Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Volume Levels Trading

Volume Levels Trading

EA trades at levels at which the trade was made most. These levels are often the support and resistance for the price. EA does not just buy on the level and determines how price bounces from it, and with what amount. A sufficient number of settings allows you to customize the advisor to almost any currency pair. Timeframes can also be different from the M1 (if the spread account is very small) to the H4, but the optimum settings for each timeframe will be very different.


  • EA can work on almost any currency pairs and time frames;

  • Trades automatically with no human intervention;

  • It does not require a large initial deposit;

  • Do not use risky ways to trade;

  • Always set a stop-loss for the preservation of the deposit;

  • It can operate as a fixed lot, and the percentage of available resources;

  • You can set a time limit for the advisor.

If you want to trade independently from the volume levels, you can use the indicator Volume Levels, based on which the adviser made.

Input parameters

  • Lots - lot size;

  • Percentage of free money - percentage of the available funds for opening each new transaction (if Lots = 0, then the item will calculate the percentage of available funds in the account), it is recommended 1-10;

  • MaxSpread - maximum spread for the opening of the transaction (for accounts with floating spread to the transaction is opened when the spread is not too large);

  • Magic - Unique Identifier (you need to do it differently if some councilors running in one terminal);

  • MaxTakeProfit - highest closing price of the order when the level of profitability;

  • MaxStopLoss - highest closing price of the order when the level of loss;

  • Dynamic TP and SL - When this option is enabled (true), the stop-loss and take profit calculated depending on the level;

  • FactorSL - stop-loss ratio to take profit (the smaller the value, the smaller will be the stop-loss);

  • PeriodATR - period volatility indicator ATR;

  • MinLevel ATR - the minimum level of the ATR indicator, after which can be traded;

  • MaxLevelATR - the maximum level of the ATR indicator, after which can be traded;

  • Count bars for divergence - the number of bars to locate divergences (if indicated 0, the divergence is not used, and the following 4 parameters is not important);

  • PeriodADX - between ADX indicator;

  • MACD fast period - period for fast average MACD indicator;

  • MACD slow period and ADX relation - period of slow MACD and the dependence on the ADX;

  • Divergence force - power divergence (the larger the value, the stronger must be the divergence) may be a negative value;

  • MinDistance - the minimum distance between the volume levels for the transactions;

  • CandlesFactor - coefficient to determine bovine or bearish candle;

  • BarsVolume - number of bars for determining the volume;

  • MinVolume - the minimum volume levels for building;

  • Indentation1 - offset from the volume level at which the transaction can be opened;

  • Indentation2 - indentation in the opposite side of the bulk layer, where it is possible to open the transaction;

  • HistoryBars - the number of bars to determine the volume levels;

  • Range - distance above and below the price for the determination of volume levels;

  • DelayFindLevels - the time after which the levels can be rearranged;

  • StepFindLevels - step to find the levels (the smaller the pitch, the levels are determined by longer, but they are more accurate);

  • Trading start hour - hour pre-trade;

  • Trading end hour - hour of trading end;

  • CountBuy - the maximum amount of public purchases;

  • CountSell - the maximum number of open sales;

  • Delay - Delay in seconds between the opening of orders;

  • ShowInfo - display information (slows down the testing, when enabled).

Volume Levels Trading

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It is easy to use for multiple timeframe indicator cluster analysis of these currencies. It provides a simple but at the same time effective signals for trade and gives them numerical estimates signal strength as a percentage.

After placing the indicator on the chart, it displays a table with the following structure: all of the characters for which there are trading opportunities at the moment, are listed in rows and trading strategies - in columns: short-term (short-term, hours), mid-term (mid-term, days), long-term (long-term, a week). In the last column "Total" shows a generalized, the most reliable estimate of the market in general. At the intersection of the row and column displays the signal strength: positive - for the purchase, negative - for sale. The names of characters, which are displayed in all columns are the same signals (no empty cells), displayed a bright color (blue - buy, red - for sale). If there are gaps in the character of a column corresponding to the color darkens. In the presence of opposing signals on a single line symbol color - gray.


  • Instruments - tool list, separated by commas; Instruments should have a common currency; Forex symbol is selected from either the base currency or quote currency as the only component that is present in all the characters; other tickers (not FX) when the auto-negotiation fails, the common currency is taken from the parameter DefaultBase (here the word 'base' denotes a common basis between all tickers and not in the base currency Forex context); The default tool list includes the major currencies Forex EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD. Please note that the NZDUSD is not available on some demo servers, so do not forget to edit the list accordingly;

  • DefaultBase - the common currency; It used only if the auto-detection does not work;

  • MA_Method - the moving average method (the default - linear weighted);

  • Price - type of prices moving average (default - weighted price);

  • Threshold - minimum signal strength that will be displayed in the table (the default - 50);

  • ShowShortTerm - show (true) or not (false) short-term column (by default - true);

  • ShowMidTerm - show (true) or not (false) mid-term column (by default - true);

  • ShowLongTerm - show (true) or not (false) long-term column (by default - true); NB: the column "Total" is displayed at all times;

  • Corner - 
    angle graph, a table where output (default - 1 - upper right, other values ​​are: 0 - the upper left, 2 - bottom left; 3 - lower right);

  • CellWidth - the width of the table cells (default - 75);

  • CellHeight - height table cells (default - 20);

  • ColorBG - background color of the table (by default - black).

Indicator requires that all tools listed in the settings are available in the market survey. At the initial public offering on the chart may take some time to calculate. If any data is missing or out of sync tools, a message "NO DATA", and the details are written to the log. After receiving such a message, open a few seconds the indicator dialog and apply settings once - the data is likely to have already been received and counted.

When under the chosen conditions the signals are not available, the indicator displays "NO SIGNALS" message. 

The indicator works on bars, tics are not processed.

Inside the indicator used algorithms, similar to a related indicator CCFpExtraSuperMulti. It can be used for a more detailed analysis of the market on arbitrary timeframes and historical perspectives, including the dynamics of change.


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Monday, January 30, 2017

Gold futures on five year low

Gold futures on the five-year low in light of the strengthening of the dollar

to 14.15 MSK gold futures fell
another 0.34% and cost $ 1079.70 per troy
ounce. This is the minimum level of prices
since 2010. Spot gold lost
0.18% to the level of 1 080.46 dollars an ounce.

expectations that the US will raise interest
rate next month. This encourages
Dollar higher against a basket of currencies, which in its
turn, has a negative impact on
precious metals.

weakens worldwide, including in
China and India, and this limits the market consumption
gold and jewelry from him
(Remember, China and India - the two largest
the world's consumer of the precious metal).

, the existing facts add up
for gold in the short term
negatively: even growing threat
strengthening of the war in the Middle East
led investors to move in
"Safe" assets such as gold.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Recommendations for forex trading

Recommendations for forex trading.

Currently, Forex trading has gained a huge popularity, every day there are new comers to do online trading, but they do not realize that in practice is not so simple as in the brochures brokerage firms. That is why most novice players are left without money on the first day of trading.

Forex recommendations - nothing more than a brief list of the most essential tips for trading in the forex market, they will be particularly useful for beginners.

I will in this article are some simple forex trading recommendations, which will not allow you to merge the deposit at the initial stage of trading. .

If you follow these guidelines, the risk of rub initial capital is reduced several times.

1. Trade only with reliable brokers - a judgment that specifically interfere with the brokerage company to sell its customers, has not baseless. Most unpleasant experience due to technical failures and latent conditions of trade, so it is better to open an account with already established itself dealing center. The experiment with the newly appeared companies lured traders fabulous terms of trade.

2. The volume of trade - the main mistake beginners is that they want to make a lot at once. In this case, choose a huge leverage in relation to their deposits and as a result of the first rate fluctuations it is drained safely.
Start trading with a leverage of no more than 1:50, only after months of work start to gradually increase its size depending on the chosen strategy. The longer the duration of the transactions, the less leverage.

3. Trade in the afternoon - in the medium and short periods of time, while constantly monitoring the status of open orders, the most attractive option in this case is an hour time period.

4. Do not forget about the stop-loss - only it will protect your deposit of the total discharge, expose it right after the opening of the transaction, never neglect this Council, that this recommendation is retained by forex drain most of the deposits.

5. Trade with the trend - its definition, use indicators determine the trend, do not open the deal when pullbacks against the main motion, you do not always guess the beginning of the rollback, proven by experience.

6. Check the developed strategy on a demo account - only after this proceed to real trading.

7. Take a break - after three unsuccessful transactions always take a break in trading, during which analyze their mistakes. Or maybe just luck turned away from you, and we must give it time to think again, sometimes it helps.

8. Relax - after working hours in the foreign exchange market always give yourself a break, just rest to evaluate the trading results and draw the right conclusions for future work.

9. Keep track of - all the important points, at what time you opened a successful or unsuccessful transaction, on which day you are more fortunate, as a rule, any luck in forex is reasonable and as a result you find interesting patterns.

Well, the main recommendation - do not sleep immediately open a real account, intends to compete on a demo and learn at least the basic laws of the forex market. Haste in this matter is very expensive.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ukrainian Exchange was deprived

Ukrainian Exchange was deprived of license

National Commission of Ukraine on Securities and Stock Market yesterday recognized the Ukrainian Exchange a license nedeystvitelnoy.Dannoe decision was taken by the Commission on the basis of the relevant provisions (p. 9 h. 2, Art. 16) Law of Ukraine "On licensing hozdeyatelnosti". Under this law, the reason for the withdrawal of the license can become a sacrament of other states to exercise control over birzhey.Soobschaetsya that 22.44% of the securities owned by Ukrainian Stock Exchange Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS, 20.64% - owned Ukrainian exchange holding, securities held by wholly acts too MICEX. Investment group "Univer" reached an agreement with the latter to sell her 23 percent stake in Ukrainian birzhi.Ranee planned that the Russian share in the Ukrainian Exchange will acquire Dragon Capital.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stubborn Spider

Stubborn Spider

This automatic system is optimized and ready for use. Advisor uses an average loss positions and martingale if the price goes against the trend.

EA opens positions in a certain direction, so that would be in an unfavorable development of the situation on the market, closing a series of transactions with a minimum price pullback. The strategy has shown itself quite well. This scalper therefore makes a large number of transactions. It is a fully automatic system, but it can also be used in semi-automatic mode, to reduce risks, such as turn off at the exit expert vazhyh economic news.

Advisor recommended to use a pair EURUSD, the recommended operating time interval m1. You can also use on other currency pairs.

Use the default settings.

Before using a live account it is recommended to test the strategy tester in the terminal.

To work counselor will fit almost any broker. However, a minimum deposit of 1000 recommended $ 10 000, or 0.01 cents per item. And as a leverage of 1: 200, it recommended 1: 500.

  • minimum deposit - 1000 dollars or cents (High risk)

  • Recommended deposit - 10,000 dollars or cents (Normal mode)


  • LotExponent - multiplier increase subsequent lots.

  • Lots - size of the initial lots.

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points.

  • PipStep - minimum size of the indentation between orders.

  • MaxTrades - the maximum number of transactions.

  • Long - authorizes the purchase. (Only the purchase: Long - true; Short - false)

  • Short - authorizes the sale. (Only selling: Long - false; Short - true)

Stubborn Spider


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Number of initial applications

The number of initial applications for unemployment benefits rose more than forecast in the US

The number of initial claims last week for unemployment benefits amounted to 287 thousand. This figure has exceeded the expectations of analysts, who had forecast a more modest growth rate? up to 270 thousand.

A week earlier, the value of the number of appeals made 267 thousand.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Dollar strengthened kiwi and Aussie

The dollar strengthened, kiwi and the Aussie rose

On Thursday, the dollar
He wins back the lost positions on Thursday.
By 11.20 MSK EURUSD dropped
to the level of 1.0982; USDJPY rose
to 121.75?,
GBPUSD dropped
to the level of 1.5173.
the dollar to a basket of major currencies to
date, rose 0.34% to 97.68
points. Analysts attribute this to the fact that the market returns to growth expectations US interest rates the Fed.

growth showed the Australian dollar
news of an unexpected increase in workers'
Places in the Green Continent. AUDUSD
He added
0.8% to 0.7286.

New Zealand
the dollar rose after the Reserve
Bank of New Zealand cut interest
rates and said that in the future
easing is likely, will not be
needed. NZDUSD
He added
0.43% to the level of 0.6747.

yesterday continued to benefit from
its safe-haven status, as
risk appetite is still
I was overwhelmed by fears of
commodity market. Today, it is a little
It fell against the dollar.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Trading house

Trading house.

Trading house

Trading house.

Usually, we present trader to work on
exchange platform or a huge office among dozens or even hundreds of colleagues,
flurry of activity on the buying and selling of various tools of the trade.

But electronic trading is completely different, and should be prepared to
Some of the difficulties of this type of income.

In the first place you will encounter all the problems of home-based work, and to them
will be added others that just is not superfluous to learn.

And so you decide to become
a trader, do not think that it will be easy:

Self-organization - perhaps
one of the main enemies of working from home, and we are not talking about opening
transactions, in fact trading is a fun game, but all the attendant
moments seem routine.

Try to force yourself to study the technical
analysis, or spend a couple of hours to study the movement of history
currency pair. In addition to opening deals you have to do a lot of uninteresting
of things.

Therefore, from the very beginning of your day should be
clearly painted at the time when you are trading and time for education and other
related activities.

Loneliness - for
Many people work a kind of fun, because you can always talk in the office
with colleagues, drink coffee. Electronic trading is not a
opportunities, work to be alone. For some, this can be quite a serious challenge.

Problem is the fact that the less you
communicate with others, the more difficult it becomes to do so. So every day
must "go to people" let it be an evening walk or
a trip to the store.

distractions - sometimes you have to work in conditions when there
are close people (parents, children, spouses), they are in most cases
flatly refuse to accept your work as a job, because you have no boss.

Therefore, it is best to say that you are working on
a fictitious company, home manager, and the rest of the terminal it is
your job, the results of which should be to report to his superiors.

This approach will save you quite a few nerves - check
on their own experience.

Free time - often
its surplus impairs you opened a few trades, stop orders were placed, and can only wait for the result of watching the market.
But this observation often leads to premature closure of the transaction.

Therefore, it would not hurt the open positions,
it is best to find something for everyone. I myself prefer intraday
trade on M30 - H1 and Scalping cent on spare time

It not only takes a hand, but often brings
a small profit, the main thing correctly use scalping without risking large amounts of money and time to transfer profits
to another account.

overload - Forex market is open 24 hours a day, but this does not
It means that you should also trade around the clock. It should immediately be determined
at some of the sessions you will work, learn to disconnect and separate working
from time to time of rest.

Work at home, and so is difficult, and when
trading sessions here there is also the need for an independent
decision-making, but at the same time - this is a huge plus for people with initiative,
because they do not need to ask permission to implement their own plans.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Herrick Payoff Index

Herrick Payoff Index

payment index Herrick (Herrick Payoff Index, HPI) confirms the strong trends and helps determine when they change its direction; monitors prices, trading volume and open interest (existing commitments), combining them into a single index.

In MetaTrader 5 Herrick index can be displayed as a bar graph or a line graph for all trading tools, which translates open interest. Existing commitments or open interest - a total amount of existing contracts (futures and options) on which the calculation has not yet been made. In MetaTrader 5 is displayed as "Current liabilities" in the "Details" in the window "Market Watch".


  1. Easy to use - there are no complicated settings to adjust.

  2. The color of the indicator level, the vertical scale set via the standard menu display settings window.

  3. Ability to display the indicator as a histogram or a line graph.

  4. The indicator contains a stand-alone (independent of the indicator) Online minute drive open interest stories, which is stored in the file.

  5. For one trading instrument is always loaded only one online store, although indicators "Open Interest" and "payments Herrick Index" can be downloaded a few.

  6. The file is saved in a shared folder of all terminals, so the accumulated history for the construction of indicators will be available in all of the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

  7. History files are sorted for each trading server and tools and replenished as long as any of the terminals loaded with at least one indicator "Open Interest" or "payment index Herrick" in the relevant contract and the trading server.

  8. Cumulative history is available for the construction of indicators on any timeframe. Note that the minute history of open interest should be enough for at least two bars to display the payout index Herrick.

Input parameters

  1. Draw type - method of displaying the indicator. By default, the histogram can be selected as a line indicator.

  2. One cent move - scaling factor; The unit cost of price changes by 1 cent. Herrick recommends using the 100 for most items. The exception is silver, for which this value is 50. The default setting is 100.

  3. Multiplying Factor - the multiplication factor used for exponential smoothing index. Small values ​​result in a sensitive indicator of the short-term; higher values ​​create a slow, long-term indicator. "P" or "Period" parameter on similar parameters assigned to the exponential moving average. The default is 10.

indicator buffers

Number indicator buffer

0The index value corresponding to the bar / suppository main graph
1LED color (see "Color")


In the standard indicator for the index Coloring following rules are adopted.

  1. Yellow - the index value is zero.

  2. Red - the value of the index is less than zero.

  3. Blue - the index value is greater than zero.

Colors can be changed in a standard window "Settings" display.

Interpretation Herrick Payoff Index

HPI measures the inflow or outflow of capital from the market, it helps to identify when strong players quietly buy or sell assets. If the index is above zero - the amount of funds coming to market is growing (bullish), below zero - there is outflow (bearish). But the most powerful HPI signals generated when differences of prices (see the example in the screenshot).

There are other signals that can be accessed using the HPI. Their description is freely available on the Internet or, for example, in the book "How to play and win at the stock exchange" Aleksandra Eldera.

The product can be amended and changed. Learn about it can be in the "What's New".
Herrick Payoff Index

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AO AC Signal

AO AC Signal

Indicator in the form of dots on the chart shows the zero crossing indicator level selected in the parameters.

AO, AC or AO + AC signals if the two match indicators. The indicator has Alert (popup) when the signal.


  • Indicators - The choice of indicator AO, AC, AO + AC.

  • Bars - Number of bars on history to display signals.

  • Alert - Pop-up window when the signal.

AO AC Signal

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017



Rss Reader Mt5 - a fully interactive application to display the RSS-channels in the chart window. The product has no input parameters. The program allows you to view not only the headline news, but also its summary.


When an empty dialog box appears at start-up schedule application. input area has a title "Please enter the web address of an RSS feed" (Please, enter the web address of the RSS-channel). Enter the desired URL, and press Enter.

First of all, you must enable the "Allow WebRequest for the following URL" in the "Settings" menu "Tools". All the necessary URL must be pre-entered here.

After the channel loading, scrolling list at the bottom of the window is filled with news headlines. Click on any title, and in the main application window displays a summary of the news. Sometimes the text is cut off on the list, but there is nothing to worry about. When you click on a headline, he fully displayed in the main window on a blue background.

an error message appears when it is impossible to load the channel. In this case, first check your Internet connection and make sure that the terminal settings Set the desired URL.

Error messages are displayed above the list of titles.

To update the data in the window, use the Reset button. Update current feed button checks for updates in the current RSS-channel.

The window can be dragged anywhere on the chart, expand and collapse. To remove an application from the chart, just close it (X).


Do not change the timeframe chart at running Rss Reader. First, close the application, switch to the desired timeframe and run the utility again.

In related news, some RSS-channels may appear unreadable characters.

The app is still under development, so the reviews of his work are welcome.


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Monday, January 16, 2017

We look forward to reducing USDJPY

We look forward to reducing the USD / JPY on expectations Nonfarm Payrolls

Analytics from Forex Analitik

The USD / JPY corrected up to the end of last week
122.89, while maintaining the relevance of the figures "double top" on

The main driving force behind the fundamental character within
throughout the upcoming week will be, of course, Nonfarm Payrols (change in the number of people employed in
US non-farm sector of the economy) on Friday. It is expected to yield
value 200K vs. 271K last month. In case the output data
According to the forecast for reversals or serious correction in senior
timeframes, and not only in USD / JPY, but also in almost all the major currency pairs.

In addition to Nonfarm Payrols expected output and other data that could move a couple

The volume of industrial
Japan's production of 1.9% against 1.1% in October.

sales in Japan 0.8% vs. -0.2% in October.

Capacity building
new homes in Japan, 2.9% versus 2.6% in October.

activity (PMI) in Chicago 54.0 against 56.2 in October.

annual GDP
Switzerland 0.9% against 1.2% last year.

Sales in Switzerland, 0.4% vs. 0.2%

PMI activity Shvetsarii from SVME 51.0 against 50.7 in October.

Consumer price index (CPI) in Europe of 0.3% against 0.1% in October.

The number of primary
applications for benefits in the US unemployment
267K vs. 260K.

activity in the non-manufacturing sector (PMI)
by ISM 58.0 against 59.1 in October.

home Japan holdings 41.8 against 41.5 in October.

change number
employed in the private non-farm US 190K vs. 268K sector.

In general, predicted a lot of data in favor of this week
reducing the USD / JPY.

In fairness, I note that some expected
data that can provoke rebound, for example - Change of
US non-farm employment in the sector by ADP (the so-called
Preliminary Nonfarm) on Wednesday, and a few others.

Proceeding from the above forward to still practicing double
peaks in a 4-hour interval with 122.27 120.84 purposes, with the possible rebound in
Wednesday, perhaps to the level of 123.14, but consider buying risky.

In the alternative, if a lot of important data will come from
opposite values ​​and the price breaks the resistance may grow to 123.14

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Oil is rising but remains weak

Oil is rising, but remains weak on expectations of OPEC meeting

Asian trading oil rose slightly,
but futures for Brent all
still remain weak. By 10.53 MSK Brent
January delivery costs $ 44.99,
adding 0.94%. WTI has risen
by 0.85% to $ 42.

still remain confident
that OPEC will not reduce their
production at a meeting on Friday. In their
According to Saudi Arabia will keep
producing consistently high, even
in a price reduction.

Analysts write:
"There is a real risk that we
We see and even lower prices. perspective
demand is not as great to move
quotes seriously up, and now we
We see only a temporary rebound. "

production in China showed the new
signs of weakness in the economy, and therefore,
this will lead to a new decline in demand.

ANZ department set
and pessimistic about the US
varieties: "WTI could fall
up to $ 40 in the coming weeks,
if the stocks of raw materials will not fall in
according to seasonal characteristics".

major players
Market act according to the situation:
bullish bets of hedge funds in the US
Oil falls to five-year low.

also, the participants
Oil markets are waiting for the ECB's decision on Thursday.
If at the end of the meeting will increase the euro,
it is able to support oil prices
and give the market a small rally. easing
dollar - a positive factor for oil
quotes, since it makes contracts
denominated in USD, cheaper
for holders of other currencies. True,
we must understand that the hopes for strengthening
euro against the dollar is very small.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

News Trader Pro Demo MT5

News Trader Pro Demo MT5

News Trader Pro - unique robot allows you to trade on the news of your strategy. It loads all the news from several popular Forex-sites. You can choose the news and set up a strategy to trade on it, and then Counselor News Trader Pro will trade automatically for the selected strategy on the news.

news output allows pips to win, because at this time, as a rule, there is a great value price. Thanks to this tool trade on the news has become easier, more flexible and more interesting. You do not expect more, do not miss anything, and do not confuse. Adjust adviser on important news once a week, and he would trade all this news from a given you the strategy.

Limitation: This demo version shows only news with little impact on the market and allows you to adjust the strategy. All these features are available in the full version: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/5932

Note: If you want to download only the news (without trade), see product News Loader Pro: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/5916


  • It contains all the features of the program News Loader Pro.

  • Build your strategy for each news with very flexible parameters.

  • Supports five current strategies with a lot of control parameters (SL, TP, Trailing, grid spacing, the size of the lot management, etc.).

  • Trading on the news each operates independently and is not contrary to other news.

  • It uses advanced technology to minimize slippage on the news release.

  • Trade all over the news and all the characters in all on the same graph, it is not necessary to run the robot on each.

  • It allows you to configure and cancel trading plan after installation.

  • A simple description and illustration inside the tool, so that even an amateur can easily understand the strategy.

Loading news

Contains all the features of the program News Loader Pro (see details).

Trading on the news

Click on any news on it and set trading plan. The following strategies:

1. Predicting news (Predict the news)

Very simple strategy to predict market direction after the news, and then configure the sending of orders to buy or sell before exiting news. This method allows you to maximize profits and avoid slippage because the order is opened on another quiet market. However, this strategy can devastate account, if you choose the wrong direction. This is for those who like to take risks.

2. Delayed trap (Pending trap)

The classic strategy, which places two opposing pending stop orders before exiting news with the aim of catching the breakdown. Regardless of the direction of price movement, we expect a big jump, and it initiates the operation of one of the pending orders. In rare cases, you can try to use limit orders instead of stop orders in anticipation of a reversal of the price movement. As part of this strategy, it is important to set the appropriate levels of stop-loss, take profit and trailing stop.

3. Delayed-mesh trap (Grid pending trap)

Similar to a deferred trap, however, exposes several pending orders (net orders). This strategy catches smaller price movements in parts and adds them to the final result.

4. Delayed martingale trap (Martingale pending trap)

Also known as the strategy of "No more losses," Martingale strategy used to increase the lot to cover previous losses (if applicable). This is very useful when used on the news, when the price is, as a rule, makes the leap. However, do not use too large initial lot size, as in the case of studs on the news can happen margin call before the price goes in the same direction.

5. On the basis of the report (Based on actual report)

The strategy of waiting for the download on the news report, and then compares it with the forecast / previous data and make a decision about the direction of trade. This strategy is suitable for important news that affect the market in the medium and long term.

Common parameters

  • Fixed pending: Pending orders are placed at a fixed level, but they may not work before the release of news in the case of price fluctuations.

  • Floating pending: pending orders are always at a certain distance from the current price Bid / Ask to the news release. Such orders are usually triggered only after the news.

  • For some parameters, the value of 0 means that they are not used (SL, TP, Trailing, Cancel time - the abolition of time) or unlimited (martingale loop times - the number of cycles martingale).

A warning: Trading on the news involves high risks. It largely depends on the execution of orders your broker. This is not a fully automatic robot. It trades only custom policies. You are responsible for the trading results for the chosen strategy.
News Trader Pro Demo MT5


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Thursday, January 12, 2017



Indicator as a histogram.

The basis of the indicator - a few matches with the signals of other standard indicators, namely: DMI, Stochastic and CCI.

When all three indicators give the same signal, then the DCS indicator gives us signals:

Red histogram - a sell signal

Green histogram - a buy signal

The default settings of the indicator:

DMI_Period = 14;
CCI_Period = 14;
Stochastic_K = 5;
Stochastic_SD = 3;
Stochastic_D = 3;
Stochastic_OB = 80;
Stochastic_OS = 20;

In addition to these three indicators, the code is registered as special filter signals.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All Harmonics 26

All Harmonics 26

Harmonic patterns - a characteristic movement of the price in accordance with the Fibonacci levels that are statistically precede a reversal in price. This indicator recognizes 26 classical and non-classical harmonic patterns:

  1. Classical

    1. Gartley

    2. Butterfly

    3. Alternate Butterfly

    4. Bat

    5. Alternate Bat

    6. Crab

    7. Deep Crab

    8. Three Drives

  2. Non-classical

    1. Shark

    2. Alternate Shark

    3. Cypher

    4. 5-0

    5. Anti Gartley

    6. Anti Butterfly

    7. Anti Alternate Butterfly

    8. Anti Bat

    9. Anti Alternate Bat

    10. Anti Crab

    11. Anti Deep Crab

    12. Anti Shark

    13. Anti Alternate Shark

    14. Anti Cypher

    15. nen Star

    16. Anti Nen Star

    17. Black Swan

    18. White Swan (Anti White Swan)


The indicator recognizes as completed patterns and unfinished potential patterns.

  • The potential (potential) harmonic pattern is formed, where the points X, A, B and C of the pattern already formed, but the price has not yet entered into potential reversal zone (PRZ).

  • Complete (pending) harmonic pattern formed when the current bar is already closed and the price is within the PRZ.

The indicator recognizes all possible alternatives. That is, you can view All potential and completed patterns in this bar. Quite often a situation arises when a number of possible patterns are formed on the same bar - you can see them all!

Scrolling between patterns can be performed with keyboard or with panel the chart of the currency pair. The following parameters regulate these features:

  • Use keyboard to control the indicatorIf true, it is possible to scroll patterns keypad (keyboard): W - switching between patterns of the current bar and the historical, A and D - previous / next pattern, S - on / off PRZ, Q - on / off pattern fill, E - On / off PRZ fill.

  • Use dashboard to control the indicatorIf true, the panel is output with functionality similar to that described above for the keyboard.

You can use the following options to manage patterns of accuracy:

  • Compression rate: Compression percentage price data. The larger the value, the lower the price Extrema filtered, but the remaining extremes are stronger. Compression based on the indicator Important Extrema. The documentation for this indicator can be found here.

  • Update compression parameters periodically: Enabling periodic refresh compression parameters. compression parameters are determined based on historical data. As the arrival of new information they may need to be updated.

  • Update period (in bars) of compression parameters: How often updated compression settings.

  • Length of data (in bars) for compression update: The size of the segment of historical data to update the compression parameters.

  • Pattern length (in bars): The average length of the analyzed harmonic patterns.

  • Pattern length delta: Deviation pattern length of the average length. For example, if we are looking for patterns of length 100 bars with a deviation of 0.1, the light will find patterns in length from 90 to 110 bars.

  • Do not allow price to go above / below XB: Do not allow the price to cross the line XB.

  • Do not allow price to go above / below AC: Similarly, for AC.

  • Do not allow price to go above / below BDAnalogously to BD.

  • Do not allow price to go above / below XD (for some patterns)Analogously to XD.

  • Pattern tolerance (in percents of XABC height): Absolute error at points X, A, B and C, measured as a fraction of the total height of the pattern XABC. When this value is close to zero, it will be found less patterns, but they will be more accurate.

  • PRZ tolerance (in percents of XABC height): The absolute error in a level of PRZ, measured as a fraction of the total height of the pattern XABC. The smaller this value is, the narrower the PRZ, and correspondingly smaller patterns will be found.

All Harmonics 26

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

99% Stake in Facebook Mark Tsukerberg

99% stake in Facebook Mark Tsukerberg gives to charity

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan say they give 99% of his company shares to charity. This statement made Mark Tsukerberg on his Facebook page immediately after the news about the birth of his daughter.

He said that they donate their state fund Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, because they want to make the world in which to grow their daughter, a little better.

Donation is $ 45 billion in the current value of Facebook. However, the shares are donated to charity immediately, this process will take a lifetime young parents.

Even if Zuckerberg donates its 99% stake immediately, it will still be the owner of hundreds of millions of dollars. The state of his wife Chan has not been documented. Daughter of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan was born more last week, but this is great news was made public only on Tuesday.

In his letter, Zuckerberg said that the purpose of the fund Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is "to increase human potential and promote equality for all children in the next generation." The primary objectives of the Fund will be education, healing of illnesses, bringing people together and creating a strong society.

"We have with my mother is just not enough words to describe the hope for the future, which you give to us", - said Zuckerberg at the beginning of his letter to his daughter.

"You already gave us a reason to think about the world in which we hope you will live," - he added.

The letter highlighted the important role of technology in achieving the objectives of the pair, who promote human development and equality.

"Many of the greatest opportunities for a generation will be realized after access to the Internet all the inhabitants of the earth" - Zuckerberg wrote to his daughter.

He said that more detailed data about the donation will be released as soon as he and his wife returned from a joint decree.

Zuckerberg said that Facebook will be the executive director for "many years."

The registration of the Securities and Exchange Commission, representatives of Facebook said that Zuckerberg "is planning to sell or give Facebook shares not more than $ 1 billion each year over the next three years and that he intends to maintain his right to majority voting" .

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Auto Close Order for close price

Auto Close Order for close price setup

Auto-deals using the closing price of the candle on the active timeframe.

  • No need to install the stop level

  • The continuous work computer (recommended virtual server - VPS)

  • Supported only works in one direction. If both are present tickets to buy and sell, the adviser will not be activated

  • Advisor is automatically activated if the conditions

Input parameters

  • NumberOfTry - the number of attempts to activate a warrant


  • For the ticket to buy

    • The blue line must be higher current price

    • The blue line must be higher red line

  • For ticket sale

    • The blue line must be below current price

    • The blue line must be below red line


  • Blue line - level take profit

  • The red line - stop-loss level

  • Dotted line - the adviser is not activated

  • The solid line - Advisor activated

version History

  1. 1.10

    1. Added indication of the cause of the trip advisor errors

    2. improved usability

    3. removed the magic number of input parameters

Auto Close Order for close price

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Friday, January 6, 2017

This result is visible nice;

This result is visible nice;)

On fibovskom competition is constantly working - experience innovations. This week is no exception - the new check is not until the end of boat dodelanny BlackBox. This competition is good that a week is necessary superovy results show (people Jahan in full growth, more 7tys. Members) not jumped on the drawdown of 30%. The robot is very tough conditions.
But ... The day today was another one not to contest account was - they had seen it for flights had been. However, the bill was loaded and configured in bot mode "mow the loot to the maximum".
He mowed, see themselves - are credited $ 7763 + $ 4350 and hang uncovered (finish on Friday).

Total: If the bot does not "to help", It is quite specific wonders can do. And, characteristically, the risk in this trade was virtually zero.
Hopefully before the end of the week to take the first place;)

This result is visible nice;

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