Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Maks Kayzer on disengagement Kingdom

Maks Kayzer on disengagement Kingdom - Scotland

Media actively discussed
about the upcoming referendum on independence
Scotland, which was held on 18 September.
Earlier, Edinburgh and London need
agree on the conditions of partition of the country,
if the population of Scotland
vote in favor of sovereignty.

Lead Max Kaiser
Steysi Herbert discuss economic
UK policy, including
deal for the privatization of the British
of Royal Mail, which was 498 years
public institution. After
the sale price of the shares of postal service
It soared, and in Parliament
suspected that the government strongly
It makes a bad bargain.

why did the authorities
UK conclude unprofitable
transactions, and results of the referendum in Scotland
so worried about Max Keizer? Answers to
These issues - Release Program.


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