Friday, March 30, 2018

Brent crude oil fell to $ 82 38

Brent crude oil fell to $ 82.38

trading on Wednesday morning, the price of oil
falling to record lows already
fifth session in a row. Investors waiting
US data on oil stocks,
which may have increased because
Offer hydrocarbons still
outstrips demand. Reported
Bloomberg. At the same time, WTI held at the very
lowest level in three years.

Oil futures
Brent fell to 9:34 MSK on up to $ 82.39 for
barrel. Yesterday, at the close of the contracts
were traded at around $ 82.82. The price of the December
futures for WTI fell by this time
to $ 77.02 per barrel. Yesterday, trading on
$ 77.19 per barrel.

According to the respondents
Bloomberg analysts, oil inventories
in the United States increased last week
2.35 million barrels - up to 382.1 million barrels.
If any new geopolitical
shocks will not be, then the demand for adequate
It relates to the proposal.

According to estimates of the International
Energy Agency, the US soon
overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia, and
It will become the largest oil producer
in the world. So, in the second half
October oil production in the US increased
up to 8.97 million barrels per day.

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