Friday, December 15, 2017

Paradox of conflict Greece and

The paradox of conflict, Greece and the EU require different, are threatened by the same

European Union
very afraid that in the Greek elections
Syriza party wins, but it still happened. Party in a relatively short period of time
brought together a coalition and formed
government. And now a new
Greek Prime Minister Alexis
Tsipras requires the EU single - cancel
exactly half of the country's debts to
Union. If the European ministers are not
agree Greece out of the eurozone,
and perhaps even of the EU itself.

But officials
The EU, on the contrary, for its part, is actively
require the payment of debts, otherwise
case threatening exception of Greece
the euro zone. Paradoxically, the fact is that both
hand require different, but threatened
one and the same.

But no one
He does not want a party to rid Greece
the euro. It will be difficult to the country itself,
because it is already used to living "on loan"
but because no new loans have
complicated. Last year, of course,
Samaras government barely managed to
to achieve a surplus in the budget - € 1.9
billion, but this is not enough even to
debt service. Now, with
Tsipras declared program
increased government spending, even this
surplus will have to forget.
It turns out, the country needs the money, and take
they are more comfortable just being in the eurozone.

If the EU
"Forgive" the debts of Greece, the indignant
other countries of the Union - Italy, Spain and
Portugal, too, want to them
"Written off" their debt. In a different
If Greece leaves with success
eurozone, these countries may also follow
its example.

according to
analyst of the newspaper "Kommersant", the best
solution for both parties would like
time exit from the euro zone. Greeks return
to the drachma and devalue it quietly,
to get rid of debt. Then
recover the cost of its own
goods and services that will
competitive on the international market.
So did Turkey, playing the lyre,
and I was able to overcome the hardest
financial and economic crisis of 2001
and restore the economy. which
Incidentally, today is a very well developed.

plus for
Eurozone exit of Greece, too, have -
getting rid of the problem
the debtor will be focus
to help other countries.

But until about
economy, few people think -
parties decide purely political
Problems. Well, because the economy will
way to take revenge on the politicians ...

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