Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AVSh775 vs 2

AVSh775 vs 2

New Auto Advisor Forex - AVSh775. You do not need to reside in the computer, as EA trade automatically.

EA does not require large capital investments. The deposit amount for a standard account is $ 1000. Minimum - $ 300. Cent accounts for only 10 $ (ie 1 000 cents).

Councilor setup simple and straightforward even for a beginner:

  • TradeType - 0 - trade BUY, 1 - trade SELL. Default 0.

  • Lots - starting lot, the default 0.01.

  • StepPrice - step opening orders. By default, 30.

  • Profit - profit, 0 - not set. By default, 80.

  • TrailingStart - start trailing, 0 - not set. By default, 50.

  • TrailingStep - trailing step, the default is 10.

  • LotsFactor - lots factor, 1.0 (default) - Average starting lot.

Recommended pair - EURUSD, timeframe - M1.

AVSh775 vs 2

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