible to understand what classes
assets will work best for
next week, next month,
in the next year or even next
decade. But there is a magic that
You can combine all four of them
in one portfolio. In 84 years - from 1930 to 2013
year - this group of four assets
increase the annual income from 9.7% to 12%.

If you think
it's a bit, here's a math: $ 1,000
Investments in 1930 (equivalent to
$ 14,084 in today's dollars) would have increased
to $ 2.4 million (unless assume 9.7%) or $ 13.6 million
(At 12%).

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Euro falls dollar strengthens

Euro falls, dollar strengthens

Yesterday, after the
the collapse in oil prices, the euro crossed the
a nine-year low, and now the EURUSD
It is trading at 1.1885 (at 11.17 MSK).

expected today
important information about inflation in the euro zone.
As expected, the data show first
drop in consumer prices in annual
terms since 2009 and will encourage
for the ECB to the top of a large run
program of QE.

"We expect,
On January 22, the ECB will announce the beginning of last
QE and the first purchases
securities, which should begin to
end of the month "- says economist of Citi
Guillaume menu. - "Given the critical
falling inflation and even the possibility of its
negative values ​​for December
we doubt that the ECB will decide to wait
a bit more. After all, the next time you answer
"Not now," investors can come in

Today on
Asian trading, market participants have been
busy, e.g., that sold
Euro. As a result, the single currency continued
to fall against the dollar and against the yen.
EURJPY is trading now
the level of 141.53, but before the closing of the Asian
trading and showed the level of 140.58. Dollar
rebounded from Tuesday's values
and now USD / JPY
at 119.12. The euro was partly due
not only from the ECB's concerns, but also to the fact
Germany seems to be preparing to leave
Greece from the eurozone.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Double Top Scanner For Multi Pair

Double Top Scanner For Multi Pair And MTF

The indicator was developed by the former employee of the hedge fund, and it automatically detects the pattern "double top" and "double bottom". It can also be used for pattern recognition "triple top" and "Triple Bottom". He will in particular seek formation occurring at the top (or bottom) tredna.

Remember: "Double top" (or "double bottom") in end of the trend - it is a strong sign that the price is hard to move on. Thus, there is a high probability that the reversal. And the chances are even higher in the case of a "triple top" or "triple bottom".


  • Simultaneously monitors all 28 pairs. Attach the light to just one plan and immediately track the entire market.

  • It keeps track of all timeframes from M1 to the MN, as well as send you a notification in real time when the formations.


  • Type Of Bottom: Choose the formation you want to find. Doubles = Patterns "double top" and "double bottom", Triples = pattern "triple top" and "Triple Bottom"

  • RSI Period: Option to RSI filter

  • Upper Level: Level perekuplennosti for RSI filter. The first peak / bottom must be formed above this level to be valid.

  • Lower Level: Level pereprodannosti for RSI filter. The first peak / bottom must be formed below this level to be valid.

  • Bars Between: The minimum number of bars between the top / bottom.

  • Pips Distance: The number of pips in each top / bottom.

  • Symbols: By default, the indicator tracks the top 28 pairs, but you can specify a smaller number of pairs if desired.

  • Alert to M1 (Alert on M1): True = Yes, False = No

  • Alert to M5 (Alert on M5): True = Yes, False = No

  • Alert on M15 (Alert on M15): True = Yes, False = No

  • Alert on M30 (Alert on M30): True = Yes, False = No

  • Alert on H1 (Alert on H1): True = Yes, False = No

  • Alert to H4 (Alert on H4): True = Yes, False = No

  • Alert to D1 (Alert on D1): True = Yes, False = No

  • Alert at W1 (Alert on W1): True = Yes, False = No

  • Alert on MN1 (Alert on MN1): True = Yes, False = No

For more information, I recommend to familiarize with screenshots below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Be sure to check out the rest of our indicators and our short video. In these videos contain a lot more information (including our guidance for trade).

Double Top Scanner For Multi Pair

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Rosneft has offered to form country's

Rosneft has offered to form the country's oil reserves

According to the chairman
Board of Directors of "Rosneft"
Alexander Nekipelova, Russia should be
consider the idea of ​​establishing an oil
reserve. This will help regulate
the supply of oil in the world market.

"We ought to go back
to the question of whether to form
infrastructure, which would allow
State to form a reserve of oil
at a time when it is in excess, and in order
to throw it on the market in
the opposite situation"- offers

It is noteworthy that
such a proposal was received from Rosneft
on the eve of the OPEC meeting. On
meeting, likely to be discussed
the issue of reducing oil production by members
OPEC to support prices for raw materials.

According to analysts,
Russia has little opportunity to influence the
world oil prices, especially because
that there is sufficient storage tanks
oil storage, and also because of the high
budget dependence on oil revenues.

Recently it became known,
that the Russian government is discussing the possibility
reduce oil production in order to maintain
commodity prices in the world. But this step is
inadvisable, experts say.
They believe that international
quotes do not affect the volume of production, and
oil exports. But this
Russian figure just gradually decreases
For several years in a row.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Multi TimeFrame PSAR

Multi TimeFrame PSAR

This indicator is based on the popular indicator Parabolic SAR.

Indicator Parabolic SAR is plotted as points located above or below the price. This upward trend indicator points are located below the price, if the downward trend points are displayed over price.

The indicator shows the MTF-PSAR Parabolic SAR data from multiple time frames specified in the input parameters.

the default settings:

  • TF1 = 1;

  • TimeFrame2b = true;

  • TF2 = 5;

  • TimeFrame3b = true;

  • TF3 = 15;

  • TimeFrame4b = true;

  • TF4 = 60;

  • InpPSARStep = 0.02;

  • InpPSARMaximum = 0.2;

TF1-TF4 values ​​may be in the following ranges:

  • TF1 - from M1 (1) to H4 (240);

  • TF2 - from M5 (5) to D1 (1,440);

  • TF3 - of M15 (15) to W1 (10080);

  • TF4 - of M30 (30) to the MN1 (43200).

All selected timeframes should not be lower than the current chart timeframe.

You can use the data from all four or at least timeframes with the parameters: TimeFrame1b - TimeFrame4b.

Multi TimeFrame PSAR

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HandMarket - interactive shopping robot. It operates within different market formations (inclined trend channel, horizontal, tapering or widening flat triangle, flag, etc.). Line, limiting the formation, set a man.

Features of the trading strategy

Machine algorithms inaccurately determine the trend channels and other market figures. Only man can do it correctly. This robot allows a person to manually designate the selected shape on the graph, and then trades within the predetermined region thus. When the output of the boundary of this region is changing the logic of the chosen strategy, so the trade is stopped to indicate the next figure man. Within a given area the robot places the order with the trend. Established order is accompanied by a robot: stop loss and Take Profit is adjusted automatically with the passage of time when the price moves within a given area.

Test results

The robot operates without adjustment and without optimization on all currency pairs and time frames can be set to any value of the lot. With proper job market figures, in one cycle of operation should produce a few winning trades and losing one (shown in the screenshot). The loss is obtained at an output of said border region against the trend. Check with a real account filmed on video. Video report can be viewed at the link.

Main settings

  • Magic number - magic number of orders (to set a different value, if multiple copies of the robot will work in one terminal);

  • Task - solved the problem (Trading - trade, Setting the trend lines - manual setting of trend / limit lines, Reset to initial conditions - reset in the initial conditions);

  • Language messages - robot language posts (English, Russian);

  • Direction of work - line of work (only BUY or only SELL);

  • Lot - lot;

  • Criteria (%) - distance to the limit line (% of channel width) at which to place an order;

  • Step change goals (pips) - step movement of the goals set by the order for manual movement of the boundary lines (points).

Recommendations for use

The robot can use the accounts to 5 and 4-bit quotations. Minimum deposit - from $ 10. Currency pair - any, timeframe - whatever. For a minimum deposit taking timeframe M1 and Lot 0.01.

Starting robot is carried out in two stages:

1. Manual setting trend (restrictive) lines. For this option Task (Target) is set to the position Setting the trend lines (Manual trend lines). Starting work, the robot draws two lines, which the user must manually mark the boundaries of the market figures in the chart for the chosen currency pair. How to do it, you can see in the video.

2. Start the operating mode. If the trend to an older time frame upwards, the option Direction of work (Direction of operation) is set to the position only BUY, if the trend is down, only SELL. To start setting Task set in a position Trading (trade). The robot starts to work and establishes order.

The robot trades until the price moves within the region indicated by the boundary lines. When the price leaves this area, the robot stops. In this case, the boundary lines turn red. To restart the robot need to get on the chosen currency pair formed a new market characteristic figure (you can wait or to switch to another currency pair, which is a characteristic figure). Parameter Task again placed in the position Setting the trend lines, perform manual identification of new market figures of the boundary lines, check setting Direction of work, and then start trading by selecting options Task task Trading.

If necessary, continue with the initial conditions (limit lines set in starting position), the robot includes a short time with a parameter Task, established position Reset to initial conditions (Reset to initial conditions).

If there is something not clear, ask questions. We are pleased to help you install and configure the robot.



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Wednesday, February 14, 2018



Indicator NearU $ D pane in any trading instrument displays the average value of the price variance US dollar in items for the period.

to calculate currency use the following charts seven trading tools:


Input parameters:

  • DigitsStyle - 4 (four digits and two digits) or 5 (five characters and three characters);

  • DRAWs - the number of bars to the indicator;

  • NearPeriod - settlement period indicator.

Parameter NearPeriod It may be a value 0, then use the recommended times for each of the timeframes of the chart.

at NearPeriod = 0:

  • timeframe M1 - period = 60;

  • timeframe M5 - period = 48;

  • timeframe M15 - period = 96;

  • timeframe M30 - period = 192;

  • timeframe H1 - period = 96;

  • timeframe H4 - period = 312;

  • timeframe D1 - period = thirty;

  • timeframe W1 - period = 12;

  • timeframe MN1 - period = 9.

it fourth a series of indicator Near.


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Again about investments What is

Again about investments. What is dangerous about art investment?

Even 20-30 years ago,
hedge funds or private equity funds
were some exotic for investors.
Now nobody will be surprised by this. alternative investments
It is becoming more and many respected
financial institutions offer their
customers the opportunity to invest
in works of art, antiques and
wine. It can also be a violin
famous artists and musicians, valuable
collection watches, stamps and even whiskey.

It sounds tempting? But
Is it possible to make money on the purchase of these
of things?

It would seem that everything looks
not bad. For example, prices for paintings by old
masters do not change much after
index S P, and consequently, there is
chance that in the case of stock market decline
the yield is not art
suffer. And indeed, the art investment
- it is not just a soulless figures in the banks,
and wonderful things that can
just visually pleasing lucky

However, for some reason,
the major investors are in no hurry
buy creations by Pieter Brueghel
A Senior or collection of Ming porcelain
for their investment portfolios. There are many
reasons. This low liquidity,
the opacity of the market and high costs.
And does not the fact that these investments
really bring alternative

We have the results of JP Morgan
study, which was carried out in 2012
year. Over the past 25 years the price of art
absolutely did not respond to
US indexes movement and fall
bonds and real estate. But in practice,
excessive liquidity and high inflation,
that provoke bubbles in financial
markets directly affect the cost of
virtually any collectible goods.

Rather, the impact on prices
alternative other financial assets
markets. For example, a huge rise in prices
French Impressionist paintings
(In 1980-90) coincided with the boom in the Japanese market
property. Japanese insurance
companies pay tens of millions of
dollars for sunflowers and irises Van Gogh.
In May 1990 even recorded two records
- Japanese tycoon Saito bought Roei
"Portrait of Dr. Gachet" Van Gogh for $ 82,5
million and "Ball at the Moulin de la Galette" by Renoir
for $ 78.1 million. Then it was the collapse of the market
Real estate and "appetites"
Collectors investors fell sharply.

Another example -
at prices unmatched collection growth
Bordeaux wine after the 2008 crisis. Then
for three years, the index Liv-ex 100 Benchmark Fine Wine,
tracking the change in prices on the most
famous wines, rose by 80%. wine on
auction sold out instantly,
Chinese press trumpeted about love Chateau
Lafite ... But I love this ball short. When
turned post-crisis stimulation
Chinese economy and reduced available
credit resources, the love of the French
wines began to decline, and the index lost

What is significant - 8
of the 15 most expensive auction sales
art objects were made
after 2009, when the US
the printing press on full
power, and real interest rates
They were negative. What will happen to
appetites of investors when the program
incentives will be phased out, and the dollar
continue to strengthen?

The previous growth rate and
strengthening of the dollar in the 1990s did not cause
is no market price records
art. In fact, if you buy
paintings, wine or even postage stamps
with the aim to make money, then you must immediately
tune in rather long
investment horizon. Of course,
It happens and happy stories when
almost accidentally bought a thing
more expensive in some times two or three
years, but this is perhaps the only exception
the rule.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Press service of Rosneft CB shoot

Press-service of Rosneft: CB shoot economy to not suffered

Today, only the lazy
I have spoken about the increase
the central bank base rate.
And another opinion on the matter
- from the press-secretary of "Rosneft" Mikhail
Leontiev: "The Bank of Russia in its decision
to raise its key interest rate from 10.5% to 17%
I shot the country's economy, and it shall
not suffered. " He said this on the air
"Russian news service".

"CB asserted claims
and goes on to say that he did not
responsible for economic growth, but
for the ruble. Well, at the grave of the Russian
economy and it will be written: "The ruble stood
hard ", - he added the head of the press service

He believes that the main
Russia's problem now - it will stop
the economic growth. And the Bank of Russia does not
It draws attention to this and continues
follow its old monetary policy.
"The monetary policy of the Central Bank, which
performed before Nabiullina drove
economy into recession. Without sanctions,
without anything, just the exchange rate policy "
- said Leontiev.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Midday and new currencies dollar

Midday and new currencies: the dollar for 78 rubles, 97 rubles per euro..

Perhaps today the most hectic day on the foreign exchange market. News sites can not withstand the growing stream of users - for example, a couple of minutes ago, did not open the portal, such as the, the site of RBC, and the portal of the Moscow Exchange "hanging" For more than an hour. However, we do not cease to monitor the exchange rate.

And new antirecord Russian ruble. At 15:13 MSK on the dollar traded at 78.40 rubles, euro -. At the level of 97.27 rubles. (According portal). Once again, we are witnessing another sharp rise in these pairs - about 18% and 19% respectively.

Recall, today the Central Bank raised its key interest rate to 17% to reduce tensions with the Russian national currency.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Outlook on pair audusd

The outlook on the pair audusd

My A Trend indicator shows that there is a tendency to sell.

The strength of the Currency USD AUD much higher.

support levels for the pair: 0.8144, 0.8120, 0.8081

Levels of resistance for the pair: 0.8191, 0.8215, 0.8254

My opinion: We consider the options for sales, with an eye on economic news from the US.

Further information on the chart:

Outlook on pair audusd

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018



Advisor to trade the USD / CHF M5. Based on the definition of the strategy mikrotrendov, point of entry (and exit) counts based on the correlation of a number of indicators. Trading volume for opening a position depends on the results of previous transactions. It is possible to limit the amount of risk (AutoMM option). It is also possible to set the maximum spread above which EA will automatically suspend the trade (option MaxSpread). It uses effective trailing, automatically correcting parameters takeprofit and stoploss, for more profits and minimize drawdowns. Advisor runs on both four- and five-digit quotes on.


  • TakeprofitS - Take Profit for sell orders;

  • StoplossS - Stop-loss for the sell orders;

  • TakeprofitL - Take Profit orders for the purchase;

  • StoplossL - stop-loss orders for the purchase;

  • FixedLot - fixed volume of the lot;

  • AutoMM - Risk limit (as a percentage);

  • MaxSpread - maximum spread above which the trade will be suspended;

  • MagicNumber - any unique number that identifies this advisor.


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Big Three Wall Street closed on

Big Three Wall Street closed on the slide

yesterday's trading
US indices finished the decline.
This was aided by weak statistics
of business activity once in three
key regions of the world: China, the euro zone
and the United States.

DJIA lost
0.29%; S P 500 fell
0.68%; Nasdaq weakened by as much as
1.34%. This behavior of Technology
index is easily explained by the fact that yesterday
very mysterious and unpredictable led
Apple shares themselves: only a
20 minutes after the start of trading for
one minute they collapsed by 5%. A little bit later
just as suddenly, they played a part
"Dumped" prices, but on the whole session
It ended for the "apple" of the company
decreasing by 3.3%.

motions can be of interest to note
quotes the film studio Lions Gate: Van
Jianlin, chairman of the board of China
company Dalian Wanda Group Co, which
controls the second largest network
cinemas in the United States, publicly declared
its intention to control
studio. As a result, the value of Lions
Gate grew by 3%.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Ruble is rising against dollar

The ruble is rising against the dollar and the euro in trading today

Tuesday morning
Moscow Stock Exchange Russian Ruble
little is gaining momentum. In its turn,
Dollar and Euro cheaper. In this way,
yesterday evening the correction continues.

The Russian national
currency is rising after the rebound of oil
prices and rumors of Central Bank intervention. So,
at 11:22 MSK on the dollar was
50.850 rubles. (Down 0.20%), the euro -
63.280 rubles. (Minus 0.73%).

The dollar today could
support the next chairman of the speech
Fed's Janet Yellen, who
scheduled for 16:30 MSK.

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Friday, February 2, 2018



The indicator calculates the most likely area stop / reversal of the trend, zone self trend movements.

Are taken into account:

  • the rate of change of the price;

  • relative deviation angle generated;

  • the average amplitude of the price movement;

  • if the price of their "comfort zone";

  • ATR indicator values.

Indicator may show that at Alert-price entrance to the bus stop / turning area.


  • Draw the entire length? - draw zone until the end of the schedule or not;

  • Show Stop UP-trend - show stopping zone / UP-reversal of the trend;

  • Show UP-trend - show coverage area UP-trend;

  • Show DOWN-trend - show coverage area DOWN-trend;

  • Show Stop DOWN-trend - show stopping zone / DOWN-reversal of the trend;

  • Alert in the area change - Turning Alerta rates when entering in the stop zone / change trend;

  • Next come the color settings of each of the shopping areas.


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Church began work on creation

Church began work on the creation of orthodox banking system

already created
a working group to consider
technical capabilities and parameters
the new system. At the heart of it should be
Orthodox principles. Told
the head of the Synodal Department for
Church and Society
Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin.

They talk about the Orthodox banking,
some - about a wider range
opportunity", - he said. according to him
He said that the idea had already gathered around him
different specialists: "For someone
Today, faith and principles, their own
vision for the future are
more important than money".

Chaplin - the most active ideologist of the new
banking system, and as a protest
usury he has closed or
"Nullify" all the personal accounts that
We expected at least the minimum
bank interest. However, he did not
encourages all to do so, "because life
many much heavier "than his

In November
Archpriest has called for a debate on the
creating in Russia a system that was "
It would be based on ethical rules. " AT
He pointed out as an example the fact that
it turned out at Muslims who
refused to usury, loan
percent, but not lost
"the effectiveness of Islamic banking".

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BoM Collection

BoM Collection BoM Collection currently includes three councilors - Breath of Market EURUSD (recommend to read the description), Breath of...