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Advisor Avato - one of our stand-alone tool. (Adviser on the basis of signal will be in the future is presented on the website).

It is designed on the basis of the combined forms of hedging and martingale and uses sophisticated algorithms and filters to accommodate transactions.

The expert uses a stop-loss and take-profit, lot size is calculated automatically on the basis of the relevant settings.

It is a ready tool for experienced traders. Designed for the gold market, but you can test it and other instruments.

You will need

  • Real standard score MT4 (= 1 lot 100000)

  • Shoulder 1: 100 and higher

  • The minimum deposit is $ 5000, and the use of a multiplier 2x recommended $ 10,000. The larger the multiplier, the greater the deposit required.

Input parameters

(Recommended tool - Gold (XAU / USD), timeframe M5)

  • Maximum orders 22 - maximum number of orders in a row - be careful with this setting.

  • starting Lot Size 0.01 - the starting lot size.

  • Lotsize mutliplier 1.5 - Lot factor (1 or more than 1.5, the value recommended by 1.5x to 2x See examples in the screenshots...)

  • Stop Loss Pips 777 - the size of the stop-loss.

  • Take Profit Pips 3100 - the size of the take-profit.

  • stop after 1 run [True / false] - selection of operating mode - a single run or work in the "set and forget".

Recommendations to improve results

  • VPS service (good speed, Adviser constantly monitors the market)

  • Very low commission

  • Very low slippage

  • Very low rate swaps

  • Leverage 1: 200

  • Broker with low spreads


Moxbbit G development team engaged in the development of automated trading systems with more than nine years of experience in the Forex market.


Trading may not be suitable for all intvestorov.

For adults only.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Before making an investment decision, you should carefully evaluate their level of experience.

There is a chance that you may lose some or all of your initial investment. There is no warranty.


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