Monday, May 30, 2016

Bill Williams SquatGreenFadeFake

Bill Williams SquatGreenFadeFake patternFinderFREE

The indicator provides a signal when a squat, green, fading or fake bars.

  • You can adjust the display so that it shows only the signal:
    for example, if ShowSquat set to true, squat bar will be displayed

  • You can change the color of each signal:
    For example, if set to the Blue SquatColor, squat bar will be blue

  • You can specify events for notification:
    For example, if SquatAlert set to True, an alert will appear when a squat bar

  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the MFI changes and changes in the volume:
    For example, if MFIsensitivity has a value 1.1, a sufficient change in MFI is 10%

The indicator works in any period.

What are the signals:

Each signal - a combination of MFI changes and changes in volume.

MFI - an index of market relief. It measures the change in the volume of teak prices.

Green bar (tick volume +, + MFI): It means a green light for the movement of the market. This breakout signal, and you have to follow any trend direction (the market comes more participants, new entrants have an impact on the direction of the trend, price movement is accelerated)

Fading bar (- tick volume, - MFI): It appears when the market takes a break on the move or lose interest in him. Opposite the green bar.

Squat bar (+ tick volume, - MFI): brings the most profit in comparison with all four indicators, almost all movement ends squat bar, though not all crouching bars mean the end, so they are perfectly confirm the end of the trend. Squat bars - this is the last battle of buyers and sellers. They indicate the presence of numerous purchases and sales, but a small price movement after the break squat bar can provide a better deal.

Fake bar (- tick volume, + MFI): It means price movement, but for some reason also occurs to reduce the volume. Beware of fake bar. Actions on the market at the time of the false bar quite dangerous. Often fake bar is a pause in market activity before take-off and break.

All that is stated in bold, it is available in version Pro.

Get the Pro version for only $ 10. Thank you.

If you think that the indicator is not enough any property, please contact me at the address I am ready to supplement and improve the indicator for your needs.

Bill Williams SquatGreenFadeFake

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