Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stubborn Spider

Stubborn Spider

This automatic system is optimized and ready for use. Advisor uses an average loss positions and martingale if the price goes against the trend.

EA opens positions in a certain direction, so that would be in an unfavorable development of the situation on the market, closing a series of transactions with a minimum price pullback. The strategy has shown itself quite well. This scalper therefore makes a large number of transactions. It is a fully automatic system, but it can also be used in semi-automatic mode, to reduce risks, such as turn off at the exit expert vazhyh economic news.

Advisor recommended to use a pair EURUSD, the recommended operating time interval m1. You can also use on other currency pairs.

Use the default settings.

Before using a live account it is recommended to test the strategy tester in the terminal.

To work counselor will fit almost any broker. However, a minimum deposit of 1000 recommended $ 10 000, or 0.01 cents per item. And as a leverage of 1: 200, it recommended 1: 500.

  • minimum deposit - 1000 dollars or cents (High risk)

  • Recommended deposit - 10,000 dollars or cents (Normal mode)


  • LotExponent - multiplier increase subsequent lots.

  • Lots - size of the initial lots.

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points.

  • PipStep - minimum size of the indentation between orders.

  • MaxTrades - the maximum number of transactions.

  • Long - authorizes the purchase. (Only the purchase: Long - true; Short - false)

  • Short - authorizes the sale. (Only selling: Long - false; Short - true)

Stubborn Spider


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