Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Auto ZZ SR Indicator

Auto ZZ SR Indicator

This indicator automatically draws the trend lines on the upper and lower points of extremum using the ZigZag indicator. As an indicator of the market movement is constantly updating the line on the graph. It can work on any type of account or chart. All parameters can be adjusted.


  • Delete_Lines - When set to true indicator will delete old trendlines as the formation of new extremum points indicator ZZ. If false, the old trend line will be deleted.

  • Num_ZZ_Extremes - Number of past extreme points indicator ZZ, used in the construction of trend lines.

  • SupportColor - Color trend line support.

  • ResistanceColor - Color trend line resistance.

  • ExtDepth, ExtDeviation, ExtBackstep - are the basic parameters of the ZigZag indicator.

Note: ZigZag indicator can also be displayed on the graph. For this you just need to specify the color value in the "Color".
Auto ZZ SR Indicator

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