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Larri Vilyams Training important

Larri Vilyams: Training - important in trading and running

Larri Vilyams Training important

Trader and marathon runner Larri Vilyams (Larry Williams)
It draws parallels between successful trading and successful marathon run
distance. Williams recently for the sixteenth time successfully run a marathon,
points to the "pain and suffering" as two of the most obvious points of similarity between the
trading and long-distance running. "Anyone can run a marathon after
training. The same applies to the commodity trading - if you have a good
work out, then you can hope for success ", - he says. "Each
distance is the point when you feel disgusting, but you have to run
forward and put one foot in front of another. It's the same in trading. must
do your trades one after the other, - says Williams. - When I get to
a point in the distance, then I'm a little slow down the run. Similarly with trading:
when I lose in the market, I step aside and take a breath. "

Williams engaged in stock trading at the beginning of the 60s.
However, ten years later, a friend of his told him to pay attention to
commodity markets, since, according to him, Williams could there "more weld." AND
he really "Navariya" decent. In 1987, within the framework of the World
12-month tournament traders Robins World Cup Trading Championship, he was able to
turn $ 10 000 to 1.1 million dollars - an achievement that could not
surpass even a single trader. Williams calls himself a "contextual
trader ", using a mixture of art and basic concepts. He is currently
It trades for himself, working primarily on Treasury futures
bonds, futures S P 500 and futures exchange, working in the range of
one to three days.

When asked about the status of the foreign exchange markets
futures, Williams replied: "I do not think that currencies are dying. markets always
pass certain stages. What has upset the funds is the fact that their programs
tracking trends did not work (because the currencies have lately become more
stable). "

Williams is a pioneer in the use of pulsed
Indicator% R. "I was impressed by the work that one person
did with stochastics, - he says. - I liked the idea, but stochastics
It seemed too confusing and hard to understand. " Indicator% R, as a
stated in "Technical analysis of futures markets" John J.. Murphy, "is based
on a similar (with stochastics) of the last closing price on the measurement concept
in relation to the price range along a certain number of days.
Today's closing price is subtracted from the high prices in the specified range
number of days, and this difference is divided by the whole range of prices for a given
period. " "The price at the close near the highs, within the range means that
there is a strong buying, - explains Williams. - top of the market - when they
reaching highs at the closing, and the bottom of the markets - when they close on the bottom
point. Market reach to the top, because the buyers no longer remains. % R
It allows you to see it. " At the same time, he said, is the instrument should
used in the context of the total market.

"Technical indicators - not the alpha and omega, as it seems
Some techniques, "- said Williams. Another indicator that loves
use in your trading Williams, are these "commitments
Traders »(Commitments of Traders), published every other Friday the CFTC. AT
This report provides statistics on public contracts large hedgers,
large speculators and small traders. "When large hedgers pass from
net long positions to clean short, it usually serves as a good signal
to purchase ", - said Williams.

In the current market conditions, Williams remarked, "bonds
come close to the low. Large hedgers are suitable to ensure that the net take
long position, as this is quite a bullish indicator. In addition, they have accumulated
a lot of currency. But they will take a long time to go up. "
On the stock market: "I - a short-term trader in the S P. But the market
the most intelligent of my friends for a long time are in a short position on the
this market. "

Thinketh Williams about trading? "What I like
in this business is the ability to think ahead of time. Most
people live in the present. But traders have to think, and will it rain through
six months? Will next year war? Will there be a famine in two years? it
interesting place to live - we are all in the future, "- he says. according to him
He said that trading carries with it a significant emotional burden. "On these
markets colossal swing occur, which lead to huge
emotional swings. It can cause traders manic-depressive
psychosis. Your lifestyle is similar to the stock exchange laws. after 34
years, my life is full of great heights and downs. Almost all commodity traders,
I know, I am able to very quickly something to be delighted and very quickly
from anything cool. " How did he cope with that? "I run" - was the answer.

It should also be understood that "although we are engaged in serious
things, it's still a game ... life is not limited to this. "

Council Williams beginners? "Start slowly.
Spend a lot of time and money to study, because education is cheap for
compared with the experience in this business. Those who know more than others, are making
greatest success in these markets. "

Also, "learn to manage money more. Just have to
a goal is not enough. You may miss a crucial step that needs to be
... do not cut back on spending and limit income "- repeated the old Williams
saying, bytuyuschuyu market. "I can say looking at all these years, it is
difficult lifestyle. He is very burdens, but I would never not trade ", -
he concluded.

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