Monday, April 3, 2017

Do not expect that today Yellen

Do not expect that today Yellen will give clues on the timing of rate hikes

Federal Reserve Janet system
Yellen is unlikely in his speech on Thursday
evening make hints about when
US central bank plans
to raise interest rates.

"there is only
small chance that it is something
say about monetary policy and
that the Fed can do. It's like that
indeterminately"- said Maykl Moran,
chief economist at Daiwa Capital Markets America
Inc. in NYC.

Markets are on the move and has no
He does not know what the economic data
will come from emerging markets. On
The Fed last week decided not to touch
interest rates, given the uncertainty
the world economy as a whole. Yellen then
He said that central banks need to "Little
more time" for decision-making.

Dana Saporta,
US economist at Credit Suisse,
He agreed that Yellen does not seem to
mood to signal
any changes to policy
the next Fed meeting. "At Yellen
It had plenty of opportunities at the press conference,
to support market expectations
rate hike already in October or
December, but she did not use them".
- says Saporta.

"The theme of her
performance - and inflation dynamics
money-credit policy. We, of course,
all want to hear it, because the topic
topical", - says Joseph Vorn,
chief economist for the US in the Deutsche Bank. "will give
whether it signals a short term
monetary policy? My answer
- "No", because too little time
It passed since the meeting. Nothing changed".
- he added. but traders
still eagerly waiting for speech
Yellen at the University of Massachusetts,
where viewers will not be able to ask questions.

the decision of the Fed announcement last
Thursday prices for commodities have collapsed,
Copper has fallen more than 6%, oil - 5%.
China, meanwhile, has become even more
a source of concern for the markets,
so now some fear
that the Fed may see economic
issues that affect the economy

currently weighing the chances of
rate hike in October or December.
The Fed does not raise rates in 2008, and holds
target rate near zero.

Yellen speech today, there are still
several key elements, including
on unemployment benefits data and
durable goods reports
new home sales for August.
It is expected that the volume of orders for goods
durables decreased by

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