Monday, January 22, 2018

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator is unlike any other one harmonic light in the market. This harmonic light has a very unique and intelligent detection algorithm most reliable harmonic patterns. It also displays the panel with all current harmonic patterns in the respective timeframes schedule.

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator probably the most complete indicator for the automatic determination of harmonic patterns. He has a number of features that make it unique.


  • He confidently detect patterns Die Fledermaus (Bat), Alternative bat (Alt. Bat), Hartley (Gartley), crab (Crab), Butterfly (Butterfly), Monogram (Cypher) and Shark (Shark)

  • It builds primary, derivatives and additional Fibonacci projections.

  • He estimates the price action in the past and displays all past patterns

  • It is implemented multiple timeframe panel

  • It uses the breakdowns for the submission of profitable entry signals

  • He builds all relations patterns on the chart

Although the underlying projections and Fibonacci ratios are quite complex, the indicator makes it easier to find patterns. Forex-gears - a great tool for the best trade of the harmonic model. Improve your trading activities through a better indicator of automatic detection of harmonic patterns! Harmonic patterns can be corroborated by the oscillator divergences or use the Bollinger Bands. This indicator - an indispensable tool for all traders on the harmonic model!


When you run the indicator on any chart you will be prompted to specify the number of input parameters. Do not despair if you feel that there are too many. All parameters are grouped into blocks, which are self-explanatory. This is what makes each set of parameters.

  • Amplitude - The indicator is constantly looking for peaks and troughs. Amplitude - the minimum number of bars in which would not be determined by the peaks and troughs. Increase the time to see more patterns and trade intraday. You can set several indicators with different periods on a single graph.

  • BreakoutPeriod - The period at which breakdown occurs. (Default 3).

  • max historyBars - This parameter determines how many past bars tested. It is designed to reduce memory consumption.

  • OnlyPerfectPatterns - Displays only the ideal and pure harmonic patterns with ideal ratios.

  • Display Dashboard - 'True' for the display panel. 'False' to remove the panel.

  • Draw Triangle - Enable this option to display only the unpainted triangles. It is designed to reduce memory consumption.

  • Patterns - Choose the color patterns, turn off or turn on the patterns that you need.

  • Labels - Adjust the font size and color for signatures.

  • Ratios - Adjust the font size and line thickness of ratios.

  • Breakouts - After patterning significant breakthrough waiting indicator for signaling.

  • Alerts - Allow notifications on the screen, push notifications, sound, and e-mail notifications about patterns and breakouts.

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator

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