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Exp TickSniper FULL

Exp TickSniper FULL

This expert is able to capture the rapid movement quotes and currency pair open transaction in the direction of movement. 

All the functions are exactly repeat the functions of the system for MetaTrader 4. There is a stop-loss and take-profit, so the averaging system is involved.

  • Monitoring system of accounts;

  • averaging system for MetaTrader 5.
  • Full version of the system for MT5: Exp-TickSniper MT5 FULL.
  • Full version of the system for MT4: Exp Ticksniper

The demo version of the system to test on a real chart: Exp-TickSniper DEMO.

The tester is not suitable for testing the expert! For technical reasons, the adviser should be checked only in real time.

Main settings:

trading system at the speed of quotes in MetaTrader 4 - MetaTrader 5. The system automatically determines the levels set orders, the rate of receipt of quotations, as well as the distance of additional orders and trailing stop profit.

  • OnlyModify - feature that allows you to work only adviser in tracking mode the current position without opening of the new signals.

  • Timeope - period, in milliseconds, for which the signals are checked advisor. The higher the value, the more signals are generated and the worse quality.

  • DistanceTickSpred - the number of spreads, which must pass price during Timeope, Advisor to the signal generated.

  • TakeProfitTickSpred - the amount of spread of the currency pair to set the total take-profit for all items.

  • DistanceAverageSpred - number spreads the currency pair for additional orders relative to the basic position.

  • TrailingStopaTickSpred - number spreads the currency pair to set trailing stop profit. Once the pair pick a profit greater than or equal TrailingStopaTickSpred (in points), the system will pull the stop-loss following the price. Take profit when it is reset. 

  • LotsMartin - increase following further transactions on the principle of the Martingale.

Common parameters:

fixed lot

Lots (0.01 .........) - setting a fixed bid for all transactions.

This parameter sets the number of lots for bargains. Lot fixed and apply to all transactions. In this case, you must check with the broker minimum allowable lot for the opening of the transaction.

dynamic lot

DynamicLot (true - false), LotBalancePcnt (as a percentage of the free margin).

These settings adjust the automatic calculation and setting of the lot depending on the free margin. For more information, see the article Avtolot (calculation of the current balance of the lot).

expert Hours

OpenHour (in hours), OpenMinute (in minutes), CloseHour (in hours), CloseMinute (in minutes).

These settings govern the range of advisor working time, which is currently only applies to open new positions. Trailing stop to breakeven and the transfer will work regardless of the range.

For example: you want an expert to trade only from 14:00 to 18:35, then the parameters will look like this:

OpenHour = 14, OpenMinute = 0, CloseHour = 18, CloseMinute = 35.

Transactions will be opened only in the range of 14:00 to 18:35, all the rest of the advisor will pass the signals of your strategy.

Stop-loss transactions

StopLoss (0 ...) paragraphs.

This parameter is a stop loss of each position. This is the number of points of loss, in which the transaction will be closed by the server. 0 - disabled, and a stop loss of the transaction will be equal to 0.

This parameter must be put not less than the minimum stop on your server. Otherwise, the expert will give an error 130.

You can also try the Pro version!

Features of version Exp TickSniper PRO FULL

  • PRO Version: has a permanent conversion options for trading

  • PRO Version: has additional settings for Expert Advisor.

  • PRO Version: delay opening deals after the last closing.

The parameters that are available only in version PRO:

  • SpreadToNotTrade - maximum spread at which you want to trade. If the current spread exceeds this value, the adviser will skip signals.

  • PercentDDMAX - maximum drawdown on the account in which the adviser will skip signals for new deals.

  • NoNewPosition_below_MarginLevel - minimum level of margin as a percentage, in which EA will trade. If the margin is below this value, the adviser will pass new signals.

  • SecondsSleepEaAfterClose - the number of seconds of sleep, during which the adviser will pass new signals since the last transaction.


  1. Before you buy, please download the trial version
    advisor and put on a demo or live account for the currency pair USDJPY.
    Check the performance of the system on the server of your broker.
  2. Advisor does not work on all brokers! It depends on the velocity of quotations in the terminal. You can download a demo version.
  3. Advisor does not work on a commission accounts. The Commission can absorb all of the profits. Zero Spread is prohibited to operate the system.
  4. Advisor checked for floating spread. On a fixed spread system may not work properly!
  5. In the tester fixed spread. Therefore, the results in the tester and the actual trading may differ.
  6. adviser
    It is working on reducing and increasing the spread and speed
    receipt of quotations. Therefore, each broker's results can be
  7. Advisor uses averaging and stop loss. averaging
    It operates every 50 spreads from the previous position. Stop-loss =
    250 spreads.
  8. Advisor-scalper: transaction can be closed in the range of 1 - 8,888,888,888 pips.
  9. Recommended deposit - a minimum of $ 100 by 0.01, it is recommended $ 1 000 per 0.01 lots.
  10. count
    the deposit on the basis of tests on the server your broker so
    that he sustained an average annual movement of the currency pair.
  11. Use reinvestment, remove the profit on time, manage their money.
  12. Forex - is the risk. Before you trade in Forex, I advise you to learn the basics of the earnings.
  13. Advisor is fully automatic.
  14. A small deposit - guarantee of a large drawdown.

Exp TickSniper FULL


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