Tuesday, January 9, 2018

RVI pips

RVI pips

Cetochny trading adviser works on signals indicator Bollinger bands.

account balance exceeds 100,000 open transactions on both sides.

  • Sell ​​signal: Bollinger bands the upper limit, will close all open below.

  • Buy signal: Bollinger bands lower boundary will close all open up.


  • Standard trading account, a reliable computer, uninterrupted Internet or VPS;

  • Balance of at least $ 10,000, or a cent account of $ 100 (10,000 cents);

  • 5 - 3 digit quotes, lowest setting.


  • RiskBalance - risk percentage on the lot of the balance (1% = 100,000 0.01 1,000,000 = 0.1), 0 - MinLot;

  • MinLot - the starting amount of the transaction. RiskPercent enabled to view items from the balance sheet;

  • MaxLot - the maximum amount of open transactions for the grid. Step = 0 when the starting or first MinLot RiskBalance;

  • LotMultiplier - multiplication of the lot after a losing trade, or if more than 0 Step function for the grid orders 1 - disabled;

  • AmountOrder - the number of transactions in the net after that Lot multiplied LotMultiplier;

  • Step - the distance between points in orders if the price goes negative, will open a new deal, 0 off;

  • Stop - loss as a percentage of open positions on the chart, the adviser will stop and will continue to work on Monday or restart advisor 0 - disabled;

  • StopLoss - stop only for first order Step = 0, 0 is disabled;

  • TakeProfit - profit in points, 0 - fix the minimum size of the profit symbol price change in the deposit currency of all transactions;

  • TrailingStop - It carries a stop in the zone without the loss of the last open transaction 0 TrailingStop disabled;

  • TrailingStep - pulls the stop behind the price of TrailingStop distance;

  • DefaultCommission - Commission for 1 lot (100,000) feature for 3 - 5 digit quotes, + TakeProfit, 0 - off;

  • MaxSpread - allowable Spread. Spread If the above is not open transaction 0 disabled;

  • NewBar - opening and closing of the transaction by the signals at the new bar true (yes), false (no);

  • TickVolume - does not work in the tester using 5 minute bars if Volumes light deflected at the opening of a new bar will deal not true (yes), false (no);

  • TimeIntervalSekundsOpen - the interval between the closed and open in seconds 0 disabled;

  • CloseTradesOnFriday - closing of deals on Friday, the start of Monday's true (yes), false (no);

  • FridayCloseGMTHour - GMT hour Friday's close;

  • FridayCloseGMTMinute - GMT minute of Friday's close;

  • MondayStartGMTHour - GMT hour of opening on Monday;

  • MondayStartGMTMinute - GMT minute opening on Monday;

  • Indicator Bollinger bands;

  • BBPeriod - period indicator;

  • BBDeviation - deviation;

  • BBShift - shift;

  • BBApply - apply to prices;

  • LockMagic - number of transactions in the opposite direction;

  • InfoDisplay - Information on the true plot (yes), false (no);

  • UseButton - do not work in the tester button CLOSE SYMBOL and CLOSE ALL, true (yes), false (no).

RVI pips


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