Tuesday, August 9, 2016

S P500 to support level of 2045

S P500: to support the level of 2045.00


the agenda of investors is the question - is it really the Fed to raise
rate in June.

The Fed did not indicate in the FOMC punctures directly about the intention to raise rates in June, but gave
to understand that does not rule out such action, if received
economic data show improvement in the economic situation in the US.

10-year US Treasury yield on Friday rose to 1.849%, becoming one week
the strongest since the beginning of November.

also reduced
gold quotes. The June gold futures on the COMEX trading
Friday fell by 0.2% to 1252.90 dollars per troy ounce, with
decrease in prices has been observed for the third consecutive day.

WSJ dollar, reflecting the US dollar's value against a basket of 16 currencies,
Friday reached 87.57 (2-month high).

Over the last
week S P500 index rose 80 points to close near the mark 2052.0.
A leader in the index were shares of financial and oil and gas sectors.
The first - due to the publication of the Fed minutes, according to which significantly
increased likelihood of interest rate hikes in the US in June, the second - because of the
rising oil prices. On Wednesday, after the publication of the Fed stocks protocols
financial sector in the S P500 rose 1.9%. The greatest growth in the Dow Jones
Industrial Average was led by J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co. and
Goldman Sachs Group.

Oil rose last week by 3.3% to 47.75 dollars, while supporting the action
oil and gas companies and promoting the growth of S P500 index which is one week
It rose by 0.3% after three consecutive negative weeks.

In conditions
expectations of interest rate rises in the US in June, the US dollar will continue to
strengthen financial markets and stock indexes - to decline.

However, not
forget the reservation Fed leaders, reflected in the records, "... if in
2nd quarter economic data will correspond to the acceleration
economic growth, labor market conditions continue to improve, and inflation
It will be closer to the target level of 2%. "

The situation with the growing financial markets in the dollar could change
the opposite.

By the way,
according to the CME Group, the Fed funds futures indicate while only 30%
the likelihood of a rate hike in June and 55% - in July.

S P500 to support level of 2045

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