Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gold becomes cheaper because recovering

Gold becomes cheaper because recovering stock markets

On Wednesday, the growth
quotations of gold stopped. Yesterday, China again softened
monetary policy and stock
markets received some support
after total defeat of the beginning of the week.
By 11.07 MSK December gold futures
lost 0.11% to 1 137,00 dollars worth.

Today from shocks
gradually recovering Asian
markets. Shanghai index albeit reduced,
but the extent of the fall are not as
cyclopean, on Monday and
Tuesday: Today Shanghai Composite
I lost "only" 1.30%. All this
again returns the focus of attention
investors in the long term improve
Fed interest rates. This is a key
a factor that underpins today
bearish on gold.

released yesterday
Statistics on consumer confidence
in USA. In August, the index reached
seven-month high, plus everything
new home sales rebounded. it
It implies support for the economy and
It may be the force that will allow
Fed to raise rates during this
of the year. Growth rates make the dollar more expensive,
that, in turn, would divert attention
investors from non-interest assets to
which include precious metals.

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