Friday, January 26, 2018

US stocks declined yesterday

US stocks declined yesterday

On Wall Street on Tuesday,
it was very lively, but nervously. high
volatility can be assessed on the
Example 500 S P which
for the first 10 minutes of trading could fall
0.7% and promptly recover
(In parallel with the rise in oil prices). AT
During the day, it rose by 1.4%, and then again
fell, then rose again, but at the last
hour of trading left in a minus. Adventure
the index ended at around -0.85%.

DJIA lost
0.65%; Nasdaq decreased by 1.25%.

Among the negative factors that influenced the behavior
Wall Street, it may be noted, for example, reducing the PMI
China and France. Besides,
the market expects that representatives say
The Fed, which, at its meeting must
decide on the timing of raising rates.

As for individual stocks, then rose,
for example, the paper of some oil
Companies: yesterday's easy to say
oil rebound. Chevron Corp rose
on 0,8%, Range Resources Corp - on
5,1%, Nabors Industries - 2.2%.

It helped to increase the capitalization of dividends
Boeing Co.

And here
high-tech companies seriously
reduced quotes: Microsoft Corp lost
3,1%, Google Inc - 3,4 %%;
Inc - 3,5%, Facebook Inc -
3%. Actually, this "help» Nasdaq
leave down.

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