Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sanctions not reason to get money

Sanctions - not a reason to get money from the National Welfare Fund

Ministry of Economic Development
will somehow allocate company
trapped by the US and EU sanctions,
the allocation of funds from the Fund
National Welfare. About it
Deputy Minister Nikolai
Podguzov during an interview on October 24.

The very fact of falling
companies under sanctions - not a reason to have
some concessions during distribution
funds. Only priority - a project "researched
and commercially effective ", which
shows the fiscal impact and he
there is a clear social impact.

Recently, the largest
Russian oil company OAO «Rosneft"
applied for a Ministry of Economic Development,
to get out of a record amount of NWF
- more than 2 trillion rubles - on the shelf
projects in Eastern Siberia and the Far
East. unanimously media blew that
This amount is equal to 61% of the total volume of NWF
and generally much longer than the set
the limit on investment. These are the data
Ministry of Finance.

But the prospect of
Support Rosneft "very good"
because this company - one of the
the most important and the largest in Russia. By
According to the deputy minister, in addition to Rosneft
other companies have already requested funds
amounting to more than 1 trillion rubles.

By the way, for example, the project
OAO «Novatek" to build a plant
LNG on the Yamal Peninsula is already recognized
strategically important and it is on
Step complex reasoning.
The conclusion of this project in the amount of
to 150 billion rubles must be
taken before the end of the year, said Podguzov.

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