Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Japan is stepping up production

Japan is stepping up production of copper products

In July, production in Japan of products from copper and copper alloys was 65.94 ths. Tons, which is 0.4% more than in July last year, according to preliminary data of the Association of copper and brass of the country.

Thus, the rise of the indicator continues for the third consecutive month after 14 months of continuous decline.

The association expects copper production in Japan for the current fiscal year that began on April 1 will be 787.22 ths. Tons. A year earlier, the issue amounted to 815.063 thousand. Tons, thus projected to decline by 3.4% this year.

Supplies of copper wire and cable (including exports and domestic market) in the country in July fell by 6.6% compared with the same month a year earlier and amounted to 56.8 thousand. Tons, according to preliminary estimates of the Association of manufacturers of electric wire and cable in Japan.

Index decreased 8 th month in a row, and the July drop was the highest in the past six months, Bloomberg notes.

According to the forecast of association, in this fingodu demand for copper wire and cable will grow by 1.8% - up to 711 thousand tons.. In this internal consumption will increase by 2.3% (up to 692 thousand. Tons), while the export reduced by 12.8% (up to 19 thousand. Tonnes).

Japan, according to the International Copper Study Group, is the third largest producer of refined copper in the world after China and Chile.

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