Friday, February 16, 2018

Rosneft has offered to form country's

Rosneft has offered to form the country's oil reserves

According to the chairman
Board of Directors of "Rosneft"
Alexander Nekipelova, Russia should be
consider the idea of ​​establishing an oil
reserve. This will help regulate
the supply of oil in the world market.

"We ought to go back
to the question of whether to form
infrastructure, which would allow
State to form a reserve of oil
at a time when it is in excess, and in order
to throw it on the market in
the opposite situation"- offers

It is noteworthy that
such a proposal was received from Rosneft
on the eve of the OPEC meeting. On
meeting, likely to be discussed
the issue of reducing oil production by members
OPEC to support prices for raw materials.

According to analysts,
Russia has little opportunity to influence the
world oil prices, especially because
that there is sufficient storage tanks
oil storage, and also because of the high
budget dependence on oil revenues.

Recently it became known,
that the Russian government is discussing the possibility
reduce oil production in order to maintain
commodity prices in the world. But this step is
inadvisable, experts say.
They believe that international
quotes do not affect the volume of production, and
oil exports. But this
Russian figure just gradually decreases
For several years in a row.

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