Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Saudi Arabia freeze oil production

Saudi Arabia freeze oil production only in conjunction with other manufacturers

DUBAI (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia will fix the oil level only if so will the other major producers of black gold, including Iran, said Saturday the agency Bloomberg, citing Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to him, the world's largest oil exporter will freeze production at about 10,3-10,4 million barrels per day in the case of the consent of other countries.

"If production does not freeze all the major manufacturers, we are not going to freeze production"- said Mohammed Bin Salman Bloomberg.

Representatives of the oil-producing countries - both within and outside of OPEC - are due to meet on Sunday in Doha to discuss the issue of frozen oil.

On Saturday, Reuters sources said that Iran's representatives will not go on a Sunday meeting in the Qatari capital.

Saudi prince also said that the kingdom is able to immediately increase production to 11.5 million barrels per day, and within a few months - to 12.5 million barrels.

"I'm not suggesting that we produce more, but we can produce more"- said the prince, second in line of succession to the royal throne.

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Forbes published list of top 20

Forbes published a list of the top 20 largest Russian oil buyers

Rating twenty largest Russian oil buyers on Tuesday introduced the magazine Forbes. The publication said that in drawing up this list, the journalists took into account data on the sales of black gold at the end of last year.

So, here I was the leader of the Swiss company Litasco, Russian Lukoil to buy from 35.8 million tons of oil for a total of $ 13 billion. This is followed by China National United Oil Corporation with import volumes at 26.9 million tons for $ 10.5 million. "Transneft" and "Rosneft" There were partners. Three leaders closes the company Total Oil Trading procurement to 14.5 million tons for the sum of US $ 5.2 billion.

It is also reported that the expectations of the representatives of oil sector on the reduction of raw material production in Russia this year, due to lower prices for black gold is not currently justified. The MED predict output increase by 1% to 540 million tons.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Universal Partial Close

Universal Partial Close

The eternal question: "How to keep the earned profit?" you can use partial closure (Partial Close - PC). PC do better on-resistance levels of support.

This adviser accompanies any number of orders, performing for each order their PC. For each order, you can do several PC, shutting them gradually.

operational variables Councilor located on the "Control Panel" (it values ​​in blue and pink cells can be changed):

- "Trade is stopped" at the top panel is a button. In the operating mode shown therein margin level ( "Level"), by pressing the button advisor disconnected or switched on.

- Next comes the table of PC types (There are 6 types of PC):


4Close -215
5contact +520
6Close +925

The first column in the table - PC number, the second column - PC look tretiyy - the number of PC of this type, the fourth - the percentage of the closing bid orders.

Percentage of PC is always considered from the initial order of the lot. For example, when opening an order in lot 80 units. and% PC = 20%, each time will be the closure of 16 units. lot.

For each type of PC you can spend a maximum of nine PC, ie value "Num." <= 9. Num = 0 disables this type of PC.

Types of PC:

  1. "TP". PC increments take profit (TP). Those. PC for the first time will be at TS, then at 2 * TP, then 3 * TP etc.

  2. "SL". PC with a stop-loss step (SL). Those. the first time will be at PC SL, further the level of 2 * SL, then 3 * SL etc.

  3. "Contact -". PC takes place at intersection price lower apex zig-Zag.

  4. "Close -". PC - at closing bar below the bottom vertex of the zigzag.

  5. "Contact +". PC - at intersection price upper vertex of the zigzag.

  6. "Close +". PC - at closing bar above upper zigzag vertices.

Note: p.p.3-6 to specify the conditions for orders Buy, Sell, respectively, for we must act contrary.

  • button switch PC mode: (PC "+" and "-" profit) or (PC only "+" profit).

  • ". Dist PC" (in points) - If the order is closed on a PC, as long as the price does not exceed the value of the "Dist PC." + "WL PC" from the opening price of the warrants, the level bezubytka not be established.

  • "WL PC" (in points) - level bezubytka (Without Loss) orders after PC orders.

  • mode button Trailing Stop (TS): "TS after PC" or "TS independet".

  • "TS" (in points) - Trailing stop begins when the price stood at a distance "TS" + "WL TS".

  • "Step TS" (in points) - What steps will move the trailing stop. If "TS" = 0 or "Step TS" = 0 - TS is turned off.

  • "WL TS" - without a loss at a trailing stop.

Rows Zig-Zag:

  • "TF zz" - the time-frame of a zigzag. Set of characters which are in Metatrader: M1, M5, M15, etc. (You can use lower case letters or digits)

  • "Depth zz" - the depth of the zigzag. The higher the value, the less zigzag.

Trade line:

  • "Up = 1" - permitted maintenance orders Buy. When "up = 0" - is prohibited.

  • "Dw = 1" - Sell orders are allowed to support. When "dw = 0" - is prohibited.

Next cell tells how many orders accompanied by advisers - "Uses ... orders".

String Magica:

The right of the cells "Magic:" you can type a value Magica. If set to 0, will be accompanied by only manual orders. When Magic = -1 orders accompanied with any Sorcere, i.e. all.

However, you can manually provide the necessary support for the warrant. To do this, set on the main screen, "Triangle", so that it covers the selected order. In the "Triangle" instead of the word "Magic" appears the word "Triangle". In this case, said Magick not included.

Orders, accompanied by advisers stand out on the screen "Tagged PC"Which is lower than the Order look like it can, for example, so.:

^ ^ Or 1E.34.X2 23/11/23, and shows how much and what type of MS have passed for this order.

^ - (arrow) is a pointer to the warrant.

"." - (dot) separator (for ease of reading the line).

The left two numbers show how many times orders are closed by TP and SL.

The middle two digits - for the types of PC "Contact -" and "Close -"

Two right-wing figures - for "Contact +" and "Close +".

"X" (cross) - this type of PC is turned off.

"E" ( "End" - "The End") - this means all the PC has finished.

External variables:

  • number_waves, Color_waves - the number of waves of color and zigzag

  • Slippage - slip

  • sdvig_label, clr_label - color shift and "PC Marks"

  • Sound - incl. / off. sounds

  • panel_dist_x, panel_dist_y - panel shift

  • Inf_RUS - Rus. / lat.- language in the panel

Universal Partial Close

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Introducing novelty in 2014 - nepererisovyvayuschiysya and easy to use HelpLine indicator for the Forex market. The indicator tracks trends, filtering false inputs and giving only the weighted signals. We tried to make light was effective enough for traders who are already used to playing for high stakes, and at the same time would remain fairly simple and understandable for beginners.

Our indicator provides accurate Forex-signals, which give the opportunity to earn at least 50 points per day. Features of the indicator can be explained literally in a nutshell. You just have to look at the display and follow the signals to enter the market.

Main advantages of the indicator:

  • Very easy to use, enough to install on the price chart;

  • Nepererisovyvayuschiysya indicator algorithm compared with standard indicators;

  • It shows where to buy and where to sell (there was a blue line - buy, appeared red line - sell);

  • It works on all instruments and currencies;

  • Automatically adjusts to the operation of the market.


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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Follow and Trap

Follow and Trap

This EA is designed for semi-automatic trading. It helps traders catch successful kickbacks with a significant movement in the price chart.


  1. Wait until the price begins to move quickly on the required timeframe. Use custom indicator Average Speed, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Code Base, to determine the high-speed movement of the price.

  2. Select "Follow & Trap "in the Navigator and run it on the chart.

  3. When the price goes up, holding true for "FollowUp" parameter, and the value of "FollowDown" leave as is.

  4. Adviser to place an order Sell Stop at a distance below the price specified in the parameter "Distance". If the price continues to go up, the order will follow it until the rollback and operation. Advisor will monitor your profitable positions, using the built-trailing stop.

  5. When the price goes down, holding true for "FollowDown" parameter, and the value of "FollowUp" leave as is.

  6. If you want to open a new position, complete the work of an expert, and start it again.

Input parameters

  • Followup - to catch the ability to roll back when the price moves up;

  • FollowDown - catching ability to roll back when prices move down;

  • Lot - a fixed trading volume;

  • Distance - the distance from the price in pips to set the stop orders;

  • SL - Stop Loss in pips;

  • TP - Take Profit in pips;

  • UseTrailingStopLoss - modification function includes Stop Loss positions in the movement direction prices in the lucrative;

  • UseTrailingTakeProfit - function includes modifications take profit position in the lucrative direction so that the price is not touched at this level at breakage of communication between the terminal server and the broker;

  • TrailingStep - distance in pips, which must pass the price to change expert of Stop Loss or Take Profit.

Follow and Trap


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Hotels in Turkey fall in value

Hotels in Turkey fall in value against the background of a weak flow of tourists

Last month, the occupancy rate of hotels in Turkey was once again at the minimum level as a month earlier. This figure is in Istanbul, it fell more than 20% against the same period last year, to a level of 51.9%. If we talk about the whole country, the occupancy rate fell by 16.5% - to 52.5%.

Mostly an abbreviation formed from the loss of Russian, German and British holidaymakers.

As noted in the Association of Tour Operators of Russia due to the fall in tourist flow hoteliers lowered accommodation rates. Thus, the average price for a room in Istanbul in March, has fallen from 140 euros to 91.9 euros.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FX signals from SocGen

FX signals from SocGen

* Societe Generale (pronounced Sosete zhenera eh?) (Euronext: GLE, Pink Sheets: SCGLY, ISE: GLE) - one of France's largest financial conglomerates in Europe. The headquarters of Societe Generale is in the business district of La Défense in the Paris suburbs. It consists of two twin skyscrapers, the construction of which was completed in 1995, and the third skyscraper opened in 2008.

SocGen recommends short on EUR / USD at 1.1850 with a stop above 1.20, and the purchase on the currency pair USD / JPY at 101.50 with a stop below 100 ..

Signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

In Russia launch center market

In Russia, the launch center market development of precious metals

Russian Industry and Trade Ministry plans to establish a Science and Technology Center, which will be engaged in the development of enterprises operating in precious metals.

This decision was in the commercial department have taken after the Ministry of Finance Ministry of Industry granted powers in the segment of implementation of the state policy in the field of precious metals and gems. The Ministry of Industry added that currently has been developing strategic documents for the industry.

The decision to establish the center is fully supported in the corporation "Alrosa", engaged in diamond mining segment. The company noted that the center will be able to get the status of the site for the exchange of ideas and experiences of market participants. The launch structure may help to reduce the time required for the introduction of new technologies in production processes and the realization of the advanced technical solutions, summarized in "ALROSA". Recall Pronedra wrote earlier that the results of last year's figure of export of Russian gold fell by 43%.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

PipTick Pairs Cross MT5

PipTick Pairs Cross MT5

Indicator PipTick Pairs Cross works with negatively correlated trade instruments such as the EURUSD and USDCHF. indicator is based on "pairs trade" (or spredovoy trade). He compares the effect of two negatively correlated pairs and determines the best times to buy and sell the first pair of the second and vice versa. This is a very simple and effective approach to trading currency pairs.


Trading using the indicator is quite simple:

  • If the histogram changes color from red to green (crossing the zero line from the bottom up), buy and sell a pair of 1 pair of 2

  • If the histogram changes color from green to red (crossing the zero line from top to bottom), 1 pair sell and buy a pair of 2

To improve the efficiency of signals is recommended to use additional filters, e.g., Heiken Ashi.

suitable pairs

  • EURUSD USDCHF against

  • GBPUSD USDCHF against

  • AUDUSD USDCHF against

  • EURUSD USDCAD against

  • AUDUSD USDCAD against

Main characteristics

  • The indicator compares the strength of two inversely correlated currency pairs

  • Signal line to enter and exit trades

  • It works on any timeframe (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN)

  • The indicator is not redrawn

  • Testing history (configurable period of history)

  • Adjustable parameters (color, line thickness, period RSI ...)

  • Very fast calculation

  • The indicator also works with prefixes and suffixes (EURUSD.m, EURUSD-pro ...)

  • Designed for MT4 and MT5

Input parameters

  • Pair_1 - The name of the first pair

  • Pair_2 - The name of the second pair

  • Bars_Ago - The number of bars displayed indicator. If Bars_Ago value is set to a value of 0, all the bars are displayed on the graph

  • RSI_Period - RSI period indicator to calculate

  • Smoothing- Period to calculate the smoothed curve

  • Text_Size - Size labels other currencies

  • Histogram Thickness - The thickness of the histogram graph

  • Color_Positive - Color positive histogram

  • Color_Negative - Color negative histograms

  • Show_Signals - Enabling / disabling of signals (vertical lines)

  • Color_Buy_Signal - Color signals on the purchase (vertical lines)

  • Color_Sell_Signal - Color signals for sale (vertical lines)

output parameters

  • RSI - Output values ​​RSI

  • Positive - positive values

  • Negative - Negative values

For more information, visit PipTick Pairs Cross.

PipTick Pairs Cross MT5

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Friday, August 19, 2016



FATen50 - signal indicator, based on the indicator FourAverage trend.

Indicator signals gives high precision in order to achieve similar goals. FATen50 has been optimized to achieve the short-term goal of 10 points and limit losses to 50 points. Signals come 1-2 times a week. On average, 85% percent of the signal profitable.

Use Principle: immediately after closing bar on which the arrow is formed, open position with TakeProfit = 10 and StopLoss = 50.


  • Pair - selection of settings for a currency pair 1 - EURUSD, 2- GBPUSD.

  • Alert_Print - It includes a log entry.

  • Alert_Sound - It includes when a sound signal.

  • Alert_EMail - includes notification to EMail.

  • Alert_Mobile - It includes notification to mobile devices.


  • FATen50 - is already finished the trading system.

  • Perfectly complements the trading system, choosing the best entry point.

  • Settings for different instruments and timeframes are built into the display, and the list will grow in the new versions.

  • By default, the indicator is ready to work on EURUSD, M5.

  • The indicator is not redrawn.


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Statistic Trader

statistic Trader

Expert statistic Trader - this
trading strategies, based on two ideas: the idea of ​​probability
occurrence of an event and the idea of ​​money management. The expert gives the trader a huge
opportunities in terms of settings and determine the level of risk.

The idea of ​​probability:

I get an equal chance to make a profit or loss, if the Take Profit More Stop Loss? Maybe!

transmits the first N transactions (spends virtually the appearance of the signal), and only after receiving N consecutive losses
It reveals the real position. If N = 0, the first deal is real. If for example N = 2, the actual position will be opened
Only after two consecutive losses. If after the first virtual unprofitable
second transaction virtual transaction will be profitable, the expert will start the countdown
again. If the examiner will open the real deal, and it will be unprofitable, he (with
signal appears) open next. And so - 10 times before profit.
After making a profit (on any of the ten series of steps) to stop its expert

I consider the price change of the asset as a random or not analyzable
process (because of the huge number of factors affecting it). For a trader to open a position, there are two
outcome - profit (Take Profit) or
of loss (Stop Loss).
Numerous tests on different currency pairs, different time periods,
different settings have shown that the results are subject to a certain scheme.
The main factors - the size of Take Profit and Stop Loss, and not at all the indicators and filters
etc. If Take Profit is Stop Loss, the probability of occurrence for them
is, if Take Profit Stop Loss longer, the probability of occurrence of Stop Loss is favorable, ie Stop Loss will occur more often and more often
precisely to the extent in which it is less than Take Profit. EXAMPLE: Take Profit = 100, Stop Loss = 50. When making absolutely 1000
random trades about 33% complete profit, about 67% - a loss. Moreover,
The more transactions, the more the proportion of distribution of profit and loss

even after a long series of Stop Loss Take Profit should occur. In order to determine how much
transactions to be missed, it is necessary to conduct regular testing. Statistics
shows the average number of losing trades in a row happens. And correspondingly,
so many of them it is logical to miss. Of course, sometimes expert will
skip and a potentially lucrative deal, but for a long period of time
he will avoid many initially losing trades.

The idea of ​​money management:

deter aggressive money management methods, such as doubling the position
after a loss, due to the fact that a series of losses can become so long that
a trader can not open another position and lose all or most of the
deposit. But definitely give up the opportunity in the next transaction
recover losses and make a profit is not worth. If kept under control
the risks and try to eliminate the too long series of losses, then this tactic
It may be a viable and profitable for small controlled drawdown.
Sometimes - even allow you to display in a profit strategy, which at constant
the size of the deal would be unprofitable.

Statistic Trader allows
set the size of the lots for a series of ten transactions. The trader has the ability to
adjust the aggressiveness of capital management in its sole discretion, with
I am counting on the fact that knowing the statistics and missed the first losing trades, he
Do not get too long series of actual losses.

Tips for setting up an expert:

  1. Opt for a currency pair and define its
    the average daily volatility. For example, I chose a pair of euro-dollar. its average
    day volatility of 70 pips.

  2. Install Take Profit in the amount of average daily
    Volatility (pip 70) and Stop Loss in 2-fold
    less (35 pips).

  3. Testing a strategy on the history of at least
    three months. Determined by the average number of consecutive losing trades in such
    sizes Take Profit and Stop Loss. For example, it is equal to 3. concludes
    that before opening the real deal, it is necessary to wait for three consecutive losses.
    Install N = 3
    in Expert settings (i.e., skip 3 consecutive loss).

  4. My approach to capital management -
    receive a transaction (a series of transactions) from 0.5 to 1% of the deposit. In case one or
    several consecutive losing trades, at least - to play the resulting loss. I
    I adjust the size of the lots series as follows:

    Step 1: Lot 1, Step 2: Lot 1, third
    Step: 2 lots, 4th step: Lot 3, Step 5: 4 lots, 6th step: Lots 6, 7 th step: 9 lots,
    Step 8: 9 lots, the 9th step: 9 lots, the 10th step: 9 lots.

Not difficult to calculate that, after receiving
profit on one of the first seven steps, I played obtained before the loss and
I get a small profit. At the same time a drawdown even after 5 consecutive losses will
no more than 4% of the deposit, after 7 consecutive losses - about 9% after 10 -
about 15%. It is no longer, and maybe even less than that of some strategies not
using the increase in the volume of the transaction after the loss. If testing
History has shown that the maximum length of a series of losing trades was 10
and it was only 1 time in a year, then we can hope that, skipping 3-4 loss
in a row, the maximum will still 6-7 losing trades in a row, and the probability of this
It will be very low. Basically, profit is the first or second transaction
after missing several virtual loss.

Another more conservative option:
Step 1: Lot 1, 2nd step: Lot 1, Step 3: Lot 2, Step 4: Lot 3, Step 5: 4
item, the 6th step (starting from the beginning): Lot 1, Step 7: Lot 1, Step 8: 2 Lot 9 minutes
Step: 3 lots, 10-Step: 4 lots. In this case, if losing a series of tightened
than 5 steps, it is possible to let them go back to the original size
capital, but do not lose more than 5%. 

the selection parameters can independently determine not only the size of TakeProfit and StopLoss and the throughput of transactions, but also to choose a currency pair and timeframe,
the most appropriate at any given time, as well as set the size of the lots in
series. Between pronounced trend movement or before exiting important
News you can reduce the number of transactions skipped. During the protracted
the flat - increase.

The signals to open positions:

Since this strategy is based on probability, not
It is of fundamental importance for the selection indicator of position opening. I
I opted for the indicator Parabolic SAR, the standard for MT4. signal for the
purchase (LONG)
It is the intersection of the price indicator up signal for short sale (SHORT) - crossing indicator cost down.
closing a position - when the level of Take Profit and Stop Loss.

I emphasize again: Signal selection for input does not matter, it is
verified by testing all standard and many other indicators that
It showed nearly identical results. The main thing - the ratio of the size of TakeProfit and StopLoss,
which determines the regularity of their occurrence, even with random trading

Features of work:

When you run the expert
It creates a global variable Start, in which the start time is saved
session. At the conclusion of the expert (when achieved profit) is created
global variable Stop. To start a new session after taking profit need
remove from the chart expert and remove the corresponding global variables Start
and Stop (call list of global variables - key F3, or the tab "Tools - Global Variables" in
merchant terminal). With the new launch of the expert will start a new job again
create first Start, then Stop. Such a scheme is implemented for the organization
stable operation in a variety of failures, outages due, and reboots

(With different UID and Magic) can be used
on several currency pairs or single, with different settings.

expert settings:

Basic parameters:

  • UID = 1
    (Unique number of experts to work several experts with different
    or settings on different currency pairs UID should be different)

  • Magic = 123   
    (Unique number of orders for a number of experts with different
    settings, or in the different currency pairs Magic should be different)

  • N = 0 (the number
    consecutive losing trades, which will bring the real deal. If N = 0, the first deal is real)

  • Lots_1 = 0.1 (volume
    1 warrant step lots)

  • Lots_2 = 0.2
    (Volume of orders in lots 2 steps), etc. for a series of 10 steps

  • Lots_3 = 0.3

  • Lots_4 = 0.4

  • Lots_5 = 0.5

  • Lots_6 = 0.6

  • Lots_7 = 0.7

  • Lots_8 = 0.8

  • Lots_9 = 0.9

  • Lots_10 = 1.0

  • Slippage_ = 3 (max
    deviation from quoted price at opening and closing market positions)

  • SL_ = 35 (StopLoss in pips)

  • TP_ = 70 (Take
    Profit in pips)

  • OpeningTwoSendings = true (true - setting StopLoss and Take Profit for market orders made after opening a position, false - immediately when opening a position)

  • DigitsModify = true (change point for the normalization work on
    quotations with 5 or 3 characters after the decimal point)

Parabolic SAR parameters:

  • ParabolicTF = 60 (the period
    the indicator chart, ie timeframe)

  • ParabolicStep = 0.02 (increment
    Stop indicator level)

  • ParabolicMaximum = 0.2 (maximum
    Stop indicator level)

General parameters:

  • Alerts = false (true / false - or not to display messages on trade

  • Comments = true (true / false - whether or not to comment when dealing with
    the trade server)

  • Sounds = true (true / false - or not to output audio signals when
    trade operations)

  • Visualization = true (true / false - or not to carry out imaging trade
    Operations on the graph)

Statistic Trader

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  • NewsSpeed

    NewsSpeed News Speed ​​Advisor written for EURUSD M1 trading on news output, changing the settings can be probyvat other currency pairs and time periods...

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Inflation and US retail sales

Inflation and US retail sales disappointed again

US data released on consumer price inflation in June, which broke with the expectations for the worse. Thus, inflation in June rose by 1.6% year on year, representing an increase in this indicator compared with the May level (1.9%) slowed down and thus broken with the market outlook is expected to grow by 1.7%.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Light Bars

Light Bars

Light Bars - is a tool that lets you highlight
the required number of bars.

Runs on any timeframe and
pressing the left mouse button on the chart, highlighting the configured number
bars. The illumination color can be selected in the settings.

The lower limit corresponds to backlight a minimum price for
this period, the top - the highest price. There is a possibility of numbering lit bars. 

Recommendations for use

  1. The minimum number of illuminated bars - 2 pcs.

  2. If the required number of bars on the chart is not
    - illumination is not included.

  3. If the display settings for the field "The activity of lighting" point
    the value of "false" - highlighting stops
    respond to mouse clicks and becomes static.

  4. If the display settings for the field "Numbering of bars" indicate
    the value of "false" - Disable the numbering lit bars.

  5. After removing the indicator from the chart - highlighting disappears.

I would be very glad to your wishes for the development of the product in the "Talk"!

Light Bars

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  • IShift Lite

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  • RSI on Realtime Deals

    RSI on Realtime Deals At the time of the transaction script records the value of the indicator Relative Strength Index (RSI) and OHLC price bars. For...

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Engines markets major events of

Engines markets: major events of the week

The key economic data this week will be the figures of inflation and the US housing market. It is also expected statistics on inflation in the euro zone.

Minutes of the last meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia, which will be published in the night from Monday to Tuesday, will be particularly important for the future of the Australian dollar, because it can give a hint on the likely timing of the next RBA rate decrease.

Wednesday will be published the minutes of the meeting of the US Federal Reserve, which should bring more clarity regarding the future intentions of the American regulator in relation to betting.

"A single tightening already built into the current dollar rates, but there are serious doubts that the Fed will go for a second tightening of monetary policy. Moreover, more and more sound version that raising rates this year may be the last, and then again follow its decline dictated by the deteriorating economic situation in the United States. This uncertainty contributes to the fact that investors will not rush to act ", - says Vladimir Zotov, head of the Directorate of the financial markets of the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Wednesday is traditionally expected to be published on the dynamics of oil and petroleum products in the US data. On Friday, Baker Hughes will release weekly data on the number in the US active rigs.

Oil prices today rose sharply during US trading after GoldmanSachs expressed the view that the lack of demand in the oil market can suddenly give way to a shortage of supply because it takes quite a lot of oil, and manufacturers significantly reduced production.

Recall that last week oil quotations rose due to supply disruptions from Nigeria and Canada and in the US inventory reduction. However, the market does not believe that the current level of oil prices stable, and is waiting for a correction. Many analysts point out that the events in the market too rapidly develop in comparison with the real physical changes.

Positive economic data, released on Friday, the US (retail sales) and Europe (Germany's GDP in the first quarter) point to a general improvement in the economy, which implies an increase in demand for raw materials and, consequently, higher oil prices, writes Mark Bradford, FG BCS analyst. In addition, the support factor is the risk of supply disruptions from Nigeria and Venezuela, which neutralized the negative from the strengthening of the dollar (in light of the growth expectations of the Fed raising rates) and weak statistics from China.

"But do not forget that the factor of supply shortages rather short-lived, while the increase in Saudi production reinforces fears of market saturation and the problems in China have the potential to become a long-term" - warns Mark Bradford.

"We expect WTI to reach a peak of $ 48.30 before starting adjusted down to a potential breakdown of the level of $ 40 per barrel. Traders should start looking for short positions at the level of $ 48.30 and more aggressive players can wait for a high of $ 47.15. Stop-loss is placed at the level of $ 49, and the lower target will be the level of $ 41.90 and below "- writes the financial blog The Market Master.

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Friday, August 12, 2016



In the last days of a bygone weeks ruble showed weakness of the ruble crash when
stable oil prices may indicate the possible start selling climax in the pair USD \ RUB, the first key level is still
price is 67 rubles per dollar, consolidation above this level opens
the way to the level of 70 rubles. Mainly triggered reporting is - black gold, for intensive growth of the currency pair USD / RUB is required negative dynamics of the oil market.


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If a complex network, with exposed levels of stop loss and take profit, was created by mistake in the wrong place, then it is not necessary to delete and start working again. You can move the entire network to a new location using your mouse. Drag the script on schedule and throw in the place to which must be moved network. The network moves, keeping the distance between the orders, the distance to the stop loss and take profit. The script works only with pending orders, market orders remain unchanged.

Input parameters

  • Order Types - Types of pending orders, which will be moved by this script. There are three options:

    • All pending BUY - will move all types of orders and BUY STOP BUY LIMIT.

    • All pending SELL - all types of orders and SELL STOP SELL LIMIT will be moved.

    • All pending - will move all types of orders SELL STOP, SELL LIMIT, BUY STOP and BUY LIMIT.

    By default, this parameter is All pending.

  • Set Offset - If this field is nonzero, then the script will use this field value as the offset for the source network which must be moved. Negative values ​​are permitted, in which case the initial network will be moved "south" in the direction of sales. If the field value is positive, then the original network will move "north" towards purchases. If the value of the field will be set to zero (the default), then as the new web sites will use a point where it was released the left mouse button.

  • Align - As it should be located on a new network location. There are two options:

    • Order with Max Price - The network will be moved so that would be in the new location proved to warrant a maximum price, "the top" warrant, and the rest of the network will be built, "south", in the direction of sales.

    • Order with Min Price - The network will be moved so that would be in the new location proved to be a warrant with the lowest price, "the lowest" warrant, and the rest of the network will be built, "the north," toward purchases.

    By default, this parameter is set Order with Max Price.

Care should be taken to the appointment of a new place to network with respect to the current price. You may find that having settled in a new place, part of a network of warrants will have to be "above" the current price, and part of the "lower". It may be that orders with a maximum or minimum price will be too close to the current price at a distance of less than permitted by the broker. In this case, the part to be moved is not orders, it will display an error message and a beep sounds.


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  • TCS Trade Panel

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Level Moving Averages Message

Level Moving Averages Message

Indicator Level Moving
Averages Message (see the description, video) does not paint a very moving average line in the chart window and does
this level moving at all time intervals, the parameters of which
are set in the settings. The frequency displacement corresponds to the set level TimeFrame parameter. The advantage of this indicator is the ability to
tracking interactions with prices moving average senior temporary
interval at the low (i.e., for example, the level of line with any period to MN will be reflected in the form of
horizontal line up to the schedule M1).

It has a system of notifications about changes in the market (the test sample, rebound). the signals are output
as a comment on the main chart window, the alert, push-notification
a mobile version of the terminal installed in a mobile phone or a message on
e-mail. The undoubted convenience is the adoption and
Signal tracking away from the PC to the mobile device to control
for opening and closing positions (street, shop, car,
garage, work, kitchen, en suite bathroom ...). Indicators in this series: Level Moving Averages (without notification) and Level S Moving Averages (multiple levels).

Good luck trading!


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  • RSI Global

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  • Multicurrency Cross Oscillator

    Multicurrency Cross Oscillator Description Color universal indicator / oscillator crossing moving averages. It is possible to raise or lower coloring...

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

OneClick Binary

OneClick Binary

OneClickBinary - is the adviser for trading binary options based on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

OneClickBinary can be used to work with any broker who normally uses plugin binary options.

Please check the terms of your broker to trade binary options with advisers before subscribing.

With OneClickBinary it is no longer necessary to use for trade ins.

Simple EA (OneClickBinary) will be enough to trade directly from your schedule.

It is only necessary to specify the amount of money and time to expiration time, then press the CALL or PUT, to place a trade in your MetaTrader 4 platform.

We also offer the ability to connect to external signaling platforms to send trade (see SP and BC version).

We can add support for new platforms and brokers on demand.

Expert inputs:

  • PlaceTradeWithMT4: allow trade in your MT4 platform

  • UseMTBrokerMoney: use the amount of money recommended by your broker

  • UseMTBrokerExpiries: use the time issue, recommended by your broker

  • ColorWon: color, indicating the transaction in a state of ITM

  • ColorLost: color, indicating the transaction in a state of OTM

  • ColorTie: color, indicating the transaction in a state of TIE

In the right pane (see screenshot), there is the following:

  • CALL button: to set the warrant CALL

  • Processing time: the time needed to confirm the broker warrants

  • entry price: the price provided by the broker at the entrance

  • Current price: current price, depending on the platform of your broker (color-coded status of the transaction - ITM / OTM / TIE)

  • PUT button: to set the order PUT

OneClick Binary


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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

S P500 to support level of 2045

S P500: to support the level of 2045.00


the agenda of investors is the question - is it really the Fed to raise
rate in June.

The Fed did not indicate in the FOMC punctures directly about the intention to raise rates in June, but gave
to understand that does not rule out such action, if received
economic data show improvement in the economic situation in the US.

10-year US Treasury yield on Friday rose to 1.849%, becoming one week
the strongest since the beginning of November.

also reduced
gold quotes. The June gold futures on the COMEX trading
Friday fell by 0.2% to 1252.90 dollars per troy ounce, with
decrease in prices has been observed for the third consecutive day.

WSJ dollar, reflecting the US dollar's value against a basket of 16 currencies,
Friday reached 87.57 (2-month high).

Over the last
week S P500 index rose 80 points to close near the mark 2052.0.
A leader in the index were shares of financial and oil and gas sectors.
The first - due to the publication of the Fed minutes, according to which significantly
increased likelihood of interest rate hikes in the US in June, the second - because of the
rising oil prices. On Wednesday, after the publication of the Fed stocks protocols
financial sector in the S P500 rose 1.9%. The greatest growth in the Dow Jones
Industrial Average was led by J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co. and
Goldman Sachs Group.

Oil rose last week by 3.3% to 47.75 dollars, while supporting the action
oil and gas companies and promoting the growth of S P500 index which is one week
It rose by 0.3% after three consecutive negative weeks.

In conditions
expectations of interest rate rises in the US in June, the US dollar will continue to
strengthen financial markets and stock indexes - to decline.

However, not
forget the reservation Fed leaders, reflected in the records, "... if in
2nd quarter economic data will correspond to the acceleration
economic growth, labor market conditions continue to improve, and inflation
It will be closer to the target level of 2%. "

The situation with the growing financial markets in the dollar could change
the opposite.

By the way,
according to the CME Group, the Fed funds futures indicate while only 30%
the likelihood of a rate hike in June and 55% - in July.

S P500 to support level of 2045

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Forex ee Economic Daily Digest Economic Daily Digest

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Monday, June 20

GBP/USD It rose more than 100 points this morning.
Today pound bulls push a couple to the north, as the latter
results of the survey related to the upcoming referendum, showed that participants,
voted "stay" learn from their opponents the lead position,
sending the pair to a nine-day high of 1.4623. Against the background of the empty
calendar of events, a couple today will continue to follow the mood-related
upcoming referendum, which will take place this Thursday, June 23. currently
The pair has lost some of its position and is now trading at 1.4576 with current
support and resistance levels, located at around 1.4354 and 1.4713.

USD / CAD losing
position, as Canadian bulls are supported today by the growth
the price of oil. In addition, widespread dollar sell-off, particularly in pairs with
the euro and the pound, as well putting pressure on the pair. In the absence of any
major releases today the pair will follow the changes in oil prices. AT
Currently the pair is trading at 1.2844. Today's levels of support and
resistance for the pair located at elevations 1.2814 and 1.2888.

It traded with a significant increase today, breaking a key level
Resistance 1.13, as the situation around the upcoming referendum varies
favor of the respondents voted "stay." Nevertheless, the pair
I lost some of their positions this morning, ignoring the positive data
the German Producer Price Index, published today in the morning. Today
the pair will remain under the influence of events related to the upcoming referendum, followed by
Fed member N.Kashkari performance, which will take place during the American session.
At the moment the pair is trading at 1.1338, moving away from the current
maximum noted at 1.1382. Today's levels of support and
resistance for the pair located at elevations 1.1221 and 1.1417.

It is trading in a narrow range of 15 points between the marks 0.9580 and 0.9595 today
in the morning, unable to determine the future direction, as bulls and bears
fighting for control of the pair. On the one hand, the increased interest in risky
assets gives bearish Swiss franc, on the other hand, weakness
the dollar across the board a couple of pushes in the southern direction. Nothing important
It is not scheduled in the calendar of events for today, so the pair will remain under
influenced by general market sentiment. The pair is currently trading at 0.9585 with
today's levels of support and resistance, located at around 0.9559
and 0.9663.

Dear traders, urges you
take into account the risks related to the forthcoming referendum, which will take place in the
Thursday, June 23, as the gain expected
volatility as before the referendum, and after it.

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Forex ee Economic Daily Digest Economic Daily Digest

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Wednesday, May 25

EUR / USD He moved away from multi-week lows marked
yesterday. Yesterday the pair fell to the level of 1.1133, being under strong
pressure rise in price of the dollar, stock indexes rise and fall of EUR / GBP. Now the pair
consolidating around 1.1150, while the limited interest of market participants
risky assets. Today, the attention of traders stop at the index of business
Climate IFO in Germany, it is expected that the data will remain intact, but not
excluded and fall, considering yesterday's pessimistic data ZEW Germany. Also today, the Ministerial meeting to be held
The EU and the US Treasury will publish the balance of foreign trade in goods, and data
Stocks of crude oil. The pair is currently trading at 1.1151 with
expected levels of support and resistance at around 1.1062 and 1.1212

GBP / USD It remains above the level
1.46. Yesterday the pair broke through key resistance levels of 1.45 and 1.46 in the background
M. Carney confident statements that the Central Bank of England to achieve its goals,
terms of monetary policy in any referendum outcome. Also bulls pound
We received support from positive reports in Britain and on the dynamics of growth
those who are against the British exit from the EU. Due to the lack of important data from the
Britain, the couple will now respond to the survey data of the output of Britain
EU, as well as a report on US business activity index (PMI) in the services sector and
crude oil inventories. The pair is currently trading at 1.4610 with
today's support and resistance levels located at elevations
1.4518 and 1.4751.

NZD/USD tested
an eight-week low at around 0.6705 on Tuesday after the US
presented data on new home sales, which showed higher
results than expected. The pair managed to recover quickly as shopping
New Zealand balance also showed surprisingly strong growth
Compared with the previous month. Nevertheless vapor was continuously
a bearish trend last three weeks. Today, the major events for a pair of
will be the index of business activity (PMI) in the service sector and crude oil reserves of
USA. The pair is currently trading at 0.6740 with the current levels of support and
resistance, located at around 0.6674 and 0.6798.

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Thursday, August 4, 2016



YPY EA Serena NG PRO - multi-currency trading robot that uses an adaptive strategy skalpingovuyu a quiet market and implement automated trading with the real levels of Take profit and Stop loss.

For each tool used by only one order in trading, which ensures maximum safety trade.

This expert developer adapted for short-term trading under the current market (the last 36 months trading) through regular updates.

Version "PRO" trading robot YPY EA Serena NG (Next generation) It recommended for multi-currency trading on the following instruments: AUDCAD, AUDUSD, EURCHF, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDCHF, GBPAUD, EURAUD, GBPCAD, XAUUSD. timeframe: M15

The cost of renting will be periodically increased along with the growth of return on the developer monitoring.

Key features

  1. Fully automated trading;

  2. No need for optimization;

  3. Easy to use, no extra settings;

  4. Protective levels of real and stoploss takeprofit;

  5. Additional protection against abnormal movements of market prices.

Description of the main expert settings

  • TradeMode = Trade / Pausetrade / Stoptrade:

    • Trade - trade regime;

    • Pausetrade - when this mode is enabled shopping complex continues to support already open orders without finding new entry points with a view to progressively complete the trade on the account;

    • Stoptrade - when this mode is enabled shopping mall immediately exits the trade by closing all its orders.

  • AutoMM - system, which automatically calculates the lot on the size of the free equity, taking into account the deposit currency:

    • Extreme / High / Medium / Low / Minimum - levels of risk;

    • OFF - disables the automatic money management, and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using parameter Lot.

  • Lot - lot size for trading (maximum 10);

  • MinLeverage - the minimum size of the leverage required for the opening of new orders;

  • MinMarginLevel - the minimum level of account margin percentage required for the opening of new orders;

  • Slippage - the maximum allowable slippage at the opening of the order;

  • GMTOffset - this parameter is necessary for each user necessarily set the current shift in hours of your trading server time relative to GMT;

  • MaxDrawdown - the maximum size of the total equity drawdown all of their orders in the currency of the deposit, at which shut down all their orders on all instruments (trade will be automatically restarted on the next trading day).


  • User self-testing, determines the risks and the instruments used for each new version of the expert. It recommended to read the work of expert in the tester terminal and strategies on demo account;

  • It is recommended to always use the most recent version. To update the latest version of the expert's enough to download and install on your schedule instead of the former, all previously open orders will be accompanied by a new version properly;

  • The expert must be installed separately on each graph tradable instrument;

  • of trading conditions Requirements:

    • Any broker c types of ECN accounts, MTF, DMA, NDD from the market performance and thin spreads to the night market;

    • Minimum / Recommended leverage: 1:50 / 1: 200 or more;

    • Minimum / Recommended Deposit: $ 1000 / $ 3000 and above (cents for cent accounts).


IPA Investments LTD - specializes in innovative software development in the field of trading for their own needs, as well as the implementation of corporate objectives.



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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

S P compared refusal to increase

S P compared refusal to increase the US debt limit crisis in 2008

S P rating agency warned of negative consequences if the US Congress does not approve in the near future increase in the debt limit. According to analysts of S P, the negative impact will be bigger than after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, which marked the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008. It is reported by Financial Times.

S P's chief economist Beth Ann Bovino said that if the debt limit is not raised, then the consequences for the markets and the economy would be "devastating". According to her, the US economy is set for a default, which would lead to a reduction in government spending and a recession.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Forex ee Economic Daily Digest Economic Daily Digest

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Friday, May 27

GBP/USD It is trading in a narrow range of 25 points between the marks
1.4659 and 1.4682 for most of the Asian session. The pair retreated from
chetyrohnedelnyh highs above the 1.47 level, and secure the
employed positions. Since the calendar of events on the UK today is empty,
traders attention will be focused on the US quarterly GDP, and the hawk
comments from Federal Reserve Chairman John. Yellen that
provide the impetus for further directions pair. At the moment the pair
It is trading at 1.4666 with the current levels of support and resistance,
located at around 1.4582 and 1.4782.

It is trading slightly higher today, while remaining below the level of 1.12.
It is expected that the dollar bulls take control of the situation, so
traders will be closely watching the US major releases such as
report on US GDP, which is expected to improve to 0.9% compared with
the previous 0.5%, as well as a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman J. systems.
Yellen, which will provide some support to the US currency for all
directions. The pair is currently trading at 1.1180 with current levels
support and resistance, located at around 1.1117 and 1.1253.

USD / CHF remains
in the range of 10 pips this morning after a week-tested
at least at the level of 0.9872 on Thursday. Today, traders will be focused
on quarterly US GDP and the speech Fed chairman J.,
Yellen. It is expected that in the case of positive data on GDP, the dollar bulls necessarily
take control of the pair. At the moment the pair is trading at 0.9897, trying to
break of key resistance at 0.99. Support and resistance levels
for the pair located at 0.9842 and 0.9952.

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Batman Batman Advisor is based on a very simple system that uses ZigZag indicator and breakdown strategy. Transactions are opened only wh...