Friday, February 9, 2018

Midday and new currencies dollar

Midday and new currencies: the dollar for 78 rubles, 97 rubles per euro..

Perhaps today the most hectic day on the foreign exchange market. News sites can not withstand the growing stream of users - for example, a couple of minutes ago, did not open the portal, such as the, the site of RBC, and the portal of the Moscow Exchange "hanging" For more than an hour. However, we do not cease to monitor the exchange rate.

And new antirecord Russian ruble. At 15:13 MSK on the dollar traded at 78.40 rubles, euro -. At the level of 97.27 rubles. (According portal). Once again, we are witnessing another sharp rise in these pairs - about 18% and 19% respectively.

Recall, today the Central Bank raised its key interest rate to 17% to reduce tensions with the Russian national currency.

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