Monday, October 24, 2016

Quantum Scalper

Quantum Scalper

Quantum Scalper - Advisor to the original algorithm trade breakdown price levels. It allows the use of a small stop loss, so risks and drawdown of the deposit is minimal.

Advisor does not use Martingale and other potentially dangerous algorithms.

Powered by volatile vapors with a spread not higher pip 10, the working timeframe H1.

It is advisable to choose a broker with low spreads, good execution and 5-digit quotes.

Councilor parameters:

  • useMM - if true, the working lot calculated as% of deposit

  • fix_lot - fixed lot, if MM is disabled.

  • Risk - % Risk per trade, depending on the size of the deposit

  • max_lot - limiting the maximum bid for councilor

  • closeFriday - if true, all orders are removed before the weekend

  • magic - ID expert deals

Quantum Scalper

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