Monday, July 16, 2018

Forex Robot Eldorado

Forex Robot Eldorado

How does the "Eldorado" commercial counselor?

Trading Advisor "Eldorado" is based on the "grid" of forex strategy (Grid Strategy). Trading on the grid involves reducing risk due to the fact that the result of the transaction is not dependent on market direction. Advisers who sell to the grid, may show good results when working on Detrended market. When a strong trend mesh inefficient. Trading on the grid is quite complex and requires some experience. Nevertheless, the basic idea is pretty simple strategy. An order to sell a profit when the exchange rate falls, and an order to buy - when the exchange rate is growing.


  • Recommended currency pair: CHFJPY, EURCHF, GBPUSD.

  • Timeframe: any.

  • Indicators: not used.

  • Trading Hours: 24 hours a day.

  • Risk: medium.

  • Minimum deposit: 5000 $ (500 $ for Lot = 0.01).

  • Recommended Deposit: $ 20,000 (2000 $ for Lot = 0.01).

  • Type of orders: pending orders Buy Limit and Sell Limit.

  • Money Management: Stop Loss and Take Profit, closing on profits, closing time.

  • Customization: available on request.

  • It is not sensitive to the broker.


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