Thursday, December 7, 2017

Apple is secretly developing elec

Apple is secretly developing electric

two days earlier in one of the articles on users
wondering about what lies
Apple and whether the Corporation will be able to
present to the world a new leader,
iPhone level product that
a revolution in the market. The other day
The Wall Street Journal published
material, according to which the Apple
It is a secret work
electric model development. well
possible that this project will
the future of the corporation.

Not much is known: a project called
Titan, the machine
It would resemble in appearance a minivan and go
rumors that Apple may
close the project, leaving the idea. but
the technology used in it will pass
in other projects of the company (battery,
electronics, materials). However, in
several hundred people involved in the project
and high-level managers, so
there is every reason to believe that the plans
Apple has serious.

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