Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Life Expert

Life Expert


  • To start trading only a small deposit.

  • Suitable for multi-currency trading.

?Monitoring real work can be viewed here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/294440

Principle of operation

  • Expert opens orders of built-in indicators.

  • Each tick expert determines the order with the negative profit.

  • Further, the expert determines the total profit orders Buy and Sell for each currency pair.

  • If the total profit orders on Buy or Sell for each currency pair, plus the amount of the order with the negative profit exceeds the value of the parameter Profit. Judge closes the data warrant.


  • For the most balanced profit and drawdown I recommend using expert on multiple pairs. To do this, drag an expert to the desired tool box and changing the magic number.

  • I recommend to start trading with a parameter value Martingale = 1. In this case, all orders will specify the open volume to the value of the parameter Lot.

  • When the loss of more than 40% of the total deposit recommended setting Martingale = 1.3. In this case, the amount of each subsequent order would be 1.3 times larger than the previous.


  • Profit - the value of the total profit of the order with the same magic number for this currency pair and orders with the negative profit. At which there is the closure of these orders.

  • Step - the minimum distance between the same orders with the magic number of the currency pair.

  • Chance - parameter adjusts the frequency of opening deals.

  • Lot - the volume of orders.

  • Martingale - setting increases the volume of orders in the next Martingale times.

Recommended input parameters

  • Profit = 10.

  • Step = 0.002 for the pairs 4 or 5 characters after the comma; Step = 0.2 couples with 2 or 3 signs after the point.

  • Chance = 0.002 for the pairs 4 or 5 characters after the comma; Chance = 0.2 couples with 2 or 3 signs after the point.

  • Lot = 0.1.

  • Martingale = 1.

The value of the input parameters does not depend on the accuracy of rounding quotations. Example: the value of Step = 0.001, equivalent to 10 four-points on quotations or 100 points at a five-digit.

Yours faithfully Dmitriy.

Life Expert

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