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My Exchange Office

My Exchange Office

Advisor is designed to trade on real accounts of MT5 platform. In the EA trading strategy is implemented with the trend. Opening position occurs market order MACD alarm indicator after closing the candle 2 timeframe (TF2). The direction of trend determined by the signal indicator MACD after closing the candle in timeframe 1 (TF1). It is also possible to open a position without regard to the direction of the trend using the function position reversal signal on the reverse. Advisor capable of working on all instruments MT5, at all time frames and with any value of the spread.

The peculiarity of the strategy is the ability to differentially open position (by parts) individual transactions whose volume can decrease or increase with each new transaction depending on the volume factor. This feature significantly reduces the risk and increases the efficiency of trade and leads to a profit even when the price is directed against the position. The adviser has the opportunity to open a position after a certain date and time the position is closed at a certain date and time; increase in the open position; inversion signals; control expansion spread (spread may increase not more than the set value). Is a function of selecting the method of order execution. The advisor provides all important options support the open position: the choice of real or virtual orders Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit; control minimum margin level at which position will be closed in part or in full.

The screenshots provided work for the period 2015.01.01 - 2015.06.10. The default settings are used timeframes W1-H1, stop-loss level is limited to the control of the minimum margin. MM = (0.01 + 0.02 + 0.04) * 1250 * 1.5 = 131.25, 303.51 profit% minimum margin 590.21%.

The list of external parameters adviser.

  • StartDate - start date D1 works

  • StartTime - start time in D1

  • StopDate - Date of completion D2

  • StopTime - stop time in D2

  • UseInversion (false / true) - change the value of the signal on opposite

  • UseTimeFrames1 (false / true) - take into account the direction of the trend on TF1

  • TimeFrames1 - TF1

  • TimeFrames2 - TF2

  • Lots - the initial amount to open positions

  • PeriodFastEma - a period of rapid EMA

  • PeriodSlowEma - a period of slow EMA

  • PeriodSignalSma - period SMA

  • PriceMacd - price constant

  • UseMacdHighLowZero (false / true) - MACD intersection on TF2 above or below zero

  • UseOpenLong (false / true) - Only Long

  • UseOpenShort (false / true) - Only Short

  • DistanceAvr -% minimum distance between transactions for differential. opening position

  • LotsFactor - factor of the next trade volume

  • LimitAvr - the number of transactions

  • NumLimitAvr - serial number of the transaction to set the new take-profit

  • TakeProfitAvrNew - the new value of Take Profit

  • NumberIncrease - the number of transactions to increase the position

  • StepIncrease - minimum distance between transactions%

  • VolumeIncrease - the volume of transactions

  • UseCandleCloseIncrease (false / true) - signal in a closed candle

  • UseCloseTimeFrames1 (false / true) - closing position feedback signals on TF1

  • UseCloseTimeFrames2 (false / true) - close position signal to reverse TF2

  • UseLevelProfit (false / true) - take into account the profits Level Profit at the closing position of the reverse signal on TF2 on the last transaction diff. opening position

  • LevelProfit - minimum profit in% to the closing position of the reverse signal on TF2

  • UseRealStop (false / true) - apply real stops

  • StopLoss - Stop Loss in%

  • TrailingStart - profit level for the installation of the trawl in%

  • TrailingStop - protective trawl distance from prices in%

  • UseCandleCloseTrailingStopLoss (false / true) - set the trawl in a closed candle.

  • TakeProfit - take profit in%

  • Slippage - Slippage

  • OrderTypeFilling - order execution method

  • MarginLevel - the minimum margin level for closing the position

  • PercentLotsMarginLevel - the percentage of reduction position when the minimum margin level

  • OrderId - orders index

  • LineName - line name Wirth. warrants

  • LineStyle - line type Wirth. warrants

  • LineColorLoss - color line Wirth. stop loss

  • LineColorProfit - color line Wirth. Take Profit

  • LineWidht - line thickness Wirth. warrants

My Exchange Office

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