Tuesday, April 11, 2017

US markets supported chorus fall

US markets supported the chorus fall Tuesday

Yesterday, 22 September,
stock markets in the US fell by 1.1-1.5%
pulled down the indices falling quotes
shares of commodity companies and automakers.
The scandal surrounding the Volkswagen affected
all car companies, strongly
complicating their work these days. analysts
say test could soon
start in many sectors.
"Given the uncertainty regarding the
the world economy, any bad news
can swipe on the market -
warns vice president of Advantus
Capital Management Dzhozef Betley. - Investors
continue to respond to the decision
Fed last week, and yesterday
It was only a temporary rebound".

On Tuesday, US
stock indexes rose after the statements
members of the leadership of the Federal Reserve
a system that can control
increase the rate until the end of the year, if
sees strong macroeconomic
indicators. The Dow index
Jones Industrial Average fell by 1,09%, Standard Poor's
500 - to 1,23%, Nasdaq Composite - 1.5%.

Shares of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
fell yesterday at 5,7%, Ford Motor and General Motors -
respectively 2.8% and 1.9%. Falling prices
for raw materials led to the collapse of stock prices
Aluminum giant Alcoa Inc. (4%) and
steelmaker Nucor Corp. (2.9%), gold
Newmont Mining Co. - by 6.3%. paper manufacturer
Mosaic fertilizers collapsed by 7%, Dow Chemical Co. and
Monsanto Co. - 0.9%. Apple Inc. paper, Google Inc. and
Facebook Inc. yesterday dropped by about 1.5%.

Prices also fell
shares semiconductor manufacturers:
Applied Materials Inc., Micron Technology Inc. and Qorvo Inc. -
approximately 2.1% and Intel Corp. - 1.7%. shares
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. fell 2% after the news
that the Chief Executive
Bank Director Lloyd Blankfein
diagnosed with lymphoma.

But shares of oilfield service
company Weatherford International jumped
10.7% when the company decided to abandon
by additional issue.

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