Thursday, December 14, 2017

News of day

news of the day

Today the attention of market participants drawn
the UK and the US. In the United Kingdom will be published
Preliminary GDP data for the final quarter of last year, and in
The United States released the January statistics on the volume of orders for goods
durables and consumer price index.

GDP is the most important for
state of the national economy of the UK, however, is forecast, it is not
unchanged at 2.7% a year, and 0.5% on a monthly basis.
Thus, in the case of realization of the forecast, these data do not strongly affect the

It seems more important statistics from the US.
It is expected that in January, the volume of orders for goods will increase significantly
durables, which include products with a lifetime of more than
three years. Usually, an increase in demand for expensive durable goods reflects
citizens' confidence in the future and willingness to spend, which has a positive effect on
state of the economy and contributes to the strengthening of the dollar. To increase by
1.9%, which is the biggest increase since July last year. However, in December
the volume of orders fell by 3.4%, which was the sharpest decline since August 2014.

Even less rosy forecasts look
the consumer price index in the United States. It is expected that in January the indicator again
decrease, this time at 0.6%. In annual terms inflation in the United
States may for the first time since 2009, to reach down and negative values
to around 0.1%. Recall that low inflation has long been a headache
pain for the Fed, and largely for this reason snare regulator with increased
interest rate. However, many experts agree that in the course of the year
raise interest rates still have, despite the low
inflation threatening stagnation of the US economy.

Based on the totality of the fundamental factors
in the morning we expect correction of the pair GBP / USD in the area of ​​the level of 1.5470,
then continue to rise to 1.5550 and 1.5600 marks.

News of day

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